Jodi's Race for Awareness 2014

The mission of the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance (COCA) is to provide support and to promote awareness of ovarian cancer through advocacy and education. Please give generously to support COCA’s mission and programs.

  • Nicki’s Circle Information and Support Groups
  • COCACares Financial Assistance Program
  • Ovarian Cancer Resource Guide
  • Comfort Kits for the newly diagnosed
  • Survivors Teaching Students: Saving Women’s Lives®


Hi Gin! Sorry this has taken so long! You are amazing and absolutely beautiful. Congrats! Thank you for being such an inspiration. xoxo - Kate ~ Kate Lewis

Congrats on already meeting your goal!! So sorry I''''m late into the arena with my donation. This is SUCH a great cause! Runs in my family, so I know it''''s effects. Thank you for all you do! :) ~ Katie Miller

Sorry I wasn''''t there but miss you all! ~ Brittany Schock

Thanks Gloria! ~ M J Dommermuth

We love you Glenda and are so proud of your courageous battle! See you in Gloryland! ~ Jane Klockars

At the request of Melody Monroe ~ Forest Oil

You rock Lisa!!! ~ Jerry Woerly

Carolyn, thank you for your initiative, advocacy, and caring for others who are faced with ovarian cancer. I pause now to remember Gwen and to honor Scottie. And I am thankful you are doing so well. L&L, Ginger ~ Ginger Robinson

In honor of my friend, Jacque, and because I missed the race this year! ~ Susan Isabel

sorry we missed the run, looking forward to next year!! ~ Tim Hammill

Mary~~ may good luck and fortune continue ~~supported by your positive outlook. ~ Sharon O'Hara

We miss you, Bonnie! ~ Avis Versteeg

Mike, we are so proud of you and your family and legacy that you are creating for Jodi! You really do never give up! You inspire us all. So fun to see Hillary, Abbey, Matt and Nick joining the team! Love, The Eynons ~ Adrienne Eynon

In memory of Marti Brierley''''s mom ~ Alice Soderman

In memory of Darby. ~ Katie Symons

High fives to you, Elizabeth, for supporting this amazing group! ~ Jane Dvorak

goes to Jessica Soderberg in memory of her mother Janice Fandel. ~ Marian Thier

We are glad to support such an important cause! ~~ Andrew and Jen ~ Andrew Goodwin

Hi Jeanene, Congratulations on your 15 years cancer free! You are an inspiration to all of us. Love, Marty and Kim ~ Marty McCloskey

I love you and all your hard work! ~ Valerie Allan

for Lori ~ Carol Musil

Wish we could have been there to walk with you! ~ Becky Molloy

Hi Cathy, sorry we didn''''t make this donation before the walk! So proud of you and wish we could have walked with you yesterday! Love, Nancy, Debbie and Doug Bishop ~ Douglas Bishop

Go you World Beater go! ~ Mary & Phil O'Reilly

Way to go!! ~ Joanne Friedman

Hope you had a Great Day ~ Lynnette Stieb-Sorensen

In memory of Phyllis Fishman:) ~ Deborah Lang

Love & Miss You Jayme ~ Dawn White

An amazing event for awareness of ovarian cancer. Congratulations Jennifer for this year''''s extraordinary success. Next year the Elmaleh family will plan to be in town and all run. ~ Maureen Elmaleh

it''''s late, but it still counts, right? ~ CHRISTOPHER CALABRO

You guys are awesome - run for All our sweeties! ~ Donna Holcomb

In support of Scottie and memory of Gwen. Yea to the Pierini family and friends for walking! Thank you for being a wonderfully Karing Kappa Karolyn! ~ Jean Levitt

God Bless You Cousin, you are awesome for doing this. Good Luck! ~ Jayne Martinez

Good Luck Tody ~ Roger Habeck

Thanks for doing this for folks like me. ~ Jan Sullivan

We are there in spirit! The McCorison''''s ~ Shannon McCorison

Love you ~ Nancy Gibson-Johnson

Love you Marie & Linda ~ Russ Gibson

Love you Auntie Ann! ~ Richard and Andrea Harkness

Wish we could have been there to join you! Love you all! ~ Jonna Sanders

I''''m cheering for you, sweet Nancy! Wish I could be there, but will be @ AFC seeing patients. I love you! Dr Jill ~ Jill Pechacek

In memory of my wife, Karen Colwell, who passed away in October after a courageous five and 1/2 year fight. We love and miss you. ~ Bob Colwell

keep on truckin'''' - Joy you''''re a remarkable source of inspiration. ~ Kevin Hood

In memory of Terri Rogers Connolly ~ Myron Swize

YOU ARE THE BEST!!! ~ Sherwood & Marianne Owens

We will miss you but are with you in spirit! ~ Dan Stendahl

Way to go Susan! Love you, Mary ~ Mary Calaci

Go grandma Schulz ~ Kendall Erwin

Another year and counting. We wish you many more ~ Arnold & Elsa Ash

Go Rebekah!!! ~ Peggy Turner

My mother passed away from ovarian cancer last July. Ovarian cancer is a silent killer. I wanted to contribute I found out about the race after the fact of registering for the heart walk. Thank you for participating to make a differnce. ~ Theda Bruns

GO, CHEMOSABEES!!!!! ~ Barbara Lerch

My donation is in memory of Janice Jarman and Shirley Thompkins. ~ Kay Landon

Have fun Nancy and Team members!! ~ Vicki Phillips

Go Kathy!!! I''''ll see you at your next teeth cleaning! keep it up! you''''ve got it beat!!!! ~ charla newcomb

Yeah you made your goal! Wish I could be there tomorrow to walk with you. xoxo ~ emily oliver

For my Aunt Nancy, who is KICKING ASS! You are beautiful, strong, and an inspiration. You are my hero! ~ Lisa Mulligan

Happy to support a great friend, and a great cause! ~ Sara Loveday

I wish I could be there this year. Best wishes and lots of love! ~ Sarah Cassel

Way to Go ~ denise tarsitano

Laura - we are so proud to be supporting you and Jodi''''s Race again this year! Your spirit, determination, and strength are an inspiration to all of us! - The Integrated Research Team ~ Andre B. Cuenin

In honor of Judith Ross Bird: Sharing gratitude for those who have survived this (eg, Mom''''s best friend) and those who don''''t (Gwen, Scotty, my sister-in-law). Loyally, Ruth Ross ~ Ruth E Ross

