DENVER Oyster: Make-A-Wish of Colorado

DENVER Oyster: Make-A-Wish of Colorado

Make-A-Wish Colorado grants the wishes of Colorado children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.



Sorry I am late! Hugs Herme ~ Lynn-Clar Elam

Good luck ~ Lisa Shoemaker

Good luck! ~ Beth Sokoloff

Great job ~ Chris Jarmul

Nice work on the race....We are a little delayed in the donation :) Good Job! Love, Dave and Julie ~ Julie and Dave Thibodeau

Heard about this through The Knit Girllls. Sounds amazing....good luck! ~ Cindy Shenkman

We love nuts, and we love honey. Great combo. ~ John & Julie Covert

Good luck! ~ Patrick Votruba

Thanks ~ Payman Farrokhyar

GO Pho King win! ~ Martin Diaz

What a wonderful thing you are doing! Good luck tomorrow! ~ Susan Connelly

I got $82.00 dollars and some change from the Platte and I pitched the $28.00 because we have the best team EVER!!!! We reached our goal and you all are AWESOME. See you in the morning :D ~ Aubrey Redman

Good luck! ~ Linda Ford

Good luck! ~ Linda Ford

Good job Mike and all ~ mark Chaffin

Run-a-muck girls! ~ Kathy Milano

Good Luck ! Have fun!!! ~ Karen Backes

I'm honored to be a part of the DeLUX Divas! Im expecting to learn from the best of the best! Can't wait! ~ Shanda Trulove

Good Luck! ~ Jim Lux

Good luck ladies. ~ Larry Weant

You are an inspiration in so many ways - I'm proud you're my friend, Lynn! <3 ~ Lisa Loftis

Knitcentral on Ravelry ~ Maryann Walsh

Feels good. ~ Gina Signori

You Go Girls! ~ Kate Eastwood

XOXO Pippi!!! ~ Shannon Nalley

Have fun out there! ~ Patrick Golden

Best of Luck! ~ Yvette Boxler

Pippi, You're a wonderful person with a huge heart. Much love from the Phillips. ~ Stacy Phillips

Good Luck guys! ~ LInda Reely

Have fun, be safe! ~ mary kettler

Good luck!! -Your Tempus Nova fans ~ Tempus Nova

You rock! ~ Ann Pontius

Wishing your team the best, Tif ~ David Weant

Go girls! ~ Sara Evert

Just win baby!!! ~ Bill Greenfield

Awesome fundraising! I've been meaning to donate for awhile and was just reminded on a podcast I was watching. :). Good luck! ~ Rae Lynne Chase

So continuing my tradition, I donate once, knit the pattern and come back and donate again when I finish. Happy to contribute because I've seen the happiness Make a Wish brings to families. ~ Katherine Drivas

imjustlori on Ravelry. Go Lynn, go! ~ Lori Beard

Congrats on making your goal! javajennie on Plurk/Ravelry ~ Jennie Kaderabek

Go Mama's!! ~ Kathy Douglas

Thanks for allowing Ravelers to help you support this great cause!! ~ Sarah Dauro

Congrats Lynn! ~ Laura Linneman

Good Luck! ~ Janna Nolt

Good luck on Saturday. ~ Thomas Zimmerman

Good luck to you! This is such a great cause! ~ Annette King

Good luck! -- Dorothy ~ Dorothy Lillig

You go girls....the trio! ~ Donna Gay

Way to go. Good luck with the race. ~ Sheila Penton

Great cause. Have a great time! ~ Joe & Rolana Mierzwa

15000!!!!! I am so impressed!!! ~ Megan Ellinger

Good luck to Kelly R. & the DeLUX Divas team! What a great fundraiser for Make-A-Wish! :) ~ Michelle Benish

Go team! ~ Truman Esmond

Best Wishes Kelly! ~ Mark Hadley

Best of Luck to your team! ~ Janice Stenger

Come on everyone. Don't hold back. DONATE NOW. Or Mama will be coming for you. And it won't be pretty. ~ Donna Sloan

rock it! ~ beck gusler

I am so proud of you!!! ~ Kimber voutour

You gals are awesome! ~ christy pickens

I admire your heart. ~ sheila eaglebear

Good Luck Ladies!!! ~ Ashley Andrus

Thank you Ellen for the chance to join team Blues Clues ... now lets go find ... something. ~ Michael Chaffin

