Jodi's Race for Awareness 2012

Jodi's Race for Awareness was the inspiration of Jodi Brammeier, a Colorado native, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2008. She believed she would have caught the cancer earlier had she only been more aware of the signs and symptoms. It became her goal to raise awareness through this race so that other women might find the cancer earlier, and stand a chance to win against this deadly disease. The first race was held in June, 2010 with a record number of participants for a first time race. Unfortunately Jodi lost her battle August 3rd, less than two months after the inaugural race. However, her memory will forever live on in the race. Please join us June 2nd, 2012 for an inspiring experience! For more information, visit our Website.



Manual donation received 6/15 ~ Thomas Getz

Hang in there buddy.... ~ James Kauffman

My family is pleased to support this worthy cause! ~ Robert Joseph Mook

What a wonderful tribute to Jayme. ~ Marsha Millonig

From a fellow wooter in Mustang, OK ~ Harriett Fergason

Thanks Nicole for doing this service. ~ Mari Berry

Sorry I'm a little late getting a donation in! I hope you had a good time raising money and walking for "team Nana." You are all in my thoughts. ~ Anne Marie Kloppel

Love u ~ Eileen Krom

A great project you are part of ~ mark manta

Susie, sorry for not getting this to you before Saturday. What a wonderful way to remember your sister Glenda. Love you. ~ Debbie Ballard

Way to go, Nancy & Team Ovary It! So inspiring! ~ The Hankins



Way to Go, Team Kathy! ~ Teresa Sparkman

Go Team Sully!! ~ Amy Dyett

Great job, Nancy, you and your family are the best. ~ Scott Intagliata

Better late than never right? ~ Dan Stewart

Julie, Great talking with you again and keep up your wonderful attitude! You and your mom look beautiful!! Love and Best wishes, Sue & Scott ~ Sue & Scott Krieger

In preparation for the go girl!!!! ~ Tom and Maureen Lyons

In preparation for the go girl!!!! ~ Tom and Maureen Lyons

In preparation for the go girl!!!! ~ Tom and Maureen Lyons

Marty, We will always love you. You have been an inspiration. ~ Kathleen Patsey

Congrats on your walk today, Nancy!! Rock on!! ~ Gail schneider

I'm with you in spirit! This week was too crazy. ~ Danell DeRudder

Have a great run! ~ Anne Tilghman

Go team Bev!!!! ~ Wendi Brown

So like you Annell, to use your enegy to give. Thank you for the opportunity to join you, and for sharing your precious Mollie's journey. You indeed are strength, love and generosity personified. I am so grateful for Mollie's health. Love you! ~ Charlene Mason

Jayme was a blessing and precious sister in law. We love and miss you. ~ Dawn White

Go Team Sully! ~ Michala Witas

In Texas but thinking of you all. Coralyn ~ Coralyn Sreel

No matter what the'll always be my baby! ~ Dennis Chambers

In loving memory of my sister, Marla Baxter. She fought a brave battle and I admire her more than I can put into words. Love and miss you every day. ~ Christine Sniff

In memory! ~ Sheila Dickens

For Ian and KayLynn's 8th grade graduations! ~ Lisa Wilkinson

Happy Birthday Nikki---I remember having you 29 years ago today. What a great day in my life! ..... Love you, Mom (: ~ LeAnne Prenovost

You go, team!! Wish we could be there with you. ~ Lisa Jasper

We have lost a wonderful and kind hearted woman. We all know Marty is an angel looking down over us now and protecting us. May God bless this special woman and her family. Prayers and thoughts to you and yours. ~ Erin York

Have fun!! Sorry we can't be there. ~ Meghan Disch

Good luck Bev's Lillies!!! You are racing in memory of one of the most beautiful and loving soul's I have ever known. What a wonderful way to honor her! Much love to you guys. XOXO Laura ~ Laura Koenigsberg

Thank you guys for all your support and love. Mom is smiling and so proud of all of you! ~ Chris Nicholson

You are missed always, and remembered with a smile ~ Tiffany Morse

Go team Kathy! ~ Mary Faust

In honor of my mom, Diane. ~ Robin Bartlett

Thanks for being so involved with your Mother's life. ~ Gary Davis

Glad to hear the good news for Mollie! ~ Ashmore Edwards

In memory of a beloved sister. ~ Ron&Jeanie Morse

Good luck in the race Paulette & Sheri ~ Brooks Waldman

Go Team Red Mango! ~ Cheryl McLaughlin

Good luck Sharoni wish I could be there, hope to see you soon! ~ Maureen Cesafsky

Sue - Even though I can't be with you at the Race, I'll be with you in thought. Love, Paula ~ Paula Lucey

Keep up yhe god work Kathy! ~ Elsa Ash

WOOHOO! Go Jabbin' Angels! ~ Lisa Corrigan

Best of luck! Thinking of you all this weekend! ~ Brooke Fairchild

Way to beat it little one!!! ~ Eva Bjork

Happy to help a great cause ~ Brian Ceppi

Have fun! GO EVAN'S ANGELS! ~ J.D. McCartney

GO NANA!! We love you! ~ Collin & JB Bachman

Good luck tomorrow! ~ Liz Goncalves

Great work Don! ~ Katie Hoster

Happy Birthday Nicole :) Im sure your auntie lisa is so proud of you! ~ Meghan Paxton

In memory of Nick's mom (Don's grandma) Jane Burlingham Ceppi ~ Liz & Nick Ceppi

Keep the awareness going-Sheri and Paulette-you rock!!! from your favorite redneck and his family ~ Mike Barcikowski

Sorry we aren't able to walk with you, but what a great cause!!!! We'll be there in spirit!!!! Good luck! ~ Karen & Jack Feingold

Go Team Nancy's So Ovary It!! ~ Lindsay Lumpkin

I am going to try to make it. But, if not I'll be thinking of you all!! ~ Laura Merrick

Good Luck Angels! ~ Rosina Lord

We look forward to seeing you at the walk. ~ Chris Schaefer

Rebekah, sorry I can't be there to support you and the cause in person, but good luck and congratulations on your continued effort to beat this terrible disease. ~ Dustin Finkel

May Glendas strength be with you as you honor her beauty, grace, and courage. Love and hugs XOXO ~ Terry & Tammy Oliver

Good cause. My thoughts will be with you all. ~ Barbara Ormsby

You're so SHINEY! ~ Erin Robinson

Always a survivor. ~ Shanna Jones

Wish we could be there to walk with you all! ~ Nikki Mulligan

Love you, Aunt Mary! ~ Mia Andersen

Praying for you and your family as you continue to honor Jayme. Miss her dearly! ~ Caroline Spangler

Kenneth & Heather we are very proud of you! Have a great time at the race on Saturday. Love, Mom & Dad ~ Nicole & Tony Blake

Always by your side Marie, Love ya Mercedes!! ~ Mercedes Lucero

Have a wonderful day! ~ Kathleen Atkinson

I will be there for you, I love you and you know that!!! We will have so much fun!!! Whohooooooo!!! Raquel ;) ~ Raquel Rojas

From Jim and Cindy Kramer, Jennifer Manley and Janine Ebbets - Evan, blessings to you for a special day with family and friends! You have our continued love and support! ~ Cindy Kramer