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart) - in memory of Lucy Trujillo and Pep''''s mom. ~ Eleni Ledesma

Go Laura and team Fight like a Girl!! - Albert ~ Albert Gallego

Wishing all my best to the Van Meel Family - Darc Rasmussen ~ Brian Bigley

In memory of Erica Heather Inerfeld Thompson. Erica inspired everyone that she met. Erica will always be in all of our hearts. Love always, Linda and Ira Lopkin ~ Linda and Ira Lopkin

Go Laura!! ~ Brian Bigley

Here''''s to finding a cure. ~ martina Fernandez

Go team boobs and tubes! ~ Blake Sullivan

Bev, since I didn''''t fundraise this year. I''''m helping your goal! You are a rock star and have done so much to help raise awareness. You Rock! Amy ~ Amy Nofziger

Miss you Janice! ~ Cathy Wyatt

Congrats Mary on your clean bill of health and thanks for all of your efforts on behalf of COCA! ~ Peggy Richter

In honor of Della Smith ~ Christine Belle

Bless you! ~ Kyle Sheldon-Chandler

Love and remembrance from Dan and Lee ~ Daniel Smith

Love and remembrance from Lee and Dan ~ Lelia Coveney

Wish we could be there with you this year! ~ Karen & Mark Lane

In support of Christina Kay Goodall and her family, and in memory of their Aunt and Sister Janice. Go Team Janice!! We Love You, Bob & Colleen ~ Colleen Readel

Go Auntie Kelly! We love you! H1 & H2. ~ Beth Guy

From my sweet Aunt Laka ~ Joy Hood

Keep Runnin Down the Dream! Good Luck on Saturday! ~ Steve Kiusalas

Remembering the Denver Mountain morning hikes with Max, Walter and Rosie. You always kicked our butts climbing those hills! ~ Sue and Pam Ralphie-Albert-Jazzy

Go Pink Elephants - we can beat this thing called OC! ~ John McElhiney

Jan, we are with you in spirit from the farm. Love and blessings from Eston and Ann. GO TEAM!!! ~ Eston & Ann Clarke

You go girl!!! ~ Mark Boring

Glo -You are a testimony to all. Sorry I am not able to join you in the race this weekend. Have fun ~ Katherine Price

From Jeff, Madison, Ethan and Reuben Yourtz ~ Jeff Yourtz

I am a five year survivor - can''''''''t make the race this year, but know it means so much to me that this is happening and awareness is growing. ~ Nancy Commins

In support of Pep Torres and all her volunteer and advocating hours with a smile on her face. ~ Gail Berkery

Best of luck to B&J''''s Buddies! ~ Jim Konrad

Go Ji! Your daughter is adorable! ~ Michelle Baxter

We are so proud of you Ji Ji! You are amazing and inspire of us every day. We love you! Susan, Damon, Henry and Charlie ~ Susan Rha

Be strong. Love you. Miss you. ~ Susan Nein

Good luck at the race~~sorry Holly and I can''''t join you. ~ Brian and Holly Kuhn

We admire you in so many ways, Nancy!! ~ Sarah Pool

My heart will be walking with Carol and all of you... (but sorry my hip won''''''''t make it). ~ Nancy Nelson

Thinking of you! ~ Michele Rupprecht

A little to inspire hope! ~ Terra Masias

I''''''''ll be there with you in spirit. Yay for Hope! ~ Debbie Chapman


15 years and counting- and many more! love Lindy ~ Lindy Garvin

Go get em! Will be rooting for you! ~ Nadine Tono

In memory of Kit Rice- I still think of you and miss you, my friend. Cheryl Brown- Thanks for always keeping me connected to Jodi''''s Race and have a great time! - Pam Smiley ~ Pam Smiley

Way to go, Kappas....honoring those sisters we love! ~ Joanie Cohen

So sorry we can''''t join you in person, as we''''ll be taking Noah to the airport, but we''''ll be cheering you on in spirit! xo Peggy, Jeff, Hannah, Noah, Jesse, Lucy and Arthur ~ Jeff/Peggy Morse and Family

You are an inspiration ~ Judy Hegge

Good luck Nicholas! Best - Pam & Peter ~ Peter Coakley

Honoring the memories of Jane Burlingham Ceppi and Nicole''''s Aunt Lisa: two wonderful women who left us too soon, and we shall always miss. Liz and Nick Ceppi ~ Elizabeth W. Ceppi

Good Luck Nicholas! Thanks for all that you do! ~ Kristelle Moore

We are so proud of you Yolanda, Love you mom and dad ~ Maria Cabral

I sooo miss my dear friend, Linda. ~ Joanne Bircher

I hope you''''re doing great, Liz, and good for you to participating in this event. ~ Nancy Orcutt

Pixie Power! ~ Michael Marcheschi

In tribute to Sharon Baumann, whose courage and spirit are an inspiration to us all. ~ Catherine Adkisson

way to go Team Hammond ~ Coralyn steel

In honor of Cindy Johnson ~ Darrell Johnson

You are an inspiration Mary! ~ Kathryn Spritzer

Please credit to the Terri''''s Teal Wheels team. I could not find their team on the list. Thank you for your help. ~ kay cessna

I love our picture as the banner! Go team! ~ Pam/Joe Woods

In memory of my wife, Nancy! ~ Ernest Ader

You rock Nicholas! Thanks for raising so much money! ~ joni zisman

Good Luck Mike, Eileen, Zack & Coby. Love ~ Judi Fox

In memory of my mother, Doris Rosen ~ Gwen Bloom

Goal hit!!! ~ Jessie Dearien

All the best! ~ Nicole Miller

Good Luck Sarah and Super Friends! ~ Rick Hellickson

Good luck! ~ Royce Hendler

28 years and counting! Let''''s cure this disease for everyone. ~ Heidi McClure

Wish I could be with you to walk. Hopefully this brings us one step closer to a cure! ~ Susan Konsella

for my sister, Lisa, a ovarian cancer survivor! ~ Mark Johnson

Have a fabulous race day Team Mary! ~ Marla Williams

I wish I could join you all in honoring Darby. xoxo ~ Amy Christenson

Here is to team Kathy and to my mom Cathy ~ Bill Marks

May the sun shine on all of you as you walk for Carol! Pam ~ Pamela Haddad

Way to go Cindy and team. All the best Michael''''s of Denver Catering ~ angela bjerke

