Morgan Adams Foundation

The Morgan Adams Foundation raises money and awareness on behalf of children affected with cancer. Working with leading physicians, we directly fund pediatric cancer research and therapies which will improve survival rates and reduce the devastating side-effects cancer treatments have on our children.


Kick some cancer-butt Bat Girl! ~ Linda Hebard

Snoopy dance... then Batgirl... what happens when we hit $1,500?! Have fun, Erika! ~ Amanda Brown

you go girl!!! ~ Maureen Connolly

Good luck! ~ Scott ONeill

Kick Cancers Ass, please. My little buddy Conner just turned 3 on Sunday and has been cancer free for 6 months. Baruch Hashem! ~ Stone Davis

Erika, we haven't conversed yet--we will, oh yes we will--but know you've inspired me many times this year. Appreciate you and the cause! ~ Jim Karrh

Go, Batgirl! ~ Janine Smith

For Gabrielle, for Dr. Foreman for saving her sight, for all of you who are working so hard to help so many. Much thanks! ~ Carol Titsworth

this is for Batgirl and the debut on her Batchannel. ~ John Heaney

It is has been so great following you this past year, so glad to be able to give back! ~ Don Buley

You've inspired me in so many ways Erika. Keep it're amazing! ~ Kathie Ketels-Lichtig

Go get 'em! ~ Scot Petitt

I always liked Batgirl the best. Rock it! ~ Wendy Scherer

good luck Erika, keep up the good shit! ~ Mike Belasco

After you guys are done, can I ride my mountain bike down? Good stuff! ~ Doyle Albee

Go Erika. Do that Snoopy Dance! ~ Alice Ashmore

Batgirl tappa tappa tappa ~ Lou Moran

Kick some ass Erika!! ~ Marie Carlisle


climb it, and please post before/after photos ~ Jay Baer

Go girl go!!! ~ C.C. Chapman

Go baby go! Some fuel for this fire. xoxo ~ Sonia Simone

You're a total rockstar. Happy to. ~ Wendy Dorrel

Go Erica, hope everyone comes together to get to Snoopy Dance level! ~ James Taylor

Well, it's not a Batgirl costume... but oK ~ Lou Moran

Just because you kick ass and it's a worthy cause! - @FuelOnline ~ Scott Levy

Thanks to the Morgan Adams Foundation for all their great work! ~ Adam Herling

Good luck with the event Matt! ~ Casey Tealdi

Go Grace Go! You can Take These Stairs this year!!! ~ joan slaughter



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