Twofuzzysisters on Ravelry ~ Shelly Elkins

Sorry I can't do more! ~ Amanda Cluff

Here's your coffee :) ~ Angela McMinn

Good luck girls! ~ Cindy Heppler

oysters on the half shell....yum ~ Rob Driver

Good Luck Divas ~ Barbee Lux

Thank you for raising money for this amazing, worthy cause! Go get 'em, team! ~ Ruth Newell

Go TEAM! ~ Tiffany Alexander

Go get'em girls...can't wait to see the pictures!! and may God protect you all from any further injuries. ~ Tracy Rewerts

GO Nuts and Honeys!! Go Olivia!! ~ Christine Caldwell

Let your inner honey badgers out :)! ~ Angie Reyes

Good luck and have a great time! ~ Jennifer Gawlowski

Kick some hiney! (Love you!) ~ Linda Krysinski

Good Luck Team! Will be rooting for you :) ~ Erin Mettee-McCutchon

Thank you Lynn for doing such a great job. ~ Sheila Duong

Have fun! ~ Tammi Bedford

Good luck ladies. Have fun. ~ Diana Bell

Congratulations on raising so much money to help children's wishes come true. ~ Deborah Rotondo

Yo go girl! I'm grateful for all you're doing. Thanks from all of us :) ~ Jessie Dodington

Gat a clue wuddya! ;-) You guys ROCK - thanks for dedicating your time and energy to such a great cause! ~ Will Matthews

good luck Lynn! ~ Tara Paine

getter done ladies!! will be cheering you on in spirit! ~ Julie Elrod

Nothing is more important that making a child's wish come true! ~ Christine Scott

You are doing an amazing thing! ~ Jackie Holmes

Go Breaking Free, good luck ~ Carla Murdoch

Good Luck! ~ Brandon Lorenz

have fun ~ Bobby Mestas

We're right behind you! ~ Ann Lafferty

Way to go, Lynn! ~ Laurie Boatsman

good luck to the team. We think it is a great cause and send you our love. Mom and Dad ~ angela bitzenhofer

Go Patricia! ~ Robin orchard

Keep up the good work Todd....I'm so proud of you. Love, Martini ~ Martha Copeland

Keep going Lynn -you always make such a difference and thanks for letting us share ~ Fran Walker

whoseeee yer daddy!! Go for it, Todd! - Dad ~ Vaughn Sloan

Happy to donate to such a wonderful cause and excited to receive a LaLa pattern. :) ~ Kristi Dalenberg

great cause ~ Susan Faville

Good luck! Who could resist such a nicely worded request and the promise of Lady Liberty pictures, too? ~ Sara Kennedy

Good luck love, I wish we could give more! I hope you have a blast!! ~ Heidi Severn

Thank you for participating in such a wonderful cause! Your work is greatly appreciated by many. ~ jennifer tuttle

Go Kissing Moose! ~ Justin Spring

Have fun, Blaine, with your Kissing Moose team and good luck to all of you! Love, Phil, Marge & Abby ~ Marge North

Good luck and many thanks to Laura Linneman for teaming with you on this worthy project! ~ Randala Anderson

We collected a supreme group of 6 elite fighting machines that only have one mission in life, be the best oyster anyone has ever seen! We are "Pho King" awesome, enjoy the back of our shirts during the race. ~ Todd Sloan

Go away or I'll call the Brute Squad. ~ Jim Martens

here's your first of you ~ carla guinta

Have Fun Becky Love Aunt Bunny ~ Bunny Stewart

Good luck, Lynn!! ~ Robin McNeil

Thank you for doing this, Becky. As you know, we benefitted from this wonderful organization. We are so thrilled to be able to help you with this fundraiser. Good Luck. Be Strong Like Sean! The Witsoe Family ~ Katie Witsoe

Bring home the bacon! Good Luck! ~ STEVE WILDE

Have a great time for a great cause! ~ Cindy Tornes

Good luck guys! ~ evan damiano

Good Luck! ~ Becky Tornes

Good luck! ~ Katherine Hamblin

Go, go, go! ~ Julie Meyer

Driver!!! ~ Kevin and Jennifer Kincaid

Good luck to the Kissing Moose Team. Have fun and do well! ~ Steve Olsen

Good Luck! I am proud to be a first time contributer to your effort! ~ Denise Katz