You are my hero! ~ Caroline Lindley

Go Mary, go! ~ Mia Ketterling

Susan, Good Luck to you and all your soldiers. ~ Susan Mages

Good job you guys, keep up the good fight! ~ Greg Morrissey

Wish I could be there with you all but I have a wedding to go to on this day. God willing I will be with you all next year! ~ Marlene Bailey

In memory of Nancy Wilson - I miss you. and in support of Nancy Martinets - you are amazing! ~ Anita Coen

As the old circus saying goes, Break a Leg ~ John Bitzer

Good Job Nicholas!! ~ Mike Turzanski

Great cause. Keep up the good work. ~ Mary McDaniel

You are amazing Aunt Susan! I hope you enjoy your day :) ~ Zaphne Kemp

Thank you! ~ Margaret Carolyn Hunter

Congratulations, Mary, on another clean bill of health and on your successful leadership at COCA! ~ Cathy Moyer

So glad you''''re making this race to raise awareness and help prevent this awful disease claim more lives. Good work. ~ Carol High

Best wishes for good weather for the race! ~ Salvatrice Kemper

I will be with you guys in spirit! ~ Catherine Shea

Thank you, Carolyn Pierini, for organizing this. It''''s an excellent way to honor those women we know who are suffering from this disease. ~ Nancy Potak

Go Gloria! ~ Jim Holsinger

My sister, Carolyn, and Kappas ROCK! Wish I could be there to walk with you June 7! XXOO ~ Kathleen Kuhn Johnson

Race on, Mary! ~ Jenny Davies-Schley

Congratulations Glo. You talk the talk AND walk the walk. ~ Roger Price

Go Team Nancy''''s SO Ovary It! I wish I could be there to run the race with all of you! I will be sending my support from SF! :) ~ Darlene Bagley

Go Glo Go- Love you- Kathy & Paul ~ Kathy Anderson

Ed & I will be with you in spirit! ~ Carrolle Rushford

In memory of mom, Barbara Swonke, and prayers for all those currently suffering. ~ Toni Munger

I would love to be at the walk on the 7th but i am selling my house and will be moving during that time. Plus it is a bit of a drive from Michigan, but I will be thinking of you. ~ Kathie Keith

Yeah, Susan! God bless. ~ Susan Goldsworthy

Sorry I can''''t walk with you. ~ Trudy Zimmerman

With with Joaniebear ~ Thomas McEwen

You''''re the best, Gloria ~ Edward McWilliams

I thank God that Lisa came through her battle with ovarian cancer. It was an amazing journey; I was honored to get to be a part of it. ~ Sarah Fuller

We Love You! Though we will not be there in person we will be there with you and your team in spirit, sending our love, support , and strength to you as you battle and conquer this disease! Your brother Bill & Corrine ~ Bill & Corrine Serrell

Go Team G$ !! Love you guys! ~ Chris Lennon

Good luck and Have fun! Love the Brooks FAmily! ~ Brooks Family

Sorry I can''''t be there to race with you. We all love you Hallie!!! You are so strong! ~ Trent Myers

love ~ Mary Garman

This is awesome Lorna! So psyched you are doing this! Big hugs! Janna ~ Janna Jacobson

Go Get Em are a true hero!! With Love, The Ps ~ Michele Prashaw

In memory of Aunt Kelly. Love you infinity and beyond! ~ Gretchen Youngquist

Wishing I lived a lot closer so that I could be a part of this, but I am thinking of you! ~ Julie Corbett

Wish we could be there! Go Team Bev! ~ Laura Stewart

I''''m a friend of Gail Wadsworth~~-happy to help! ~ Jeanne Frasse

Cancer may dim a star but the star is still looking down on the love one''''s family;and is still shinning bright in their hearts. ~ David Cap

Thinking of you~~ Go Raise the heck out of it! ~ Katy Blatnick-Gagne

Katie, Such amazing and purposeful work you''''re doing. Proud of you. ~ Anne Button

We wish we could be there- You truly are a rock star, Nancy! ~ Carmen & Joe Sagrati

I''''''''''''''''m very proud of you Carol. ~ Shirley Gates

Proud of you! ~ Paula Payne

Marissa.....So great you have heart for others. I love you for that ~ William Bieler

GO TEAM! ~ Sheila Stone

Good luck Lindsey and Dayna! ~ rachel hanson

What a great group of people together for a great cause! Kick some butt! -Kieley ~ Kieley Wilson

Jodi, you will always be a part of us. ~ Art and Pudge Kimbel

Glo, you are an inspiration for all of us. We love you. Liz and Jon Lorenz ~ Liz &Jon Lorenz

Run Hilda Run ~ Diane Richards

In memory of Janice Jarmin. beloved mother of Jenny Sheedy, and Chrissy Melendy. ~ Phyl Sheedy


Wishing you every success, Gloria~~Congratulations! Love, Mary Jo & Vince ~ Mary Jo & Vince Boryla

Go Team! ~ Larisa Fialkova

To a true champion of courage and to your conviction to overcome cancer and then helping others to do the same ~ John Gamble

It is so hard to loose a loved one. May God bring you peace and comfort. Sorry to miss the race but my prayers are sent your way. Good luck ~ Trish Ochsner

Go Team Messenger and Ellen Hopson ~ Carol Gericke

You go girl! So proud of you! Will be thinking of you on Saturday. Love and Light, Karin ~ Karin Whittemore

Love ~ Kari Vasbinder

Thanks for helping others! ~ Corina Wilson

A pause for a prayer and a cause ~ MICHAEL SMITH

Mom, I love you so much and cant wait to see you again when you come home next month! Wish I could be with you guys for race day. ~ jason clark

Best Wishes JPS! ETK ~ Eric Koeplin

What an amazing way for a family to come together! ~ Patrice Henning

I often think of Jan and her wonderful spirit while enjoying a glass of wine! Cheers!! ~ Janna Sieber

