Online Service
Registration 6% of registration fee + $1 per participant
Fundraising 6% of funds raised
Online Store & Product Sales 10% of sales
Volunteer Management Included FREE with Registration & Fundraising
Sponsor Page
  • Page included FREE with Registration & Fundraising
  • 6% of sponsorships when paid for online via Sponsor Page
Website & Hosting Included FREE with Registration & Fundraising
Online Goody Bag Included FREE with Registration
Invoicing Services
  • FREE  
  • 6% of invoice amount if invoice paid online
Custom Development $100 per hour
Event Promotion
Featured Event Listing $5 per 1,000 views
Exclusive Event Email $100 per 10,000 emails
Groupon / Living Social Included with Registration
Event Day Services
Picture Indexing by bib number
  • FREE (with $1.00 picture download Photography option)
  • $50.00 per 1,000 pictures (when you use your own photographers)
Note: use this service if you have your own photographers and would like us to index and publish pictures.
Timing & Results Click for pricing
Pricing when using your own payment processor
Click here for details on what a payment processor is and how you can set up your own.
Registration $1 per participant
Fundraising 3% of funds raised
Sponsor Page 3% of sponsorships paid for via Sponsor Page
Online Store & Product Sales 5% of sales