Understanding your data is key to successful planning and promotion. Who's coming to your event site and what is their behavior.

We offer powerful reports and Google Analytics integration to view traffic to your site.

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Good data is key

Data is critical to the management of your events and fundraising campaigns. And understanding this data is key to knowing the effectiveness of your marketing and promotion initiatives.

Running Guru offers the below reports to help you meet your goals!

Event and registration reports

We understand the importance of your registration data. Not only must it be accurate, but you must be able to access it easily and in real-time. Below are just some of the reports our system offers to provide your data in the format you need.

Fundraising reports

You need to know from where and when donations came, and managing teams and individuals is important. Get fundraising data when and how you need it with these reports.

Volunteer management

No event is successful without scores of volunteers. And managing volunteers can be a challenge so you need reports with up to the minute information.

  • All volunteers
  • Export ro Excel
  • Volunteer categories with managers
  • Individual volunteer details

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful, easy to use reporting platform that lets you decide what data you want to view and customize your reports, with just a few clicks.

Once you start using Running Guru, you can utilize Google Analytics in the following areas:

  • Event Registration
  • Fundraising
  • Sponsor Page
  • Volunteer Management
  • Online Store
  • Website

Google Analytics gives you insights into how visitors use your pages, how they arrived, and how you can keep them coming back!

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