Goooo team Mary's Friends! ~ Nicole Martin

Go Team Kathy! ~ Cindy Eldenburg

Way to go Sue and Kathy! And Bruin too! ~ Deborah Lanzi

Wish I could be there, but so proud of you!! ~ Megan Schlegel

Marla, was a great friend! Marla loved life, her family and friends! ~ Michael Greenlee

Wish I could be there. Win the race!! ~ Ian McDonald

Love you Nana! Show 'em how it's done....... ~ Christy Roising

Good Luck! ~ Wendy White

Would not miss it! Loves, Jennie Friedmann & Susan Hickinbotham ~ Jennie Friedmann

Marty will never be forgotten..she is a one of a kind. My heart goes out to the family in the days ahead, but the memories will be forever. ~ Janice Springer

Keep it going Rebekah! ~ Jo Ann Greenberg

Unfortunately, we lost a good friend here at ECR due to this. But, my grandmother survived this and is still alive at 93! Wish I could donate more. Best of luck to you and your Mom! ~ Maggie Reed

Nicole I am very proud of you to run in this event for your Aunt Lisa ~ David Rolstad

We will find a cure. ~ Frank and Nancy Messenger

Winning is not everything, It isn't the only thing, It is the results that count. You go girl!! ~ Everett Vaughan

I'm so sorry we can't join you this year, but hopefully I will be up for it next year. You go girl!! ~ Julie Irwin

In memory of daughter, sister, mother, and aunt, and angel Marla Baxter ~ Dona Baxter

You go girl!!!! ~ Mary Knowles

Anything for a KD! ~ Katy Blatnick-Gagne

Nancy, so sorry I can't join you on race day but know that I'm thinking of you. Have a great time with all the racers!! ~ Carol Frame

I didn't know your mom, but I often think of her and am so proud of all you do to support COCA! ~ Sara Loveday

good luck team! ~ Patti Kirkland

In memory of Ellen Hopson's sister Susan Messenger ~ Randy Winbigler

Thinking of you and your fight! Have a great race day! ~ Betty-Ann Wittenberg

Team thanks for your time and dedication to this, my mother would have been proud of this event!! ~ Bill Marks

Beside you we'll all walk and we will all encourage and lift one another up as we make our steps forward in life. ~ Bonnie Hay

All the best, Shaz. With love from Bob and Mike ~ Robert Prettyman

I love you, Sue! Love, your sister, Mary ~ Mary Breakfield

good luck in the walk! ~ Alan Smith

Wishing you a spirited race!! and blessings to all team members!!! ~ Russ Nishikawa

Go Team Glenda! In honor of a beautiful woman who always gave to her family and friends, whose spirit was infectious, whose smile was uplifting, and whose love was for minfinity! We miss you and honor your courageous fight. Love, Sissy Jane ~ Jane Klockars

ANYTHING we can do to help this cause. ~ Melvin Funk

We will always remember Carol and what a wonderful christian sister she was. With love, Kevin and Kristi Dunham ~ Kristine Dunham

Go get 'em Sharoni!! Good luck,! Suzy& Rand ~ Suzy Wampler

We love you and are SO PROUD of you for fighting. You are a INSPIRATION. Jackie, Rayette, Jeff, Noah, Aaron, Caiden, Phillip, Regina, and Hazee. ~ Regina Toon

Love you Mary! ~ Valerie Perrone

Yay, Mary!! from Linda & Larry ~ Linda Drake

Here's to reaching your goal and staying free of ovarian cancer!!!! xoxo Suz ~ Suz Worthing

Way to get it done Team Bev!! ~ Donna Drehmann

GO Team Messenger ~ Patrick Gartland

John and family, may you continue the fight for a cure, strength to you all on this yearly reminder. ~ Joyce Humiston

Way to honor your mom Rebekah! ~ Erik Christensen

Sorry I can't make the race. Mel's doing a terrific job of honoring her sister. Will be singing a Last Song for a choir friend who just entered Hospice care. My mom had ovarian cancer, so I'm keenly aware of it. See you in '13 for Team Amanda IV! ~ Helen Gray

In memory of a fun and beautiful aunt. ~ kelsey, michael and harper withouse

Renee, Shawn and I will not be able to make it! So glad your Mom is doing so well! Good luck Sat. ~ Linda Robinson

So nice to meet you at Anadarko and to learn you are Christina's Aunt. God bless and best of luck to you on your road ahead. ~ Nancy Larson

I won't make the race but hope you make a lot of money!!!! ~ Lauren Klopfenstein

Thank you, Jeanene, for your devotion and giving attitude, for this and other causes, and (most especially) your family. ~ Terry Johnson

We will be out of town, I would love to have joined you guys otherwise. Have a great race!!! ~ Kacie Ireland

Go Team Hammond Go! ~ Jeanne Rabe

I love you so much sissy! Mom would be so proud of you...just like I am. Good luck! ~ Jennifer Lyle

We are glad to show our support for Cathy Smith! -Nancy and Debbie Bishop ~ Douglas Bishop

Mike and Kaitlyn, What a wonderful way to remember your wife and mother. Mary would be pleased! What a great cause . ~ John Barto

Good luck to you all. ~ Sarah Hartway

Run like the wind!!! ~ Laura Tewnion

Love you Darb! ~ Amy Christenson

"How do you think you will ever make 5 clubs with that hand?" Good luck Nancy....I will be thinking of you on Saturday. Love, Rita ~ Rita Lamoureux

Miss you and Love you Aunt Glenda!!! ~ Kristina Klockars

John - this is a good organization and I applaud you for being involved! Kurt Renner ~ Kurt Renner

Your mom is an inspiration to all of us & so are you. It is great that you are such a great support for her. She is a lucky lady to have you as her daughter. ~ Lori Hossack

God bless this endeavor! ~ Virginia Rapp

See you on Saturday. This is such a great event! ~ Mary Beth Lambuth

Team Messenger ~ Kevin Hejl

Team Messenger! ~ Dyan and Jeffery Koepnick

For you Aunt Nancy...whom I absolutely adore and love!! You are a fighter and my hero. ~ Lisa Mulligan

Wishing you God's speed ~ russell judy

Love, prayers and best wishes from Linda ~ linda sikes

We will get this beast yet! ~ john mcelhiney

Keep going girl! You're amazing! ~ Schoentelle Richardson

Such a wonderful cause. Hope you exceed your goal. ~ Deb Van Houten

wish we could do more. we love you Annell, and our thoughts and prayers go out to all who are fighting this battle. ~ Kathy/Lou Leitao

opps-this ended up in my spam.Glad we can help!! ~ anne weiland

Go Team Sue! ~ Martha Hernandez

Go Team Bev!!! ~ Jennifer Snyder

Thank your for the e-mail Anne. Sue and I are thinking of you, and your team in Jodi's Race for Awareness. ~ James Symonds

Anne, you go girl! You are doing great and good luck to you and your team in this great endeavor for a wonderful cause! Barb & Leigh ~ Barbara & Leigh Chaffee

Go Kathy and Sue, set the pace. ~ Ed Fuller

Go Erica! Lorie and Joe ~ Lorie Aksamit

Thanks to all of you who helped support COCA this year. ~ Kathy Meyer

Our wishes are to help with whatever we can to put this disease down. ~ Gladys & Dale Baker