Lynn you are awesome! Thank you for all that you do! ~ Rosemary Alberti

Rock the house Blaine! ~ David Coffey

I'm sorry it took me so long to donate- my landlady likes getting her rent on time. You have been doing such an amazing job, and I am so grateful that there are still people like you. ~ Becky Payne

You're amazing! Best of luck in the race! Kim (Fraydele on Ravelry) ~ Kimberley Berendt

Hope all the children get their wish. Go Kissing Moose! ~ Robert Youngblood

Go Hot Sauce! Whoop! ~ Amy Deitemeyer

Go, Lynn! Go, Cupcake Mafia! ~ Barbara Sanford

Go Cupcake Mafia! ~ jennifer pratt

Getting things started off right . . . ~ Ryan Driver

Jesse....looks like your family came through! Hope you guys have a ton of fun!!! ~ Gena Palm

Hope you are well, Lynn! I will be volunteering if I'm in town. ~ Amanda Morgan

Have fun - be safe! Bob and Bev ~ Bob & Bev Allen

Way to go Lynn! Thanks for the opportunity to support Make A Wish! ~ Cori Eichelberger

Have fun, Uncle Dave & Aunt Cindy!! ~ Ryan, Josh, & Owen Jubb

Go girls! ~ Cammie Blais

I'm looking forward to a fun day! Go Moose! Go Make-A-Wish! ~ Erik Youngblood

Love, Anna and Sam ~ Kyle Vander Pol

You rock! ~ Monte Thibodeau

Go Honey Badgers! ~ Tricia Douthit

We are expecting pics, I suspect you'll need the beers afterwards, above all, have fun! :) ~ Paul Jarmul

Thanks for the opportunity to donate. ~ Kathleen Polion

Best of luck. I love your team name! ~ Dusty Graham

I know kids that have received this wonderful gift locally. Good luck! ~ Carol Miller

Congrats on another successful year. Epic1313 ~ Linda De Rosa

Hi LynnZimm! Go Team Cupcake Mafia! And go knitters! :) ~ Charis Eimer

Go Cupcake Mafia! ~ Ceci & Darren

Hope you make your goal! ~ Kathy Searson

Glad to be a part of such a valiant effort. ~ Kathleen Kibblehouse

Good luck!! ~ Brandi D'Angelo

Good Luck! ~ Connie Seibert

Thanks for supporting this wonderful cause. Best of luck on race day! ~Michelle Ravelry ID: Hapi2Run ~ Michelle Seal

Thanks Cupcake Mafia Team for another great year of granting wishes. ~ Beverly Love

This is exciting that you are doing so much for the Make a Wish program!!! ~ Julie Routon

Good Luck I hope you can become a three time winner ~ William Dickhoner

Good Luck to you. This is a great cause. ~ joanne svec

Donating to this cause is a no-brainer - getting to help out some kids and a LaLa pattern :D Good luck, Lynn!! ~ Andrea Wilson

Thank you for the pattern ~ Jamie Breseman

What a great cause, thank you. I have had my own bought with cancer so this is very important to me and my family. Thanks again... Love from Idaho ~ Sally Hendricks-Bauer

This is such a wonderful cause. Knitters never cease to amaze me with their generosity. Kudos! ~ Vicky Bagley

my rav ID for the my hope pattern is: chainoffools. Best wishes for the Oyster and well done! ~ Emily Estrada

Good Luck! ~ Adele

Best of luck to you! ~ Kim Tappa

So excited to be donating again to this wonderful cause. My little friend Ty ( received a wish, and Lynn this is my thank you again for doing so much to grant wishes! GOOD LUCK! ~ Tracey McCarthy

Blair & Brenda - Have a great time and good luck. ~ Mary Erb

I'm StephieJo on Ravelry. Good luck! ~ Stephanie De La Torre

My son's wish was for our family to go to Disney World-it was something we could never have done on our own. Make a Wish is a wonderful organization! Marigoldjen on Rav ~ Jenny Porter

good luck! found you on the knitgirllls and round the twist. ~ Pelly Fan

Good luck. Looks like a lot of fun for a great cause. Send pictures. ~ Chris Graham

