Our Story

Running Guru was created by a marathon runner looking to enhance the runner's experience and provide simple, yet powerful, event management tools for the race director.

The result is Running Guru, a fully-integrated event management and fundraising solution. You no longer need multiple sites for registration, fundraising, promotion, product sales, photography, and results.


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No unwanted ads or clutter

We believe your event site is for your use only, not a billboard for us to litter with unwanted advertisements and sales promotions. You control 100% of the content that goes onto your pages.

Serving Athletes, Race Directors and Charities

Running Guru has become a leading destination for participants to locate and register for events and raise money for charities. Over 87,664 events and 1,309 charities have chosen to use our services and take their event and fundraising to the next level.

Event directors and charities now have a site with feature-rich solutions to help plan, manage, and promote a successful event and maximize fundraising efforts. We've eliminated the frustration of having event information spread across multiple websites and allow participants to register for events, setup custom training programs, create fundraising pages, and get race pictures and results.

Enhancing the runner's experience

The founder's passion for running, coupled with over twenty years of technology experience, has led to the development of a company dedicated to serving the running community and, most of all, enhancing the runner's experience