Trina and I send our love. ~ Jim Hedges

We are so proud of you and your team Bev! Wish we could be there as well, hugs xo ~ karla piggins

Janice you will always be missed. Love Jay ~ Jay VonOhlen

What a great team! We all love you! ~ Lela Selby

Way to go John. ~ Tom Menk

Go team Kathy! ~ Graham Garvin

We love and miss you, Aunt Janice! Keep up the great work, Christina! Wish we could be there to run with you this year. ~ Jessica McDonnell

What a great cause - go for it John! ~ Lisa McKean

Go Susie!!! ~ Kathleen Huggins

You go girl! Love you, Nic & Valentina ~ Nic & Valentina Intagliata

Jodi will always stay in our hearts! ~ Mary Phillips

My Co-workers donated this to the cause, I love them:) ~ Todd Campbell

Go Team Jabbin' Angels! See you at the walk, Joyce! Steve and Patti Carpenter ~ Patricia Carpenter

Continuing to cheer you on teammate! ~ Dana Gammie

Good Luck, Ron & Fran ~ Ron Vincent

Hey girl, wish I was walking with you :) ~ Jennifer Dutcher

Keep on fight'n ! ~ Evergreen Elks Members

Mary Herbert Memorial ~ Thomas Shumaker

Thank you for doing this. Marty will be missed, and my younger sister was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. ~ Kathy Hartman

What a blessing to have you for the time we did! ~ Gary Livingston

Sorry we can't walk with you that day, but we'll be with you in spirit! ~ Kristen Batcho

What a wonderful way to honor your mom. thinking of you. ~ Emmons Family

Your friends from Highlands Ranch Community Association - We are all behind you and will be with you on race day! You are inspirational and we applaud your brave fight. ~ Julianne Hennings

What a great cause!!! Love and miss you, Allison ~ Allison Browder

For my Nana! ~ Sasha Dudnikof

Thank you for helping with such an important cause. I am sorry Cindy had to help draw our attention toward it. Keep fighting! ~ Shari Betka

Stay strong. ~ Holly Maas

Joyce, thank you so much for letting me be apart of this...time to bust out my short shorts and sweatbands ~ Brian Brzezicki

This is wonderful that you are a 5-year survivor. ~ Joann Graham

thanks for your hard work ~ Sharon O'Hara

Still hard to believe we lost Wonderful, beautiful, capable, efficient, lovable, reliable, awesome, Darby to this nasty disease. miss her ~ carol wendt

thanks, Kelly for inviting me to this site. ~ Gerald Guy

Have a great race! Congrats for all you do to raise awareness. ~ Kathy Hull

I proudly support my cousin Cathy Smith! ~ Douglas Bishop

A great cause that few people ever think about, or even know about until it strikes close to home! ~ Delmont A Davis

With love to the Emmons Family and special memories of sweet Jayme. ~ Shelly & Greg Pennington

Congratulations, Cheryl! Wish I could be there with you, maybe next year! ~ Sara Bradbury

I am happy to support you in this race, Sue! I can't wait to join you on race day! ~ Kathleen Munroe

Go team Kathy!!! ~ Lindy Garvin

Go Team Hammond...wish we could be with you. Love you!!!! ~ Lynn Collier

Go team Althea! ~ Laura Shawver

Love always, Aunt Donna and family ~ Donna Wells

Clara and Crew: kick some serious butt! Good luck!!! ~ Cecil Kennedy

From Karen and I. Good luck at the Race! ~ Janet Rickstrew

Sorry I won't be able to make the race, but know that I will be thinking of you all that day and cheering you on from afar! What a great way to remember your beautiful mom & wife:) "Figure out what's meaningful to you so you can be who you were born ~ Andrea Bucci

Go Karla! ~ Val Allan

Have a great run ~ Honora Caldwell

In loving memorie of my sweet sweet daughter-in-law Jayme Emmons. ~ Opal Emmons

Blessings to you and your Team as you walk! I can't join you so will donate instead. ~ Peggy Lewis

I'm sure Glenda misses you too Susie..and so proud to have you as her little sister. Love you, Anne-Marie ~ Anne-Marie Haws

I miss Glenda too ~ Roger Thiret

So grateful that my little sister, Mollie, is in remission! ~ Shannon Casey

Couldn't do it without all of you...Four year survivor! ~ Gloria Rudolph

Have a good run. Thanks for the opportunity to help support a good cause. ~ Jerry Branting

Yay Clara's Crew! ~ Colleen Collins

You go, girl! ~ Sue Johnson

Love you my friend; your sissy was special! Marge ~ Marjorie Dolson

You rock Aunt Sue! ~ Todd Oliver

Go Aunt Sheri ~ Eric Ham

Because of you, this cause is very close to my heart. Good Luck and thank you for doing this. Jayne ~ Jayne Martinez

If I wasn't at Convention, I would be walking with you! Anne you are an inspiration! Go girl! ~ Carolyn Olschner

And I've known you 7 of those 13 years - thankful! ~ Sheri Bailey

Great event.....have fun! ~ Brian Raber

I am so proud of you Mollie! God bless you and Annell - the BEST! ~ Norma Janke

Sue Thanks for the ball getter out of the cup. Too bad I putt like an old man. Bob Zettl ~ John Robert Zettl

You rock, Mary! ~ Marla Williams

wish i could join you guys for the race this year. when my toddler is older, we'll join as a family. darby will never be forgotten in our hearts and minds. xo ~ rachel simring

Wish there was more we could do, but doing SOMETHING is much better than nothing. Glad we are able to do what we can. ~ Gary Funk

I miss you, Susan. I'll be walking here at the Ranch for you. ~ Susan Treece

Thank you for turning a horrendous experience into one that can give hope to other women - ~ Mona Wood-Patterson

Love and miss our Jayme!!! ~ Jacklynn Ihly

In memory of Bonnie. ~ Ron Knox

Hi Susie,Your the best!!!Blessings and love to you.:))Elyse ~ Elyse Shofner

Run your buns off Jan. See you in September. ~ Laura Stewart

Best of luck!!!!!! ~ Susan Foppe

Thank you for the privledge of honoring Abbeys' life. God bless you Aimee and comfort you. As a mom we really never get over the longing nor the missing them; yet we know we will be with them again forever in our heavenly home. You are a blessing! ~ Barbara Grantland

Thanks for your effort ~ Sally Tumia

Go team Nana! All my best Anne. ~ Ron Martinez

I think I only met Abbey once long ago when she was still a baby. But I felt like I really knew her through your stories on facebook. I hope her memory lives on forever and that this small donation will help save someone else's life. ~ Megan Broeren

way to go Christina ~ Dawn Brooks

Best of success and good health to all of those who join you in this venture. ~ Carol High

You are awesome! Her smile shines through your eyes.. ~ Scott Oliver

I'm happy to support Mollie and her team! ~ Cindy Abrahamson

God is so good! ~ Gigi Owen

Good luck, Susi! Love ya! ~Pam ~ Pamela Black

Thank you for walking! ~ Diane` OConnell

Go Team Sue! ~ Holly Cummings

Cheers to all cancer survivors in hopes of a future cure.... ~ Kris Oberg

You go girl!!! Love you, Pat xo ~ Patricia McDonnell

Glenda was so special. I'm glad you're doing this for her. Love you! - Sharon ~ Sharon Poff