Good luck!! ~ Sam Anderson

Good luck, Ladies. Have a GREAT time! ~ Kathy Palm

Yay for exceeding your goal! ~ Tara Murray

Good luck on your race Lynn ~ Cheley Martin

Thanks for making a difference in the lives of so many. ~ Melody Bruce

This is going to be a fun adventure ~ Noelle Marshall

Best Wishes Team Cupcake Mafia !!! ~ Dorothy O'Hare

Good luck!! ~ Allison Huggins

Just do your best and enjoy! ~ L. Kaminskas

Have a great time! ~ Page Baluch

Good luck! ~ Michelle Klein

Way to Go Girl!! ~ Ruth Ann Fuller

Good luck ladies, I know you'll rock it! ~ Sarah Garner

From one Lynn to another...GO! ~ Lynn Fortner

Good luck and have fun! ~ laura weller

Ravelry id: effyspins ~ maria martinez

Congrats on surpassing your goal! ~ Anna Taylor

Have a great race! ~ Erika Connell

Best of luck! Thanks for helping such a great cause. ~ Sheila Swanson

My Ravelry name is jmaclatin ~ Julia McDonald

Thank you, wish I could donate more. ~ Zaida Stuart

I am so excited to be a very small part of this wonderful plan! Diane in Fl (wannaknitsox) ~ Diane O'Brien

What a worthwhile fundraiser! ~ Vicki Treadway

Great job fundraising, Lynn. ~ Heather Nordquist

Go Cupcake Mafia!!! ~ Lisa McGregor

Keep up the great work!! Coming over from The KnitGirllls :o) ~ Angela Alves

Good Luck team/Beth - sounds like a blast ~ Ruthanne Zueger

Great job guys! Glad I could finally contribute this year! ~ Susan Hall

Always Happy to donate to you and a great cause. ~ Karen O'Reilly

Good luck, Kel! :) So proud of you. ~ Scott & Sandy Young

Good luck Lynn, from Vanillamilkshake (we met at SSK). ~ Rebecca Holmes

You go Girl! We are so proud of you and happy to help your team! Be Victorious! Love the name! Much love! XXOO ~ Jerry & Deb Spaeth

Wishing On Your Left all the best! Have fun! ~ Dolores Johnson

Because I am a survivor. Thank you ~ Ana Meza

Heard about you through the Knitgirllls, of course...great cause, and good luck on the race! ~ Laura Sweat

Go Team ~ Cliff Allen

Bloomingknitter from Ravelry ~ Tina Robbins

Good luck. What a great cause!! ~ Beckie Reardon

Happy to help a child smile! ~ Jonel Groscost

You Go Girls! ~ Ann Decatrel

Good luck! You are so awesome for doing this. ~ Debora Smith

Good luck! ~ jack lepetich

I'm ermellina on Ravelry. Good luck! Congratulations on achieving your goal. ~ JoyceAnna D' Alessandro

Congratulations Lynn ! ~ Elizabeth Hummel

Good Luck!!!! ~ Amy Green

You're amazing!!! ~ stephanie gordon

God bless you for the fundraising, it is so much work. ~ Michele Stoneking

Best of luck! ~ Teresa Wilson

Thanks for everything that you do to raise money for this wonderful foundation! ~ Stacy Schleifer

Thank you Lynn for helping to make so many kids' wishes come true and for giving us all an opportunity to participate via you! Good luck on your goal, although it looks like you are going to go far beyond the original goal, which is AWESOME!!! ~ Sue Ites

Go, Lynn!! ~ Cassey Gaboury

Good luck and thank you for the incentives! ~ Caitlin Faas

Congratulations on surpassing your goal! ~ Eileen Carter

Good luck, Lynn! ~ Aimee Erhard

Good luck Stephani ~ Bob and Joan Gaskins

Make those wishes come true!!!!!!!!! ~ Andrea Miller

Go Lynn! ~ Donna Cutler

You just reached your $10,000 goal, Lynn! Congrats to you and thanks so very much for doing this fundraiser. Best, Susan ~ Susan Snow Burnett

Hope you can double your goal- ~ diane kirkwood

Thank you for doing this!! ~ Heather Pacheco

My Hope pattern donation ~ Julie Tarsha

Blessings and good will ~ Deb Cannon

Thank you for your efforts for this charity! ~ carolyn robbin

Good luck in the race! ~ Karen Terkel

Thanks so much to all who make this possible! ~ Becky Ganzhorn

Go Lynn!!! With the power of knitters on your side. ~ Jennifer Melcher

You do a great job and I am happy to contribute to the cause. ~ Susan Smith

Go!! ~ Elizabeth Taylor

Good luck! ~ Samantha Dreyer

Thanks so much for your efforts. I can't believe it's been 10 yrs since we went on my daughter's Wish trip to Disney. It was an amazing time. Glad to be able to help another family get the same experience ~ Dorian Ford