Nicole and I wish we could be there this year! ~ Justin Sogge

I''''m running in memory of my friend Judi Krause and in honor of Karen Nichols ~ Lynda Kizer

have a great event and time in Colo. ~ Loch and Allyn anderson

Remembering Carol! ~ Mary Phillips

Have fun you guys!!! I''''ll be thinking of you!!! ~ Caitlin Rawn

You keep going Babe!!! Love you!!! ~ Holly Maas

So happy to support a great cause! Go Janet! ~ Mary Knowles

So proud of you, Vandegrift family! Thank you for running for this beautiful cause and in the name of my Mom. I love you both. ~ Vanessa Courtright

you go girl! xxoo ~ patty Aharonov

You are truly amazing and an unsung hero. Love you so much! ~ Terry Rendler

Yay GLO Way to Go ~ Stuart and Cinda Zemel

Go Team Nana! We love you all! ~ Amy Cordova

Wish I could be there to walk with you. ~ Janet Toy

So sorry we cannot make the race - we have a work event that day. But we are there in spirit cheering you on and sending our best wishes - Go Team!! Love Sheila and Erik ~ Sheila and Erik Schmidt

I''''''''ll be jaunting with you in spirit. Love ya''''''''ll ~ June Shea

Wish I could be there to walk with you! ~ Dawn Coleman

Love You. ~ Eileen Krom

Love You ~ Paula Turachak

God Bless you all, Love, Aunt Nancy ~ Nancy Baumann

For my Nana! ~ Sasha Dudnikoff

For Susie and Glenda. So glad I wsa able to know Glenda. ~ kathleen huggins

Lets go out and conquer this together! ~ Nash Rusk

Kim - Jeff and I wanted to donate again this year for such a great cause. Dawn ~ Dawn Hodapp

Can''''t wait to see you on June 7. Special event for a special woman. ~ Scott Oliver

GO TEAM! ~ Robin Shinn

Good luck! ~ Brian Raber

Good luck!!! ~ Jessica Furman

You go girl!!! I''''m rootin'''' for you! Star ~ Barbara loveless

What a great way to honor Bonnie. ~ Linda Roller

Janet, thank you for maintaining your commitment to finding a cure for this disease. ~ Linda Groah

Janice You are missed Dearly ~ Jay VonOhlen

Hi Mom! Hope you have all have a great time and that I will be there in spirit! I love you! ~ David Koditek

Best wishes, Janet. I know this important to you and I appreciate your involvement. Melinda ~ Melinda Brazzale

my heart is with you, Janet ~ Cecilia Lederhos

Good luck Kelly! Jeff and I wanted to support the cause. We will be rooting you! ~ Dyana Langley-Robinson

In memory of a beautiful young girl... ~ Donna Good

In support of Pep and her family... ~ Donna Good

Susan, have a great time at the race . Craig Fisher & Family, Lynn Fisher, Mark Brady & Family, Scott Shimer & Family ~ Lynn Fisher

Love you, Kaitlyn & Mike! Will be there in spirit during race day :-) Think of Mary, forever & always! ~ Jennifer Taussig

I miss Susan so much. I think of her often and like to remember the fun times we had running and golfing. My memories of Susan always make me smile. ~ Susan Treece

Go Team Ovasaurus Rex!!! ~ Eileen Regan

Go Team Gates ~ Carol Bauman

Only got a couple more weeks, come on friends and family ~ Nancy Saunders

Miss you every day Bonnie Brand!!! ~ Yvonne Lamoreaux

Team up for the cure!! ~ Joan Phillips

Have a fun day! Warm thoughts and wishes to you all...wish I could be there too. ~ Dawn Rexroat

Good Luck Crissy. You are a good daughter. ~ Kathryn Crawford

Go Erin and Team Ovasaurus Rex! ~ Katie &Stew

I love you Laura Vanmeel! ~ Crystal Bruce

Hoping to come walk with you all in memory of Glenda. We will work around baseball games. Love and hugs to you aunt Susie! ~ Dani Thiret

Love you, Susie. I am sorry I can''''t be at the Race with you celebrating Glenda ~ Marjorie Dolson

Happy Birthday Nicole! Love your family at Unbridled Solutions ~ Stan Bullis

Happy Birthday Nicole! ~ Merissa Winter

Go Team Glenda as she is watching you and counting on you! ~ Jan Faia

Go Ed! ~ Katie Cambruzzi

We are SO sorry we can not join you in the race! We would love to participate in this important event! ~ ari nicholson

You go, Girl!! ~ Ivan Davignon

Wish I could be there to run by your side! I love you and I am so proud of your courage and dedication. You have a strong voice to continue to advocate for yourself and so many others! ~ Jessica Bachmann

Team Nancy''''s SO ovary it is amazing! Wish we could be there on race day! ~ Nicole Terch

With love ~ Sheila/Gerard Rudofsky

Go Carol!!! ~ david neal

What a wonderful tribute to Erica''''s memory as well as a powerful way to continue her fight against this disease. We''''re with you all the way! Love, Judy & Stu ~ judy & stu fenster

What a great cause! Run Jaclyn Run! ~ Julie Woodfin

Keep it going. From all of us at Empire Truck ~ S Richardson

Our best wishes for a successful race! ~ Cathy and Jim McCarthy

Lets make a difference ~ Cyndy Peterson

Hope to join you!! ~ Vince & Judy Mangus

Go Team! ~ Christina Alexiades

Cross Creek Garage Sale donation - Find a cure! ~ Pat Kay

Goooo Aunt Mary and team! Hope you have a wonderful race! ~ Nicole Martin

Wish I could be there! ~ Larry Vering

Congratulations Erin on 5-years cancer free!! Love, Dad & Mom ~ Carl & Tish Elston

I will see you there! Go Team! ~ Anne Dessert

Aunt Mel~~we are thinking of you! Much love from NJ! Love, Deb, Steve, Sue, Phil, Mike, Dan, Natalie, and Nick! ~ Debbie Pesarchick

Darby, I think of you so often and with such fondness. Cl? ~ Cle Symons

In honor of Nancy''''s spirit, determination, and grace. All the power to you! And in memory of my dear Jackie. ~ Christine Intagliata

Nancy, all the best to you. ~ Scott Intagliata

You are such an amazing and strong person. Stay strong and keep fighting. ~ MaryAnn Adams

Every bit helps. Be strong, Diana. ~ Kane Leung

Cherishing the memories (Doris Day movies and White Christmas- sisters, sisters ) love you and miss you forever. Ellen ~ Ben/and Ellen Hopson

We are here to support you &9825;&9829;♡♥ ~ Laura Haskins

Sorry I can''''t be there to run along side but will be there in spirit. All my best! ~ Carolina Fryer