Pam thank you for sending me this. I was thinking of Linda the other day and I know she will always be a part of you. love, trudy ~ Trudy Gains

For your sister and my aunt Deanna. Please, God - help us find prevention so no woman suffers again. ~ Michele Stetzner-Graham

We are very sorry to hear of your loss but support your team in raising awareness of early diagnosis and ovarian cancer symptoms. You are in our thoughts and prayers. ~ Trinidad Benham

Your mom would be so proud! have a great race! The Tatar family ~ Erin Tatar

I wish I could be there, but you know I will be carrying you when you can no longer walk and Denia will be carrying your water. Love, Annalisa & l'tle d ~ Annalisa Ferreira

NO words needed - God Bless. ~ Marie Zimmerman

Keep up the good work! ~ Dale Kehl

Good luck, Sharon KC!!! We'll be rooting for you! ~ Joan & Bob Murosky

Education is key to better survival rates. ~ Laura Hansen

Jess, I'll be thinking of you, since I can't be there with the family to cheer you on. Sharon ~ Sharon Weingardt

Thanks for working hard to support this Annell!! ~ Cindi Borggreve

Ann, you are an insprirational role model for all of us with your determination and positive attitude. And, thanks to Verl for his wonderful attitude and support. Love, Leslie and Nelson ~ Leslie Parrish

I'm so grateful that my daughter, Mollie, is in remission from ovarian cancer. ~ Annell Mook

Thanks for the opportunity to help! ~ Jeanne Berhost

Dear Anne, Thanks for sending this our way. You are such an inspiration. Good luck on the walk! LIPEO, Marty ~ Martha Logsdon

Whatever obstacles you come across, you will find a solution. I love your wisdom and wonderful sense of humor. Love, Mom ~ Toby Rosendale

I'm honored to be a part of your team! See you June 2nd! ~ Merrill Linton

You go girl!!! Luv ya, KC ~ Kathleen Krohn

Good Luck on your fundraiser! Annie and I wish you well! ~ David Ash

I'll be rigth there walking with you for this great fundraiser! ~ Beverly Testa

I wish I could join your wonderful family but will be there in spirit , love and hope. We appreciate you making us aware of this disease as so many don"t have a clue! L barb kesselman ~ barbara kesselman

We will be "walking with you" in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Sue & Bob ~ Susan Keene

Taya and I support you!! ~ dee radman

Don't forget socks.... ~ Sarah Baird

Wish we could be there to walk with you! All our love & support -- Becky, Steve, Katie, & Megan ~ Becky Molloy

Another wonderful milestone. Best wishes for many more. ~ Ann Mcguire

I'm excited to see everyone come out so I can Thank You all for your love and support! ~ Nancy Hammond

Hi, I am a friend of Marsha's. I think it is so awesome what you are doing. What a wonderful tribute to your mom. I am sure she would be so proud! ~ Cheryl Fried

always in my heart ~ Dawn Hayes

Annette: Here's to long and healthy lives for one and all! ~ Renee Ruderman

Keep Rocking ~ Hillyard, Wahlberg Sloane & Woodruff-trial lawyers

Keep hitting those high notes, Bev! ~ Jason Ruby

In honor of my dear friend, Linda Reilly. ~ Joanne Bircher

Good Luck Sharoni! ~ Michael Hesser

Go team! ~ Paula Mattison

You GO girl!!! Love ya! ~ Vanessa Caniff

Wish I could walk with you girls :) ~ Diana Leiker

Good Luck John.... THANK YOU!!!! The cure starts with people like you. =) ~ Debbie Kintzle

Way to Go, John! Good Luck! ~ Brenda Bower

Go, Team Slim!! Cindy Getz ~ Cynthia Getz

Have fun at the run!! ~ Jennifer Stidham

We'll have FUN on the walk! ~ Mary Marx

Go Team Sue! ~ Penelope Thompson

Sorry for your loss, good luck with your new venture, from Carrie Newman, a friend of Marsha Ryan's ~ Carrie Newman

Everyone needs to particpate..God Bless ~ Jackie Redman

Everyone needs to particpate..God Bless ~ Jackie Redman

Go Team Go ~ Suzanne Vaughan

Go Team Nofziger! ~ Tara Brickell

We are going to kick this thing's butt!!!!! Go Erin!! ~ Mike & Kerry Landau/Sullivan

What a wonderful way to remember your sister. Way to go, Mel. ~ Ann Westerberg

We are happy to support you in your fight against this disease. ~ Cindi Ludwig

Keep up the fight!! I will miss the race itself as once again I will be at ASCO in Chicago but will be sure to attend all of the latest scientific sessions on Ovarian and report back what I learn! ~ Ben & Jan McElhiney

Go, Team NanaFlora!! Sorry we can't be there, but we're rooting for you! Kevin and Marilyn ~ Kevn and Marilyn Miller

Good luck and know our thoughts are with you, Ron and Nancy ~ Nancy Crouse

Victory over Cancer!! ~ Jane Wasson

Victory over Cancer! ~ Phoebe Smedley

In memory of Sue, a dear friend and a brave woman. ~ Lynda McNeive

From a 12 year survivor. Thanks for taking time from your own personal journey to raise money for future research to bring prevention from this silent killer for our mothers, sisters and daughters. ~ Carol Wilson

Go Team Hammond! XOXO ~ Leanne Hunt

Paulette and Sherri I wish I could walk with him but will be thinking of you on the 2nd! Julie Kruit ~ Julie Kruit

You GO girls! I'll be thinking of the Queens on June 2nd! Cheers, Jane ~ Jane Bronson

Congratulations to your team in the war against this deadly disease. ~ Albert Darby

We wish you all a great race day! It's a celebration for 1 in particular & for all the spirits that surround you! Denny & Lynn ~ Lynn Oconnor

You continue to be an inspiration. Carol ~ Carol Markley

Go Amy Go! ~ Mark Marusin

Go Team Nancy!! ~ Brian Vogt

Keep it up babie we got alot of things to see and do!!!!! ~ Butch Baessler

Wishing the team a healthy experience. I will be with you in spirit. ~ Marsha Ham

Someday I hope to come and walk with you! Have fun and Go Team Slim~! ~ wendy colich

In memory of Susan Messenger. ~ Sarah Hogan

Thank you for the chance to be a part of an amazing cause! ~ Viki Manley

She is always in our thoughts and prayers ~ Ron&Nancy Dobes

We are there in spirit!! ~ Karen Svendsen

Erin, we are thinking of you! We love you! Jay & Jill ~ Jill Schweiger

Go Sherl! You are awesome! ~ Peg Shannon

For Connie Harber and Mary Cutherbertson. Always in my prayers. ~ Judy Laurie

Katie- We are so inspired by your mitzvah work! ~ The Baskin Family

Hi, Melody; Thank you so much for thinking of me and sharing this event. I am sorry I can't be there to walk with you especially since you are walking in memory of Mandy. Hope you have a beautiful day. ~ Gretchen Malone

In memory of LaRea ~ Pamela DeLaria

Proud of you for doing this race. Go Kenneth and Heather ~ Grammy & Grandpa Driver

