Run For Rwanda 2017

Regina Hopewell

Dear friends and family,

For 10 years, the church where Mark and I attend and I serve as part of the clergy as a deacon (International Anglican Church in Colorado Springs) has hosted the Run for Rwanda. We have used the proceeds from this run to build a health center in rural Rwanda in the community of Kibali where our sister parish is located.

This facility has been functioning since the first building was built and each year we add another service or wing. The final phase - the Nutrition Center - will be completed through the proceeds of this year's race. Help us complete this project!

The health center serves over 10,000 Rwandans with nearly 100 people receiving help each day. Access to this health center has saved lives and has greatly improved the health of many people in this community. From being a place where people with AIDS receive medication, to being a place where mothers may safely deliver babies, this is a vital place for health care!

The Run is unique in that it takes place in Colorado and in Rwanda simultaneously on August 5. Each year a few people travel to Rwanda to participate with our friends in the village there, and we call on our cell phone to begin the race on both sides of the world. You can read more about the race and see photos here:

I have been in Rwanda for the race the past two years and will be there again this year. I have been in Colorado Springs for all of the other 7 years of this race. Hundreds of people participate on both sides. Please join in this exciting and life-giving project! Your donation will make a huge difference in the lives of men, women, and children in this rural, mountainous, beautiful part of northern Rwanda. Thank you!!


What a great thing to support! ~ Regina Hopewell

Created June 24, 2017

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Regina Hopewell

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