In memory of our beautiful friend Rebecca Martinez. ~ Eva Marez

Go Chemosabees! ~ Paula Boyka

I know I won''''t be able to make it but you are a inspiration to everyone you touch. Wish it was more-Hugs The Catalan''''s ~ Missi, Mynor, Emiley and Cruz Catalan

Way to go Kris ~ Maxine Pinzur

Aunt Kris, I hope you and Gigi enjoy the race. Love, Eric ~ Eric Pinzur

This is a great cause. Very proud that you are participating again this year. ~ Barbara Pinzur

In honor of my mother, Anna Cooner, and to support my good friend, Leah ~ Donna Cooner

GO LISA! ~ Nancy Stanley

Wishing you the best, as always. ~ Joe Fetzer

Go Team VCA Woof Walkers! Congrats to Reggie on her 10 year survivor anniversary! ~ ji rha

In memory of our beautiful and strong daughter, Erica Heather Inerfeld Thompson. Erica did it her way! ~ Barbara Inerfeld

In Honor of Christa Hodge - Class of 2014 - you go! ~ Janeen Hill

Happy to help and thinking of you! &128153; ~ Terri Lewis

Supporting the Chemosabees :) ~ Michelle TerHark

Have a great race and day! ~ Kathy Hull

Hope you have fun while fundraising, Bortz Sistahs, and Trudy''''s Team! I look forward to a picture on Facebook, or the next holiday card! love, B ~ Beth Gurney

Your dedication to the memory of Lisa is awesome! ~ Susan Scarnecchia

God bless you & go Girl!!!!! ~ william pope

Go Chemosabees!! ~ Amy Iannella

Walk Far Chemosabees, Walk Far ~ Steve Ringquist

Bless you all!!! Happy walking. :-) ~ Sunny Schwemmer

Darby gave us all so much. ~ Gayle Murphy

Sorry we will miss again this year. Thinking of you all and remembering Sue! ~ Shelly & John LaGuardia

Gosh Erin, 5 years is an enormous milestone! So glad! ~ M'Lou Wallis

We will be jaunting with you in spirit from Guatemala! Love you! ~ Cami Twilling

I know you will have a great walk~~because little Miss Claudia will keep you and everyone else entertained!!! ~ Carol Chadwick

In memory of Margie Fry. ~ Maureen Bulkley

In memory of a beautiful person ~ Donald Murphy

wish I was closer so I could go with you! ~ Holly Whitten

Wish we could walk with rock! ~ Don and Marty May

Great thing you are doing Nicole! ~ Kristin Grunewald

...for may wonderful friend Lorna, who inspires me and who walks the walk! ~ john anglim

Wish I could be there to celebrate your beautiful mom! You are doing her SO proud! ~ Nicole Hewett

Marie - your attitude is incredible. You are an inspiration for all of us! ~ Julie Clark

Happy Birthday Nicole, thanks for doing this to honor Lisa. ~ LeAnne Prenovost

We love you Jan! Go team go! ~ Leigh Ann & Rick Margolin

Good luck with your fundraising and with the race! ~ Ny Horner

We''''re pleased to contribute again this year ~~ Jean & Brad. ~ Kristine Palumbo

Nancy, you are an inspiration to many!!! So glad to be able to help out in some small way!!!! Hope to see you on the 7th!!! ~ Karen Feingold

Walk Strong!!! ~ Susan Schwartz

I can''''t join you on the walk, but will be with you in spirit. Go Pauline! Hugs Kellie ~ Kellie Dexter

Blessings to all in remembering that wonderful woman, Darby. I''''ll be in the walk in spirit. Sally ~ Sally Kurtzman

Sent with love from the Halcombs to all of you remembering Darby. ~ Donna Halcomb

My heart will be with you ~ Nancy Disdier

Sorry I will not be able to make the race....I will be out of the country...good luck to all! ~ Linda Petta

Go Hilda!!! ~ Suzanna DiRanna

We can do this! ~ Jan Wywrot`

Better late than never!! ~ Andrew Tennant

Wish I could be with you guys this year! Love you all, Marsha ~ Marhsa Ryan

I always learn so much from Lorna. Her knowledge is broad and her friendship genuine. Good luck on the walk you three. ~ Cheryl Chittenden

Let''''s go, TEAM B&J''''s Buddies!!!! Woooooooot! ~ Kathy Cocetti

Nancy, you are inspiration to all of us and we look forward to supporting you on June 7th. ~ Denny Coughlin

Doing one for the Team! ~ Charlotte St James

Happy walking! Love, Denise ~ Denise Ocampo

For my mom on Mother''''s Day ~ Jennifer Sheedy

Thank you, Jennifer! ~ Mary Phillips

My donation is in support of ovarian cancer research and education but, most especially on behalf of a special gal! ~ Pat Neel

In honor of Judye Wahlberg ~ Bob & Bernie Bloom

Thanks for always being so involved, Lorna. You are so inspiring! ~ veronica hawk

Education can save lives. Bravery and optimism even the odds. ~ Adele Israel

Best Wishes to Lorna''''s team! ~ Cathy Headworth

Go team We Heart Jamie! ~ Greg & Shelly Pennington

Go team We Heart Jayme! Will be thinking of you all on the 7th. ~ Marsha Millonig

I am cheering for all of you! ~ Jill Kasischke

Happy Mother''''s day Mom! Miss you! ~ Mark Marusin

Love you Rebekah! Happy Mother''''s Day!!! ~ Ian Lyon

Kris, you have a great day and our thoughts are always with you! Charlie and Debby ~ Charles Epp

For Aunt Ann ~ David Harkness

You go girls! ~ Doreen Kalter

Thanks to all those at the Vivage office who donated during our fundraising events! ~ Shelly Warnsholz

Run with us! Or just watch us, pointing and laughing at us, we don''''t care as long as you donate! ~ Joie Akerson

Sorry I can''''t join you but I will be thinking of you. ~ Judy Campbell

Go! Go! Gadget! ~ Penny B

Tom, sorry we can''''t join you for the walk and the party. Keep up the good work. ~ Jim Neubaum

Glenda in HEAVEN ~ Terry Oliver


Love you, Nancy....see you June 7th with my running shoes on! Hugs. ~ Lisa Pozzi

Love my Aunt! ~ Lori Mounts

Keep fighting Nancy! ~ Skin Essentials

Team Kathy rules. Bruin and I once again will join her in her 15th year celebration! ~ Susan Ash

