The key to pulling off a great event is the army of volunteers that provide their services to your event.

Management of these volunteers can be a full time job and takes considerable time and effort.

Our Volunteer Management service lets you define all your volunteer positions so people can easily signup.

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Get the help you need

Running Guru offers a Volunteer Management module free with our Registration and Fundraising services.

This tool makes it easy to recruit and manage volunteers, matter of fact they easily sign up via the website similar to event registration!


Sample volunteer pages

Easy for managers

We make it easy to setup individual managers for volunteer positions. Managers are notified when volunteers signup and can login at any time to get detailed reports.


Volunteer highlights

  • Create a branded page with all volunteer positions for your event
  • Volunteer page linked to event page
  • Configure unlimited volunteer positions with detailed information and time slots
  • Set a limit to the number of volunteers needed for each category
  • One person can signup multiple volunteers
  • Allow volunteers to signup as groups
  • Include maps and downloadable PDFs with volunteer positions
  • Detailed reports and spreadsheets available


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Quick and simple setup

Setting up a volunteer page is very easy and our intuitive user interface steps you through the process.

Customize the page content, header, footer, menus, and confirmation email. There are also custom fields for gathering all the information you need from volunteers.


Setup your volunteer page