Run For Rwanda 2017

Run For Rwanda 2017

Thanks for your interest in the Run For Rwanda! The Run For Rwanda raises funds for a health clinic and school scholarships in Kibali, Rwanda. Kibali is a small, rural town in the Byumba district. On race day we run simultaneously with our friends in Kibali to show that we are with them.


Thanks for running for Rwanda! I'm finally able to jump in and help - I hope you can reach your goal! ~ Terri Moon

Thanks for being you Kev. ~ Doreen Collins

Happy to help! ~ Candi Bishop

Hearts with you and family as you run across the miles today! ~ Jan & Doug Moore

In honor of Charles K. ~ Tracy Wolfe

I'm proud of you both! Love you so much ?? ~ Gillian Webb

Glad to join with others in this great cause... ~ Betty Barnett

Blessings from Boston to all the runners and volunteers! ~ Jason and Lisa Puckett

Would love to see the clinic finished this year! ~ Kam Fletcher

Almost there!!!! So blessed to be a part of this wonderful event! Be the change you want to see in the world... M. Ghandi ~ Huthoefer Family

I am donating for Joni Williams Sheppard. ~ Judy Rollins

For Nicholas Gerber ~ Amanda Gerber

Praying for you sweet lady as you participate in this ministry to the Rwanda people! ~ Bill Davis

Kimbosha McIntire ~ Kimbosha McIntire

To honor Heather and her beautiful life and commitment to helping others, we give this gift. God's abundant blessings on your efforts, Kevin! ~ Sarah Pollock

On behalf of Joni Shepherd. ~ Micah Morgan

Sorry that I can't run, but have a good time Joni. ~ Doug Hering

This donation is for Joni Shepherd. ~ Lori Robbins

This is a GREAT reason to GO!! ~ Lynn Vander Woude

Go Barb! ~ Barbara Anderson

Blessings! ~ Steve McPeek

You do the running. I'll do the donating! ~ Katherine Bowser

Run Forrest! Run! ~ Nathan Enger

We are excited to support this milestone for RfR and to honor your and Heather's commitment to your sister church and the Byumba community. ~ Laura Hollis

Congrats and Love you!! ~ Whitney And Mark DeSanti-Crocco

Run with eagles' wings, Beth & Gary! ~ Melissa & Dan Klute

Happy to support this cause again this year. ~ Julia Thomas

So happy to be able to partner with you in this milestone- in the building of the Rwandan health clinic and in the lives of the Werner family! ~ Suzanne and Tim Frye

In honor of Heather Werner ~ Elizabeth Burda

So excited for this special run! Wish we could be there in person too! ~ Cheri Orr

All the Lord's blessings to the clinic!!! ~ Everett Herron

Sandi Robinson Bravine I would like to request an xtra large tee shirt. Thanks. I'm not sure I will be able to be there. Could you give it to Char Sellers if I'm not able to make it. Thank you. Sandi ~ Sandi Bravine

I hope we get enough earned this year to complete the hospital. ~ mark emeis

Happy to support this great cause. Enjoy the race! ~ Holly Wortham

What a great thing to support! ~ Regina Hopewell

Werner/Frye Wedding ~ Frank Frye

In Honor of the Werner-Frye Wedding. ~ Matthew Frye

Go Beth! ~ Melinda Hews

Congratulations! ~ Elisa Stanford


  Laura Hollis
  Judy & Paul Johnson
  Sarah Pollock
  Elisa Stanford
  Whitney And Mark DeSanti-Crocco