Sorry we can''''t make it to the race, we will be cheering you on in our prayers. ~ Katie & Stan Mohler

Keep fighting the good fight.!! Best wishes and positive spirits to Nancy and all the Intagliata''''s... ~ Mike Webster

Good luck Liz with your walk. ~ Cathy Pavek

Good luck, Kim and Nancy''''s team! ~ David Barash

I am so very proud to do this with one of the strongest women I know! Ginnissa, you are an inspiration to all of us and your actions have taught us to NEVER give up! ~ Trina Barnes

I''''m sorry I can''''t attend the run, but my thoughts are with you. Molly ~ Molly Keveney

Always in our hearts. Forever carrying her legacy on in each of us. ~ Andrea Ostrom

Great cause Rebekah ~~and I know your mom is proud of you. ~ Roxanne Lenny

Sorry I can''''t join the rasie, so here is a small token of my support ~ Anya Hamill

I hope you have a great run and raise a ton of $! xoxo ~ Sherry Lux

Thank you Tia for all you do for ovarian cancer awareness. You are awesome. Have a great run. ~ Dawn & Randy Rehbein

The Kilcullen Warriors ~ Victor Andreatta

So touched by your interest in this event and the lovely tribute to my mom. She is definitely smiling down on you Jaclyn! ~ Lisa Hurst

From Dave and Annie, Hope you have a great walk. ~ David Ash

go get em for this horrible disease ~ karen custer

In memory of my mom, Karen R. Ortega; thank you Hilda. ~ Barbara Gonzales

Hope the cure is just around the corner, plan to attend the race. ~ Chuck Boyd

We may join you, but just in case wanted to make sure we got our donation in. ~ Howard Roitman

To support Amanda and her family ~ Bonny Henley

It''''s hard to believe it''''s been 5 years. Have a great race, my friend! ~ Patty Rutledge

You go are a glad to be your friend I brag on you so much. ~ Liz Begalla

I know it kills you not be able to walk this year ~~ but ~~ you''''ll only have this one chance for a first birthday!!! You Go Girl!!!! ~ Charlotte McSpadden

In memory of my dear friend Susie Q, happy walking Team Messenger! Will be with you in spirit! ~ Janet Mobley

Good Luck! ~ Susan Erlandson

Way to go Cristen! I know you will reach your goal! ~ Ashley Teudean

In memory of beautiful Glenda. She always had a smile on her face and made you feel special. ~ Carolyn Stiles

Go Bonnie''''s Brigade!! ~ Laura Bright

Trudy, Hoping all the best for you! ~ Mary Ellen Chell

So proud of you for doing this, Jaclyn! Happy to be a small part of it! ~ David and Jeanne Meyer

We are so proud of you for doing this! Lots of love, Mom and Dad ~ Jim and Julie Dearien

In memory of our dear Amanda from Melody and Ed Durso ~ Melody Durso

We''''ll be there! ~ Gabe Medrano

Best of luck to all Bortz ladies. ~ Robert Hedeen

Have a great walk Trudy and Sheri ~ Asano Fertig

Glad to contribute - KvdL ~ Kristin van der Laan

Walking with you in spirit! ~ Marjorie Sable

God bless all who are supporting this noble cause and, God bless our noble mom Glenda! ~ Brady & Shanon Scott

Laura....finally figured it are now $100 over go Girl!!! ~ reggie doyle

Go Trudy, Go! ~ Sheri Bortz

Keep on fighting Laura! Wish I could join you at the race, but my Laura graduates from college that morning! I am with you in spirit!!! Love, Julianne ~ Julianne Hennings

With you all in spirit ~ Jean Esposito

The King takes care of his Court ~ Jeff Davey

Keep fighting, Mom! I love you. ~ Shannon Long

For Leah ~ Anne Farver

Yeah Trudy''''s team! ~ Margaret Mahoney

Go Trudy, Sheri, and Kathy!!! ~ Susan Schwartz

Thanks for doing this to help others and to assist in research to help fight this dreadful disease. ~ Robert Arnold

I will be out of town during this time. Best wishes for a successful event! ~ Jackie Heneghan

In support of Hein and a contribution to Bill and Steph Gaskins efforts ~ Kent King

You keep on rockin'''', dear Kathy! ~ Cynthia Goehring

Sue you are amazing. ~ Linda Osminer

Go Team Glenda! ~ Todd Oliver

` ~ Stephen & Catherine Bernard

Run fast! ~ Justin Hill

Wish I could be there to walk with you, but will be there in spirit! ~ Julie Kruit

Have a Great Race - Chuck and Ginger Geisler ~ chuck geisler

In Bonnie''''s memory... ~ Paula Mattison

Go Team Trudy!! ~ Caroline Bortz

Sorry to miss the festivities - hope you have a wonderful day! ~ Mike Brown

Good Luck!! ~ Lisa Shorb

Bonnie had a smile and an encouraging word for everyone. ~ Ron Knox

You go girl! ~ Anita Cuevas

Miss you Mom ~ Jayphan Lawton

Love you Linda!!! ~ vy nguyen

In memory of Bonnie ~ Lori Heles

Congratulations on two years cancer-free, Cindy! Keep up the fight and have a great race! ~ Mike Randleman

You are amazing! ~ Pamela & John Tumler

I look forward to being on Team Sue, especially for such a good cause! ~ Lisa Voelz

You Go, Ric! Love you.... ~ Dianna and Elizabeth

I will walk for you, Barb. Love and miss you so very much. ~ Martha Cox

Amanda''''''''s Spirit is with us! ~ Pepper Ballien

Wish I could joint you running but it''''s just not going to happen this year. I think it''''s awesome you put together a team, though. Have fun! ~ Lauren Crawford

Go, Go, Go in memory of our great friend Barb (BA)!!! ~ Marilyn Wills

Good luck and have fun. I wish I could join you in person for the run. ~ Terry Jahelka

Sue, I am so proud of you and the long, hard fight you''''re taking on with grace, determination and your beautiful smile. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Ricky ~ RICK FRATANDUONO

So proud of you! Sending good thoughts your way! ~ sherry brendel

Good Luck, Susan! ~ Dana Harper

Let''''s end this disease now! ~ jean balazs

Rain or shine, tears or smiles. You live with in our hearts Marty. Annalisa ~ Annalisa Ferreira inspire me. ~ ann brandon