Happy Mother's Day in Heaven Mom.....I miss you. Love, Ian ~ Ian Wilkinson

I love you Lisa---today--the day of this race--would have been our 17 year wedding anniversay. I miss you and love you honey. Thanks for the fundrasing in memory of Lisa, Nicole. Matt Wilkinson ~ Matt Wilkinson

You are such a good girl Nicole. GiGi loves you. Thank you for doing this for our Lisa. ~ Virginia Portsche

Nicole---Run hard for Lisa. Love you from Grandma ~ Pat Portsche

I wish I was walking with you, but my thoughts and my prayers will be there. Love you, Lynda ~ Lynda Key

Great idea, Koenigsberg-Grossman family! ~ Kari Kloos

In memory of Amanda and our thoughts are with her family, Mel and Ed. ~ David/Nancy Bashover

Dear Donna, I wish you, and your team, success and good health. You are an inspiration! Love, Jill ~ Jill Howard

Keep up the good work for the cause. Great job! Grandma M ~ Alice Martini

Wish we could be there to run for this great cause! ~ Andrew Bonder

Wish we could be there and love you! ~ Crystal Frantz

Way to go Amy. Thanks for raising awareness and kick butt in the race. Love you. ~ Leslie Oliver

Always in my heart, Love you always. Mom ~ Leona Kay

Go Jodi's Angels Go ~ William Clover

We're in Ohio on June 2, but our thoughts will be with Jodi's Angels! Love, Mike, Lori and Sarah Dubetz ~ Mike, Lori, Sarah Dubetz

Go Grossbergs! So nice you can do this as a family in Bev's honor - Eric, Ari, Talya, Zev & I are rooting for you in your fundraising efforts! ~ Elaine Shulman&Family

This is a great cause, Melody. ~ Audrey Putney

Lisa - Thank you for honoring MIchael and keeping her spirit alive for others battling ovarian cancer. Love David, CIndy and Kayla ~ David Smernoff

Amanda will always be in our hearts. ~ Yvette Dunlap

Good on ya Team Messenger, and to EVERYONE participating in raising awareness AND money to fight this insidious disease !! I am donating in honor of my friend, Ellen, who HAS SURVIVED ovarian cancer ...and in memory of my friend Tia ....who didn't. ~ Wendy Eder

Erica you can do it, there is beer to be had at the end! ~ Marty Veres

Go Blake Kids!!! Make it fun and I'm proud of you guys! ~ Kristen Neubert

may the wind be at your back ~ john kelly

The Franciscus Family is honored to support you, Amy! ~ Rebecca Franciscus

Power, courage, grace. Let's win this race! ~ Karen Karl

Congratulations on your 7+ years & the tremendous effort you contribute to COCA. ~ Larry Vering

Losing a sibling can be much more difficult than losing a parent, because we assume we will get to grow older with a sibling, and look forward to that, until it's taken away from us. ~ Susan Naifeh

What a dreadful disease to have taken such a shining star. ~ Vicki George

Good luck! ~ Natale Wallis

Good luck in the race! ~ Jeanne Fair

What a Blessing & God's Miracle'' ~ Peggy Rushin

Great Mar - Hope it is overwhelmingly successful!!! ~ Bettye Madsen

All my walks have a new meaning since having walked with Amanda. She is still with us all. ~ Paula Perez

We definitely support you, Melody! Have a great walk. Your energy and loving effort on behalf of Amanda remind me so much of Amanda. ~ Janet & Duane Swinton

Go Team Sully! ~ Dan Jorgensen

Go Team Sully!! Wish we could be there to participate. We love you Erin. CBD. ~ Chris Dennison

Wish I could be there with you all! ~ Jean Siegfried

In memory of my most amazingly wonderful best friend, Amanda. ~ Pepper Ballien

Nancy, we are thinking about you and hoping that you are So Ovary It! Debi & Billy ~ Debi Bestreich

Anything for Sully! ~ Karyn Riddle

8 yrs cancer free!!! and many more years cancer free!!!! ~ Jan Snyder

Go Team Sully!! Much love coming your way from Florida! ~ Jennie Dennison

I adore you, Judye, and so grateful for the 6 years. Let's make it 106! ~ Elizabeth Rodgers

In honor of my wife Darla ~ Karl Dakin

Nana, My significant other who i have been with now for over 3 years is a breast cancer father died of prostrate cancer in 1981. I wish you a long life. Ron ~ ronald sitarski

Think of you everyday ~ Simon Gallegos

I'm not sure if I can come or not, but if I can't, good luck! ~ Emily Rotta

Janet - thank you for this invite - I am planning on walking with you all. ~ Laura Bright

what a great thing you are doing for your aunt, christina ~ mary mcdaniel

Thank you Team Sully for doing this in support of Erin!!! ~ Faye Gibson

Karen would be 64 if not for ovarian cancer. ~ Mary Lou Johnson

Although dearly missed, Amanda will always remain in our hearts and spirit. ~ Carroll W. Hughes

Always in our hearts Kent and Jan ~ Kent Hejl

Many many thanks to each of you for helping to raise awareness about this dreadful disease. Darby would be so proud of you! Judy ~ Julia Bucher

You are an inspiration to all of us. ~ mary gebhart

So glad you are doing so well! Thanks for helping to raise awareness. ~ Bonnie & Ron Milzer

All the best for a successful run to raise money for a such a good cause. ~ Wanda Eaton

Love and hugs from the goat and panda! And HAPPY EARLY 60th BIRTHDAY!!! ~ Travis Stanton

This is for you Jodi ~ Denise Tarsitano

Looking forward to Year 2!! Penny ~ Penny McKim

Go team! ~ Carol McDermott

This a great way to remember my cousin mary. I will always remember her radiate smile. ~ Sharon Lukasak

Miss you sis! ~ LeAnne Prenovost

Sue was a real trooper, and a pretty darn good golfer. It is my privilege to support the "Team Messenger" effort in her behalf ~ Vince Mangus

Running to celebrate Darby's life and those who love her. ~ Catherine Coughlin

Thanks, Kelly, for what you are doing for Darby and all women...will be with you in spriit. Sally ~ Sally Kurtzman

Proud to be a Darby's Angel! ~ Linda Pohle

On behalf of Velocity Couriers dba Renaissance Couriers good luck!!!! ~ David Goldberg

What wonderful news to hear your mom received her ALL CLEAR! Truly amazing! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute and to celebrate! ~ Sharon Hansen

Thank you Stacey for sharing this information about Ovarian Cancer. And I'm SO happy your mom is NED! ~ Susan Bruce

We miss you, Mandy! ~ Melody Durso

Have fun! ~ Simone Bobolz

We admire your determination Nancy, keep up the good work. ~ Dennis Coughlin

This is a heartwarming endeavor and we are thankful to have the opportunity to show our support! love, Dante and Susan ~ Susan Scarnecchia

Love you my friend!!! <3 ~ Paula Gamble

You go girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Marianne Laccorn

Good for you Sherl. I am glad you are doing well. I keep you in my prayers. ~ Kathy McNeill

Nancy you have been so in my thoughts and know that in my heart I am pulling for this team and for you! Love you! (PS What a great team name!!!!! I plan on making sure I see you in June and finding out how the race was!!) ~ Patty Winter