Glad to help out, Lynn. <3 ~ Jackie Patrick

1st time donation at the sweet urging of The Knit Girllls & Carin of Round the Twist. You are doing a beautiful thing! From Racedogmom on Ravelry ~ Sally Miller

Good luck! ~ Anna Bersagel

what is better than granting wishes!! ~ Nancy Phillips

It's a good thing you are doing, Lynn! Thank you, you are an inspiration. ~ Amanda Wallace

I'm so glad that you are supporting such a wonderful organization as Make-A-Wish! Blessings also to the individuals and families touched by the granted wishes. ~ Debbi Overweg

Stephani--- we hope you and your team do well for such a terrific cause! Have fun. Love you, Linda and Bill ~ Linda Autrey

You rock!! ~ Susan Norcross

GO!!!!!! CUPCAKE MAFIA!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Anna Liddell

Good luck Lynn,heard all about your goal on knit girlls ~ Kathy Boljonis

followed Laura and Leslie's podcast - I love Make a Wish. Lots of wish kids going to Disney end up at Give Kids The World! ~ Sandy McKeown

I wish I could do more, but I figure every bit helps...go you!!! ~ Connie Herron

Hope this helps some! You go girl! ~ Lynda Hitt

Getting close to your goal! How inspiring. Best of luck to you and your team! :) *huggles* ~ Jason Puckett

Thank you, Lynn! I'm so happy to help at least a little! ~ Summer Getzinger

Thank you for everything that you are doing Lynn! Keep up the good work and GO CUPCAKE MAFIA!!!! ~ Angelea McGarrah

Good effort Lynn! I trust you'll meet your goal. In the knitting spirit to help others, One of Your Minnesota Fans - musesister aka Janet from MN ~ Janet Benson

Thanks for doing this each year! polly-jean on rav ~ Paula Graham

Good luck! ~ Cecile Berne

Best of Luck! ~ Susan Sandstrom

Best of luck! ~ Jeanine Ash

Good Luck! ~ Sarah Doty

Go Lynn and team! ~ linda Pahdoco

I'm happy to help with your worthwhile fundraiser! ~ Pamela Collier

GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!!!!! I wish I could donate more, but seeming that i am unemployed I can't :) I am sure you can reach your goal and I am glad to help! ~ Vanessa Walker

Best of luck to you and the team. Thanks to Laura for an awesome pattern. ~ Eileen Fitzgerald

I pray the wishes rhat are given will provide a lifetime of memories for these families. ~ colleen Ostberg

Best Wishes :0) ~ Stephanie Elsner

My cousin had a wish granted many years ago - thank you for such a great fundraising effort! ~ Krystal Lowe

Good luck. ~ Cynthia Prater

Just found out about your fundraiser. Great cause and good luck. ~ Margaret Lew

Such a good cause. Hope you exceed your goal. ~ Margaret Nicolson

Good luck! ~ Angela Wilhite

Good luck, Lynn! :) ~ Lisa Beamer

I wish I could donate more! Good luck with meeting your goal. ~ Samantha Maroney

What a wonderful effort--so happy to support your mission! ~ Wendy Preston

Best of luck, and keep up the great work! ~ Casey Day-Crosier

Best wishes in your fundraising! ~ Eleanor Cavin

Heard about this on the knit girllls podcast. Good luck!!! ~ Katherine Vlasov

Good luck!! ~ Lindsey Williard

Best wishes and I know you will blow your goal out of the water! Thank you for doing this!! And race well!! ~ wendy graham

This is amazing Lynn ~ Michelle Kuehlhorn

Good luck! ~ Sandy Feinstein

Here from the Knitgirllls! Great job Lynn! ~ Kathy Harry

So happy to donoate to such a wonderful cause in the company of such wonderful people. ~ Tracey Levine

Inspired by the Knitgirllls, and Lala's lovely creation for this purpose. ~ Kate Sander