Way to go Liz. Love you! ~ Marie Allee

Go Mom! ~ Michael Koditek

GO HABANEROS! ~ Bonnie Monatt

We miss you Darby - you''''ll be running with us in spirit! ~ Julia Bucher

Proud to know you Leah; keep living strong! ~ Mark Schroeder

Go Team Nancy! Sending love from Philadelphia! ~ Anna Evans

For Liz and all women fighting ovarian cancer. Your courage is inspiring! ~ Ann and Jim Belfiglio

Life is just a bowl of habaneros! We are hot! ~ Paul Bakanowski

i miss Barb and i wonder if her snowball bush will bloom this spring ~ laurie konsella

You guys are HOT! ~ Charles Tidwell

We are born to walk, so walk far. ~ John Williams

Let''''s all get on board, go Liz! ~ Claire Weesner

One Team - One Fight ~ Susan and Michael Fisher

As we have said before Sue is missed every time we T it up. ~ John Robert Zettl

You go girl! We are all so lucky to have you and we are very proud of you. ~ Michael's of Denver Catering

Great job guys! Love you!!!! ~ Pam Stanley

You are an inspiration!! ~ Linda Adams

Laura, you are a great inspiration to us alll You have such amazing strength and courage. Have a great race and continue fighting as you do (like a girl!!) Steve and Debbie Kramer ~ Stephen Kramer

for Jean with love. ~ Margie & Terry Bessler

Good luck! ~ Patty Telgener

You are awesome and inspiring! ~ kelly murphy

Rock on Laura. Fight like a girl ! No scratching though ~ Jay Horton

Thank you for each and all of your efforts, everyone!!! ~ Gary Funk

Go Team Teal!!! ~ Marna True

We will meet the challenge , We will reach the goal !!, ~ Larry Stanley

To support Jodi''''s mission....raising awareness for all the women in our lives ~ Tracy Nickelson-Wootten

I love you, Mom! Molon Labe!!! ~ Josh Linn

Good luck, great of you guys to do. ~ Chris Juday

Way to go Jay and Michelle, thats awesome!! ~ Diane Valente

Blessings to Birdie''''s Flock ~ El&Mick Stanley

Love you sissy! ~ Michelle Pattison

With all our wishes for continued strength and a most successful race! ~ Lynn O'Connor

Thank you Teal to Heal and Jodi''''s Race. Jim Olson and Judy Bosma. ~ James Olson

Sue - I am so pleased to hear you are doing well! ~ Laura Koss

We love you Aunt Susie and miss you Aunt Glenda. - Shane, Ami, Birou ~ shane roeschlein

Good luck, go team! ~ Cameron King

Dear Kendra, We love you. Karen and Doug Warner ~ Karen Warner

I love you and miss you my beautiful sissy. You will always have a piece of my heart. ~ Susie Thiret

Thinking of you Susie, and believing Glenda is wrapped in the arms of our Almighty Father! We are walking beside my Niece Cari (age 51) who was diagnosed 2 years ago & fighting for her life! Comforted by her relationship with the Lord!! xo ~ Patricia McDonnell

I miss you, my beautiful daughter. ~ edythe funk

Dearest Nance (and Mike) Sending our Love and prayers. We love and miss you and hope to see you soon. ~ Dan & Patty Winter

You are in God''''s hands and forever in our hearts. ~ Roger Thiret

We will be cheering you on, hopefully while holding our new little blessing. ~ Stanley Family

A friend in our neighborhood is going through this now. ~ Elaine Jensvold

Nancy, anyone who knows you isn''''t surprised at your fortitude. Hang in there. Betty ~ Betty Warren

So proud of you...Keep on fighting! ~ Jim and Jan Walters

Wonderful cause! Great job. ~ Heather Thompson

You and your team are in our prayers. Wish we could be there and join in! ~ Floyd Boeker

Go Nancy!!! ~ Dana Gammie

Go team Nancy! ~ Frederick Federer

We love your family... and you all remain in our positive thoughts and prayers. Many blessings ~ Russ Nishikawa

wishing it was more ..Gob bless! ~ eva ortiz

You are in my thoughts and prayers! Keep strong and kick some cancer ass! ~ Marie Krause

My thoughts are with you. I hope they''''re able to find a cure for all cancers soon. ~ Michael Kraehnke

In loving memory of my dear sister Bonnie. We miss you every day! ~ Janet Knox

Go team! ~ Vicky Austin

Good Luck! Let me know how else I can support you :) ~ Lisa Ingarfield

Sorry I won''''t be able to walk this year Sue!! Hopefully next year! You are such an inspiration!! ~ Eileen Wineland

Love you!!! ~ Nicole Tadolini

Sending love! ~ Dale and Beth Doty

Go Leah! ~ Jennifer Lee

You go Leah. Good luck! ~ Carolyn Ferriano

Go, Kathy, Go! ~ Donna Gilliland

I admire your message and actions Leah. I will be wearing my teal ribbon necklace. ~ Joeann Gutowski

So proud of you, Leah, and happily add our support to your noble cause. M & P ~ Mary Robson

Go Leah! ~ David D''''ve been a cheerleader to so many throughout your career. Here''''s a little ''''cheer'''' from me to you...Go Team Leah!! ~ Ren Burke

I''''ll kick off the campaign! ~ leah barrett

Leah Barrett ~~ you are an inspiration. Keep up the fight!! Go Leah!!! ~ Juley Sobson

Very happy to support this important cause, and even happier to support my amazing cousin! ~ Jeanie Kang

Wish we could be there this year! Look forward to next year. ~ Michael & Sarah Dauro

Wish I could be with you at the race... go Team Sue!! ~ Michele Smith

In our memory always. ~ William Laccorn

You are never forgotten and thought about often. Thanks Christina for organizing Team Janice in memory of her. Love Don & Pat ~ Don & Pat Kay

In memory of my daughter you are always in our hearts and fondest memories. You are missed very much. Love Mom ~ Don Kay

What a blessing that you are able to lead your team again this year to help educate others about this cancer. Thanks for all that you do. Rob ~ Robin Fischer

In memory of Sue, a great heart, and to honor everyone on Team Messenger. Hope to be there next year! ~ Lynda McNeive