Good luck Sue and to your team. Sorry I will miss the walk this year. ~ Eileen Wineland

It's a great thing you are doing. Glad that I can help in a small way. ~ William Laccorn

Thank you for running for this great cause. I hope and pray we can help others to not suffer this terrible disease. God Bless you and your family. ~ MaryAnn Adams

Janet, Sorry I will be out of town for the race this year. I will be with you all in spirit. In loving memory of sister Bonnie. ~ Cheryl Newton

So sorry to miss the race, we get back from Switzerland that day. We will be sending our love! ~ Katie Mohler

I can't participate in the walk itself, but here's my registration fee and I'll try to be there with my family to cheer you all on! Keep me posted on where you're going to meet up. GO TEAM GO! ~ Hana Vujeva

Here's to your mom - what a great way to honor her!! We hope to be able to join you in person next year. ~ Cecilia and Michael Wang

Thank you for the opportunity to give back ~ Cynthia Heller

Go Red Mango! ~ Reinisch Salmen

Team Messenger!! ~ Nicholas Cole (MD)

Go Team Go ~ David Harvey

Kilcullen Warriors ! ~ Connie Blake

Bless you for doing this! ~ Robert Coons

Donna, have a great walk that day - I'll be thinking of you! Georgia ~ Georgia Arribau

Go Erica! ~ Joy & Jack Flora

Will be walking with you in spirit! ~ Joy Nimm

In loving memory and honor of Jodi ~ Cal & Mar Bilger

You rock, Queen and Team! Thanks for walking/running for this important cause! ~ Kathryn Giesler

To the amazing woman, Bev, who raised and amazing daughter...I honor you both. ~ Jenn Massie

run like the wind ~ Bob Rosel

In honor of Marypat Coughlin, whose return to good health is priceless. Love from Jeff and Peggy Morse and Family ~ Jeff/Peggy Morse

In loving memory of Michael ~ Eric Smernoff

Carly & Alan ~ Carly Reiley

The Ehmka's ~ Teri Ehmka

Janet - maintain the awarness of ovarian cancer. It makes a difference. ~ Linda Groah

Wishing you the best ~ Deborah Mitchell

For all my Nicki's Circle buddies (Susan, Jean, Nana, Brenda, Dakota etc.) and all our friends we've lost (Connie, Claudene, Jodi), we love you all! Hillary and Shawn ~ Hillary Gilfand

Katie, good luck with all of your efforts to raise awareness about and funds for research on this terrible disease! ~ Tamara Hertz

go red mango ~ jason salzman

Thanks Team Messenger for doing this ~ Cathy Hart

Will be praying for you and a great turn-out for the event....Oscar & Charlotte ~ Charlotte McSpadden

What a great cause! Go get 'em, Blake Kids! ~ Kevin Eksterowicz

We love you, Judye! ~ Heather Tarr

Janet, you are to be commended for honoring your sister each year. ~ Joan Camus

Very proud of you, Noodles. ~ Tim and Alana Latiolais

I so admire your courage and commitment, Janet. ~ Sara Katsh

Thanks for doing this, Katie & David! ~ Claudia Goldin

Janet, I remember well Bonnie's valiant fight and her touching memorial service. It's wonderful that you provide this annual living memorial to her and to all who are battling ovarian cancer. Have a great race! ~ Linda DeLia

Keep fighting the fight JB. Sorry i can't be there. I'm scheduled to work. ~ Barbara Van Horne

Katie--way to go! All the best to you and yours, Elaine ~ Elaine Selsberg

Thanks! My mom is a 10 year survivor of stage 3B ovarian cancer. It is a tough one to pinpoint. ~ Stephanie Duce

Go for it Katie and All! ~ Dickey Lee Hullinghorst

Go Team! Can't wait to try Red Mango. ~ Doug Gertner

You kick butt, Beverly!!!! Much love and support to you! -Laura ~ Laura Pagano

Good luck, Katie & Team Red Mango! ~ Jenny Davies-Schley

Kol hakavod Katie - for doing this important tikkun-olam mitzvah. This donation is in honor of our congregant, Joanne Baumgarten, who bravely fought her battle against ovarian cancer. Her 1st yahrzeit is this week. ~ Rabbi Evette Lutman

Love, Mom and Dick ~ Mitzi Chapman

In memory of my classmate and friend, Susan Messenger. ~ Gil Cerise

Great way for all us to remember and honor Michael! ~ Sandra Radetsky

Congrats on your 6 years of health! Have fun at the race! ~ Kendra Plath

We'll be thinking of you! Love ya, Kasie, Corey & Carleigh ~ Kay C Nimm

$100 in memory of Bev. ~ Katherine Silz-Carson

Run fast Victoria! ~ Cynthia Dziekan

Good luck with your fundraising, wish I could be there. ~ Mike Guadagno

miss you Michael ~ paula kron

Love you mom! ~ Bill Higley

In memory of Missy Sears whose gallant fight will remain an inspiration to all to continue this fight. ~ Dean Smernoff

Thanks Lisa for doing this in Michael's honor. Think of you often and hope all is well. Hugs, Ellen ~ Ellen McVicker

Happy to donate to a very worthy cause. Ovarian cancer is scary. ~ Julie Berryhill

GO Nancy, GO! Love, Mom ~ Mom Webb

Sue: My prayers are always with you. Looking forward to participating in the race! ~ Christine Phoebe

This is for my dear friend Mary and my sister-in-law. I love you both ~ Barb Gregerson

I am so sorry to miss out on being a part of this race. I will be there in spirit!!!! ~ Shannon Mackenzie

I am so proud of two CBS kids. Chris Witmer ~ Chris Witmer

Go get em Nana! ~ David Minty

Good job Heather and Kenneth!!! ~ Jim and Susan Babcock

COCA is awesome! Go team Victory Over Cancer! ~ Dianna Hemphill

Go Team! ~ Lorraine Howard

Sue - best wishes! Jamelyn (Jack's daughter, Kelly's sister and Pam's friend). ~ Jamelyn Payan

Way to go, Amy! We're running with you in spirit. Wish we could be there to cheer you on! ~ Dick & Libby Pyles

Finally...something I can do to help!!! ~ Kay Gilbert

What a great organization! Love you! ~ Linda Adams

We will be cheering for you ~ Jorge & Angela Figueroa

Kenneth & Heather, what an awesome thing you are doing! ~ Cara Gabrielse

In memory of Sue. Good luck with your race. ~ Jim Neubaum

My deepest condolances on your loss. Best of luck to you in raising funds and awareness of this heartbreaking disease. ~ Kris Miner

We admire your strength Nancy! ~ Jeff and Julie ~ jeffrey danielson

God Bless! ~ lea stanton

We love ya' Nanc! Will be thinking of everyone on June 2nd! ~ Jim & Jan Walters

You are an amazing woman! ~ kelly murpny

Spencer and I will be there to run for life and love! ~ Laura Stanley

Katie, out of town on the 2nd but hope you have great support and great turn out! ~ Jenny Wood`

For Team Messenger In memory of Susan Messenger ~ Cheryl Martin

Can't wait to run with ya! ~ Betsy Kippenhan

Go Mary - I'm so proud to be your sister! You do so much for so many. ~ Jane Andersen

