Firecracker 5K Sponsorships

Event Summary
Firecracker 5K
 • June 30, 2018
 • Littleton, CO
 • 750 participants
Sponsorship offers the possibility of achieving several of your marketing initiatives all at once.  Here is how a partnership with the Firecracker 5K can help benefit your business…

•    Enhancing Image & Shaping Consumer Perception

Leading up to and at our event, we’ll provide opportunities for you to further enhance your brand image, shape buying attitudes and help generate a positive response to your consumer. 

•    Driving Sales

Customized traffic drivers can be an extremely potent promotional tool. This objective allows our sponsors to showcase their product attributes through several unique channels as we strive to achieve your ultimate goal…more customers! 

•    Differentiating From Your Competitors

The mere act of sponsoring the Firecracker 5K, especially through an exclusive partnership, is a significant way to create competitor differentiation. Your business has the opportunity to stand out above the competition by owning attention from a specific share of the market. 

•    Corporate Citizen Role

Another powerful outcome of partnering with the Firecracker 5K is being recognized as a supporter of the community, contributing to its economic development and being a good neighbor. This is especially powerful to your customers and creates enormous goodwill.

Interested in sponsoring the Firecracker 5K? Please contact us today 303.901.2709!