Go team Sue! You are an awesome fighter and an inspiration to all those you meet. Love ya! ~ caathy brems


Congratulations, Sue! Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration!! ~ James hohman

Nana - We love you! ~ Mary Phillips

We love you, Sue! ~ Mary Phillips

We will beat this! ~ Liz Koditek

Great cause! Proud of you guys for doing this! ~ Mindi & Jim Pearse

:-) ~ Kelsey Padilla

Go j-team! Thanks for all you do! ~ Shari Nelson

Celebrating 10 years cancer free! May every woman be so blessed!!!! ~ Cheryl Brown

You go girl! I lost an aunt to ovarian cancer so I am happy to support this great cause! ~ Jody Alderman

I am very passionate about this organization. 80% of the women who are diagnosed die within 5 years. Let''''s change this statistic!!! ~ Yun Hui Kehoe

In memory of Mary Bacon ~ David & Nancy Bashover

Nicholas, you are the best. Thank you for all your support and encouragement over these past 7 years. You are my inspiration ~ Joy Hood

Making this donation in honor of ALL the survivors and warriors! Keep marching on! ~ Jeanene Smith

For all the women I''''ve worked with over the past fifteen years. Go Team Nicki''''s Circle! ~ Susan Hess

Wishing Team Messenger great success with your Fundraising in Memory of Sue - my Very Special Friend - I MISS you Sue! ~ Gladys Wommack

Good luck in the runZ, ~ Marcella Algor

Proud to support. ~ Michael Rimmer

Good Luck Team Messenger! This is such a great cause. ~ Mike & Judy Cahoon

Turn it teal ladies and gents!!!!!! ~ Sarah Chopp

Don''''t ya love how I send myself motivation!!! Whatever it takes for me to run. Go team AKVM!! ~ Melinda Mongeau

Go get em Mindi. ~ Melinda Mongeau

Joy you have been such a support, friend and leader ~ Bea Lasky

Way to go Nancy! ~ Team Haugen

Go, J-team! My heart is with you. ~ Janeen Hill

Go Nancy Go!!!! ~ Kathy Kennedy

Given with love and admiration ~ Sandy Selzer

You are missed every day! ~ Linda Schmidt

For Mom! ~ Erica Johnson

Nancy, we admire your courage. You go, girlfriend! Love, Ann and Clark Rheem ~ Ann and Clark Rheem

Go team ~ Mary Lee Browne

One day I hope to make it to the event. I''''m sure it''''s inspiring to see the group of tough and brave women, and their supporters. Sending love and strength. ~ Chris Mast

Thank you, Joy, for all you do to raise awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms. ~ Mary Ross

Joy, You continue to be model for how to support, how to tell your story and how to advocate. AND you continue to be my mentor! Molly ~ Molly and David Niven

Amanda loved to walk and was passionate about life, so a walk in her honor to raise awareness and money for ovarian cancer research and treatment to eradicate this cancer would make her proud. Go Team Amanda!!!! ~ Lisa Fitch

Cheering for you, Yun Hui, and the entire team. It is a great cause! ~ JoAnn Cambruzzi

I so wish I could join you for the race. Thank you for continuing to honor mom and support OC research. ~ Johnna Flood

Love ya. ~ Gail Johnston

Keep Fighting...You inspire us all! Love You Sis! ~ RANDY AND KAREN WEBB

Hope this helps! ~ Jason Barnes

Good luck on race day! :-) ~ Jennifer Chapkovich

For my friend, Sharon Miles, thank God for her cure ~ Robert Jeffers

Way to go Amy and Mindi!!! Love you guys! ~ Tracey Henderson

Cheering for you Nancy and the entire Intagliata family!! ~ Kate Spengler

Go Erin! ~ Eric Ritter

Thank you! ~ DeEtta Thornberg

Thinking of you and sending positive energy your way everyday! ~ Kathleen ervalin

GO NANCY! ~ Ruth & Frank Intagliata

Go Mindi!!! ~ Jillian Kalonick

Xo ~ Laurel Allen

Go Nana. Won''''t be there this year so wishing you and your team many happy hugs and memories. ~ Carol Wilson

Keep fighting nancy! We love you! ~ Jayne Lidholm

We love you Mom!!! ~ Kimberly Danielson

For Laura MacDonald. ~ Ann Petrila

I''''ll be thinking about you and Team Amanda V in June. Keep up the good work, and have an invigorating walk! I will be with all of you in spirit. ~ Jan Swinton

Amanda was a very special person from a very special family. She will remain in our fondest of memories. Carroll and LInda ~ Carroll W Hughes

Sorry I can''''t be there for this important cause. ~ Anne Mahoney

In memory of Aunt Mandy and behind you in your race, Aunt Melody. xo, E ~ Erin Lee Mock

Sorry I''''''''ll miss the race. ~ Ann Westerberg


Keep up the great work, Mary Phillips! ~ Margaretta Gilboy

Sorry I can''''t walk with Team Sue this year!! I will be there in spirit. Love you dear sister!! ~ Julia George

Go Ginnissa!!! ~ Lisa Pettinger

Jeanene, you are inspiration. I feel so blessed to know you and to have the opportunity to work across the hall from you! I hope your race and fundraising go well, and know that I appreciate YOU for who you are! Good luck!! ~ Victoria Hartman

I love you, Dear Sister! From, Mary ~ Mary Breakfield

Go Team Sue! ~ Jeanene Smith

Linda and I welcome the opportunity to support you. ~ Bob Halvorson

Laura, thanks for all you do! ~ Virginia, Don & Jeff Wiiken

You go girl!! So proud you. You are my inspiration. Love you bunches. ~ Michelle Hoffner

To help raise our hope for a cure :) :) ~ Nancy Hix

Jeanene, Congrats on your 15 years Cancer free! ~ Maureen & Brad Sanderson

I love you Aunt Jeanene you are a true inspiration to us all! ~ Rona Williams

Celebrating your legacy and memory with love. ~ John Brammeier

Go Jennifer!! Jodi would be so proud! ~ Mary Phillips

Keep kicking cancer''''s ass!!! ~ Bev Liebchen

So excited to celebrate the 5th anniversary of this awesome race. Thank you Jodi for your great legacy!!! ~ Jennifer Manta

In memory of Carol and Marilee who taught me what survival was all about. I work in honor of you...I am keeping my promise! ~ Jeanene Smith