Good luck, Robin & team. I'm sure your Mom would be proud. Trish ~ Patricia Waikart

Vicki, you are such an inspiration. I admire the way you live your life with joy even as you face this struggle. ~ Karen Cox

Go Ric and Kari! ~ valerie Allan

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Go Team Sue! ~ Betty Rae Marshall

The BCB's will be there! Love you, Kathy and Pat ~ Kathy Boyle

Evan - you are an Earth Angel! I'll be there on the 2nd of June. ~ Kim OConnor

Love you Nancy! Mom & Dad Intagliata ~ Frank & Ruth Intagliata

Hope this helps. Good luck in the race! Love, Les & Bonnie ~ Bonnie Wyant

In honor of Mary from Lakeside Toyota. ~ Linda Reed

Eileen & Steve wish all of you a healthy run/walk and succesful fundraising for a worthy cause - all with warm memories of Bev ~ Eileen Koenigsberg

Great cause, thanks for doing this! ~ Erin Trapp

From John Phllips, Marilyn Adkins, and all the team at J R Phillips & Associates, PC ~ John Phillips

In memory of my beloved wife, Bev. ~ Edward Koenigsberg

Although we never met your mom we know that she was an amazing person based on her daughter - we look forward to supporting you in this event! Aimee, Tim, Jack & Sawyer ~ Aimee Bernard

Good luck and best wishes from Mad, Steve, and Milo ~ Madeline Cohen

Good luck!!! We'll be rooting for you all. ~ Alison Yager

Such a worthwhile charity - wish I could be there to walk with you! You should be the poster "woman", Sue! ~ Rhonda Watkins

Love you, Kait! I'm excited to participate in this beautiful day :) ~ Jennifer Taussig

Sue, we are with you all the way in your ongoing battle, and I will be proud to walk with Team Sue again this year! ~ Pamela & John Tumler

This is a great way to remember Mary. I will never forget her smile! ~ Kristina Scarlett

A wonderful tribute in honor of Mary. I think of her often & am so pleased to contribute to her foundation. ~ Debbie Jackson

Good luck! I'll be thinking of you! ~ Aimee Caplis

Sue: I hope you have a very successful fundraiser for this wonderful organization. May God's blessings be with you. ~ Bryan Bennett

StarJumps of JOY cheering you on BEAUTIFUL CLARA! God Bless YOU for BEing such an inspiration ...wishing you and your team healthy training and a glorious race day June 2nd! Go Clara! Love and Hugs, Diane xox ~ Diane Robertson

Thank you for doing this ...........great job ~ TOM OCONNOR

Go Team Sue...behind you all the way!! ~ Joe & Beth Parrino

In memory of our friend Sue and for a good cause. ~ Larry and Betty Sferra

Lots of love Robin, to you and in memory of Bev. ~ Nancy Glines

Go Queen! ~ Linda Argue

Hi Clara! Thank you for stepping up here. No pun intended. Greg Gatlin at Buehler Companies ~ Greg Gatlin

You go girl! Judye, we love you! ~ Jane Lee

We love you Robin and we miss Bev everyday! What a wonderful tribute! Lots of love- xoxo ~ Sally Masri

You go girl! It was great to see you looking so well on Thursday. Keep it up. Love, Joan ~ JOAN WHITING

Hi Clara, Good luck with your walk. Hopefully no blisters! Kristen (Teammates) ~ Kristen Hobbs

Sue, Linda and I are on your team. Keep up the fight and the good work. Love you , Dave ~ David Wcislo

I only met Mary a few times but I do remember the smile and how friendly and outgoing she was. Sorry for your loss and apoligize for not donating sooner. ~ Mike Anderson

Sue, your memory remains strong in our hearts and minds. ~ James McKinna

Sue, Linda and I are on your team. Keep up the fight and the good work. Love you , Dave ~ David Wcislo

I'm happy to help such a great cause, especially in Mary's honor. ~ Mike Urka

Way to go, Judye!! ~ Susan Argue

Long live the Queen! ~ Candyce Shore

I'm sorry about your loss, and wish you well in your race and awareness campaign. Best to you all, Nancy ~ Nancy Emswiller

We are proud to support Mary's Smile and Jodi's Race for Awareness ~ David & Jonathan Dworsky

Miss you Girl! Sorry that I still talk your ear off! I know you love it! ha! Leisa ~ Leisa D'Argonne

Hi guys. I only had the opportunity to meet Mary a couple of times at 20 Group Meetings. You are right - what a beautiful smile AND what an inspiration. Mike - think of you often and keep praying for God to give you peace. You are an awesome family! ~ KIM MCMILLAN

What an amazing way to share very necessary information and honor Mary at the same time. Good luck with the run and with your campaign!! ~ CHRIS PASHLEY


Go Team Sue! ~ Debbie Tschudy

You rock Judye - y'all inspire us! Kim and Richard ~ kim dehncke

Go get em, Noodles ~ George Latiolais

Long live the Queen! Wish we could be there with you! ~ Jennifer Argue

Way to go, Judye! One of these years, I am going to walk with you!!!!!! Hugs from Houston ~ Linda Younger

Go Team Sue! Will be thinking of you :) ~ Cathy Brems

We so admire your courage and strength through out this journey! You are an amazing woman and an inspiration to all around you!! We love you!! ~ Sarah Pool

It's an honor to know such great people.............This is a wonderful Family........... ~ Erica Unruh

Glad to help with such a great cause. ~ Donna Bertinot

XOXOXO ~ Kathy Kennedy

Melody, I'm sorry for the loss of your mother. I too lost a cousin this year to the same disease. She was also wonderful and it was a terrible loss for our family. ~ Lynn Linzell

I will be walking in memory of Jan Hackendy and Mary Duquaine. And to thank Nicki's Circle and COCA for their wonderful work. ~ Kathleen Kavanaugh

Go, Nancy. We love you. Marty and Betty ~ Betty Warren

Nancy, I'm a friend of Jenny's, and supporter of the St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness chapter. Here's to good weather on race day! ~ Salvatrice Kemper

Good luck meeting your goal! ~ J Busconi

You're running the race for a great cause...hope the weather cooperates! ~ Rick Copeland

From Jenny's friend, Susan, to Nancy. Admiring your toughness & happy for your success. Keep going. ~ Susan Erlandson

Carol lived life to the fullest each and every day and left a shining example for all of us! Jerry & Candy ~ Jerry & Candy Nelson

Donating $1 for every vote I got in the Fitness Magazine Challenge to this great cause! Thanks, Team Bev, for your support! ~ Kelly Guy - No Thanks to Cake

You encouraged all of us in your life, now we can encourage your legacy. In loving memory, John ~ John Rhoades

In memory or our friend Sue Messenger ~ Baghott John

For Tom and for Sue and for all the others who deserve the care in battling cancer. ~ Kevin Messenger

We continue to fight the battle against ovarian cancer so others don't have to suffer through this deadly disease. ~ janet knox

We love you, Donna! ~ Adam Samuels

Great Cause! Great Team! ~ RANDY & KAREN WEBB

SORRY BECKY I WILL BE WITH MY FAMILY IN BRECKENRIDGE 25 MAY -1 JUNE. I WILL BE so tired on 2 June until I won't know my head from a hole in the ground. Good Luck to all of you guys!! You are all winners!!! ~ DIANNE FISHER