Took your spinning class at SSK and learned a lot....I used to work PICU at LACH and had pt's who got make a wish dreams realized- remember one who went to Lapland to see the reindeer- our team had to pick up and bring back for treatment! Good luck! ~ Kim McManus

Best of luck in the race Lynn! ~ Barbara Kluver

What a great cause! ~ Amy Nelson

You are doing such a great thing Lynn! Keep up the great work! ~ Megan Williams

SO excited to be a part of this wonderful fundraiser! I hope that you exceed your goal Lynn!! Best wishes to you. ~ christy correll

Happy to help out again for a very worthy cause. ~ Katherine Drivas

Good luck reaching your goal!!! ~ Carey Walden

What a great cause! Good luck, Lynn! ~ Kristi Humphrey

Good luck on the race! Gambatte (try hard)! --From Sarah in Japan (OfftoExplore on Ravelry) ~ Sarah Smee

Such a worthy cause!! Thanks, Lynn, for doing this and allowing us knitters/crocheters to join you. Thanks for the opportunity to receive so much back, too. ~ Valerie Kelley

What a great cause! ~ Deb Elliott

I was a pediatric hospice nurse so know how important this is and appreciate your efforts. ~ Laura Sequeira

I hope you surpass your goal Lynn! ~ Michelle McClellan

Go get em!!! ~ Debbie Henkle

Have fun and good luck! ~ Mark Turner

Thank you so much for doing this. Ravname -shanger ~ Sharon Hanger

What a great gift you are giving to others in need. Thank YOU for your efforts. ~ Kathleen Cook

Ravelry - arianrod. Good luck! ~ Tara Paine

Glad to help! ~ Donna Mills

That's to the knitgirlls for sharing info on this project ~ Nancy Foth

Godspeed on your journey! ~ Paula Emons-Fuessle

GO LYNN GO!!! ~ Becca Boland

Good luck and have a great race!.....and thanks to you and Laura for the great knitting pattern! ~ Ruth Colville

The power of Knitters! ~ Jan Jones

What a great cause and awesome pattern and prize! I'll watch my email for the coupon code! Thank you and good luck reaching your goal! ~ Amy Kenagy

You are so AWESOME for doing this, I know you will meet your goal, good luck! ~ Tina Pendleton

Thanks for doing this again! ~ Genevieve Noel

Hope you surpass you goal! ~ Deborah Harris

Good work!! ~ Vicki (dragonfly7673) Kolman

I hope you exceed your $10k goal, Lynn. It was awesome meeting you at SSK and I wish you the best! Heather ~ Heather Kinne

Good luck raising your goal, Lynn! Thanks again for the spinning class at SSK, I enjoyed it so much! ~ Sandra Zetterlund

Knitters are awesome! ~ Carin Boelman

You guys are awesome to do this! Keep up the great work! :) ~ Jan Berman

Best of luck! I know you'll make the goal!! ~ Dana Hamilton

Good luck! :) ~ Lauren McMordie

We will make this goal! ~ Laura Linneman

best of luck! ~ kortney taylor

Good luck! Thank you for the My Hope pattern! ~ Pat Hensley

What a great cause!!! ~ Kathy Werla

Hi Lynn, Donating for a 2nd year - heard about you from both the KnitGirllls & Diane from the Knitabulls Podcast. My ravelry id is StitchinStacey. Good luck in reaching your team goal! Stacey ~ Stacey Melquist

Good luck and thank you for such a great way to raise money!! ~ Denise Cole

Wishing you and all the participants the best.. ~ Luanne Crinion

Good luck in the race. I haven't met you, but heard about the fundraiser on the Knitgirllls podcast. Felt a need to help. Hope you meet your goal. ~ Theresa Barbarick

Good luck! ~ Adrienne OLeary

Good luck with your fundraising!! I hope you surpass your goal! :) hellolovely on plurk & knitpsycho on ravelry ~ Amanda Berendsen

Thank you for doing what you do and giving us the opportunity to support you. ~ Jill Shokery

Thanks fo rdoing this for such a great organization ~ Jeanette Duvall

Great cause, and I hope you reach your goal! ~ Deborah DeBerry

Bless all of you. ~ Carol Mammina

Best wishes for a very fun run! Thank you for all you do for Make a Wish! ~ Gail Bable

CaffeinatedGert on Ravely ~ Daniela Richardson

lleavid on Ravelry and Plurk. Thanks so much for doing this! ~ Lisa Leavitt

Lynn, great to meet you at SSK, this is a great cause. Also, I would like to get the my hope pattern. ~ Patricia Stapleton