Go Laura! ~ Julianne Hennings

Praying for a full recovery for your mama and a great race for you! ~ Nancy Robinson

We're behind you intags ~ Lesley Stahl

Go Team Messenger --- May you reach your goal and move past it for such a worthy cause and in Loving Memory of my Very Special Friend, Sue!!! ~ Gladys Wommack

Mimi is a real inspiration. We all love you and appreciate your extraordinary efforts. ~ Barbara Danielson

We are so happy for you and your strength and courage!, Joan and Elliott ~ Joan Abrutyn

Hope to join you and Bob on the walk, but if I'm not there in person I'll be there in spirit. Madelaine ~ Madelaine

Dear Donna and Bob, We wish we could walk with you to celebrate your amazing recovery! With love, Mick and Camille ~ Mick & Camille Vande Berg

Go Suzie Q! ~ Danielle Osborne

Viva la Victory! ~ Meg Kenny

Good luck with your race this year, Michelle. Love that you do such wonderful things - your mom is proud. xoxo, Jenn ~ Jennifer Warrington

Donna - Happy to donate. So glad to hear your so much better. Best, Bud ~ Bud Clarke

Dearest Donna, GO GIRL!!!! Hugs and love, Arlene and family ~ Arlene Trolman

Go Team Messenger. What a wonderful cause. ~ Judy & Mike Cahoon

Good luck with the fund raising! Jeff and I will be thinking of you. Hopefully next year I can walk with you. ~ Amy Chalifoux

Keep it moving forward Ladies...Enjoy the company on June 2nd. Go Angels! ~ STEPHANIE HESS

This is a very good thing you do each year! ~ eric berry

I hope this helps a great cause. My mother also had ovarian cancer. ~ Susan Womack-Ball

Love you Nanc!!! The BCB's will be there for you!! ~ Robbie Swanson

Go Nancy! We love your family and you by extension!! ~ Susan Bullwinkle

What a great cause -- I admire you for doing this!! ~ Deb Poetsch

hi Mike - its great that we've reconnected. Thanks for including me in your efforts this year! ~ Leah Harris

My best friend ever. Our world changed so much the day you passed into the arms of God. We still miss you so very much. Cant wait until that day I get to see you again! I think of you everyday.We have alot of catching up to do! ~ Cathy Collins

What a special day for our families. Thinking of all of you! Joshua, Stephanie, Christian, Nathan and Brooklyn ~ Stephanie Johnson

For my sister and her fight to regain her health! ~ Vicki Ferrarello

Your amazing mom inspired so many. I know she will be with you all during this run and always. Love, Amy ~ Amy Peterson

I love this cause! ~ Hilary Pritt

Lori, my thoughts and wishes are with you today ~ Evonne Mathews

Thank you for all you do Susan. Your assistance and COCA services have helped my dearest friend immensely. She talks regurlarly of the great program and how much it has helped her. Please continue your wonderful work! ~ Leigh Lynch

Thinking of you and sending our love Swanson family! Love, Stevie and Schwan ~ Stephanie Miller

Thanks for continuing to raise donations for ovarian cancer in memory of Janice. She is missed by all of her family and friends. ~ Don & Pat Kay

go for it! ~ Ann Braucher

Margaret I still think of you with love and miss you very much. ~ Nora Clarke

Race hard, Michelle & Jay! We know Susan is cheering you on!! We miss her! Craig, Peggy, Curran, and Bryce ~ Margaret Christensen

Thinking of you and your mom. ~ Tara Hintz

Good Luck Joanna & Clint.... We missed ur Mom and missed her cooking. ~ Nida Sylvester

Hey Jo, I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I didnt know that. Thanks for the opportunity yo help, It's a great cause...something worth fighting for, You look so happy and I'm glad to see that. Take care and be blessed! Warmest Regards, Donna ~ Donna Groth

Thanks for running for this csause - I miss Susan ~ Barbara Barrett

Go Rhaodes! You guys are the best. ~ Jessicah Amrine

So glad to be part of your team! You've fought hard and I am so happy for you! ~ Patti Southern

I love you and support your effort of finding a cure. I have been so blessed by you and indirectly by your mother. She raised a fine gal! XOXO Mel ~ Melinda Henke

You go Girl! ~ Ann Matthews

Rebekah, It is a wonderful way to honor your monther. ~ Barbara Hastings

You go! ~ Shawn Edwards

In memory of Kim. ~ Denise Fazio

I wish I had more to give. What an amazing tribute to your mom. I am certain she is proud of the woman you are every mother would be!! ~ Stepheni Flaminio

In Memory Of Sandy Coy - Clint's Aunt - My Sister - Leukemia 2000 ~ KENNETH COY

You're in First Place. Hope you make your goal. And don't forget to invite me to the wedding. Where's it going to be at??? ~ Enrique Dabbs

Jo, may your mother always be in our hearts and minds. Best of luck on your run. Semper Fi Craig ~ Craig Myers

Semper fidelis, to an outstanding Marine and her family. ~ Michael Cantelon

I lost my Grandmother to Ovarian Cancer, I would like to make my donation in loving memory of Virginia L. Materne. <3 I'm proud of you Jo Jo, and I know your mother is looking down from Heaven proud of you too. :) ~ Crystal Greer

I wish I could help more. I loved your Momma, she was a loving, beautiful, kind lady. She would be very proud of you! Good luck with the race! ~ Kimberly Duncan

Good luck Joanna! You are doing a wonderful thing to honor your mother...miss you heaps and wish I could be there to watch! ~ Katherine Lollar

Joyce we are with you all the way. Love Vin and Dee ~ Vin Dangler

We are excited about being a part of this wonderful cause. Joyce, our thoughts and prayers continue for you as you battle this thing! Dan and Roberta Miller ~ Dan and Roberta Miller

Glad I could help Danny, Lindsay and the fam ~ Daniel Bearman

Joyce, You are such an inspiration. Sorry I won't be there to walk with you, but know that I will support you always! Love you so much "When you're down and out remember, God gives His hardest battles to his toughest soldiers." unknown ~ Andrea Bucci

I LOVE YOU MOM! Keep fighting! ~ Laura Swanson

Good luck! ~ Samantha Doe

We love Carol!!! Everyday we miss you, and everyday we hope that there will be a cure or at least a breakthrough in the treatment of Ovarian cancer. ~ Angela Rhoades

Good luck Joyce. Love you. Dan ~ Dan Dangler

Time to kick cancer's butt! It's a good thing I look great in teal, I'll be there! ~ Danny Abrams

You are amazing, Joyce! Looking forward to doing this race with you! Lots of love, Flan & Kelli ~ John & Kelli Flanagan

Go get 'em Joyce! And wow, do you have character! Lovelovelove from Iowa. Romans 5:3-4 Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. ~ Tom, Cindy, Andrea Swanson

Go Rebekah! ~ Peggy Turner

You are such an inspiration Joyce!! You know all your Jabbin Angels are with you every step of the way! You are my hero!! ~ Gayle Kilker

Keep up the great cause. ~ Diana Smith

Jodi - your spirit lives on in all of us. You have touch so many lives with your race. We miss you and love you. Jody and Meg ~ John Brammeier