Go Lynn ad Team Cupcake ~ Jeanette Zimmerli

Go Lynn! It is my honor ro donate for this cause. ~ Lisa Smith

Good Luck! ~ Abby Fiebert

You rock, lady. I'm thrilled to support you three years running! ~ Leslie Thompson

Ravelry name - FranceA ~ France Archambault

Good luck, Lynn - I know you'll blow your goal out of the water! ~ Tammy Eastburn

Thank you for doing this, and best of luck! ~ Lisa Zingsheim

My neice had a wish granted in NY State! ~ Donna Charissis

have a safe ride ~ Jennifer Watkins

best wishes! ~ karen kijinski

Best of luck to you and your team Lynn! -thenoviceknitter ~ Jenessa Keller

Good luck! ~ Bill Kerr

Thank You Lynn for all that you do to help others. Thank You Lisa ~ Lisa Allred

Best of luck to you and your team! ~ Janet Jensen

Good luck honey!!! I hope you reach your $10K goal! ~ Michele Arnwine

Great cause! Go Cupcake Mafia!! ~ Vicki Lewis

Go Lynn!! Hope your goal is reached! ~ Patricia Scott

Thank you so much for doing this for the kids! ~ Liz Relyea

Go Lynn. So nice to have met you, even though briefly, at SSK. Thanks for doing this. ~ Teresa Roberts

Great meeting you at ssk. Lots of success on your fundraising effort. Looking forward to knitting My Hope! ~ Netta Schwartz

Good luck fellow SSKer!!! Thanks for helping me donate to such an amazing cause!!! (Rav ID - allison1031) ~ Allison Linehan

Knitters Unite! ~ SCOTTIE SANTIAGO

Thank you for leading a great cause. Hope you have a great race. ~ Hind Del Pilar

Rav name: lmolin Good luck and kudos to you for raising money for such a great cause! ~ Lainey Molin

Good luck. Hope you raise your target ~ Sandra Rumsey

Go Team Cupcake Mafia. You're awesome Lynn!! xoxo ~ Aileen Sitero

Good Luck! ~ Gina Assetta

Good luck! ~ Nancy Kliewer

Good luck in meeting your fundraising goal as well as on race day!! ~ Roberta Ballard

Thank you for continuing to support this cause! ~ Faith Parke

Go Lynn Go! ~ Tracee Smith

Go Lynn!!! So happy to meet you at SSK. Linda (9grands4grma) I can't wait to cast on LaLa's shawl pattern!! ~ Linda Sirbuly

You are awesome for doing this & I am happy to support with what I can again this year! ~ Cyndi Johnson

Good Luck! ~ Tami Hyde

Good luck! All the best Laura/Fluffyk ~ Laura Cameron

Go Team Cupcake Mafia! ~ Jessica Eastin

I think it is awesome that you do this Lynn! Hugs, Diane:-) ~ Diane Thomsen

Love ya!!! Good Luck ~ BOB LITTLE

Great meeting you at SSK FTW! Lynn! ~ Laura Hunt

Go Lynn!! ~ Melanie Smerkanich

Glad to help you raise monies for the great cause. Looking forward to knitting Lala's shawl pattern. ~ Bonnie Hollister

Good Luck, Courtney aka StitchesPlease ~ Courtney Kiszewski

Go get 'em Lynn!! I hope you reach your goal!!! ~ Amy Stefanisko

Whoyoub wishes you luck! ~ Laura Blair

Good luck Lynn! It was great meeting you at SSK <3 ~ Kristi Moore

Thank you for helping a great cause! Good luck! ~ Mary Martz

Way to go, Lynn! ~ Megann Mills

Love to support you! ~ Alicia Howard

Good luck sweetheart! ~ Sarah Knopf

You go girl! ~ Carla Hibbard

Wish I could come and watch! ~ Debbie Neff

gwtreece on Ravelry and Plurk ~ Wanda Treece

You are such an inspiration! ~ Patricia Hobbs

Good luck with the race and fund raising! I know you guys can do it! *hugs* ~ Melody Twilley

Go Cupcake Mafia! ~ Kate Lathrop

I can't wait for the festivities to begin! ~ Adam Sinclair

I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOO TEAM ~ Nicki Smackdown



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