Chelsea's Wish Trips to Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland

Chelsea's Wish Trips to Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland

Desperate times call for desperate measures. With the current COVID-19 situation, our fundraising efforts have come to a screeching halt. These fundraisers are what have funded Chelsea’s Wish Trips in the past.  Our Spring Gala has been rescheduled for July 25th and while we are hopeful, we will still be able to host our gala, it comes after we have typically named our winners.  Our weekly bingo sessions are on hold as well, so we are trying to think outside the box and find other ways to be able to provide Chelsea’s Wish Trips this year.  For the time being, we are forced to come up with Plan B.

Here is Plan B - We ask that each Nominee raise a minimum of $100.  Only Nominees with an epilepsy diagnosis will qualify for the drawing.

To be entered into the drawing, each Nominee (or their family) must raise a minimum of $100 through this fundraising platform.  We will award one entry for each $100 raised by each Nominee's “team”.  Please set up your team by clicking on the "become a fundraiser" button on the right-hand side. You can personalize your fundraising page by following the prompts (or see instructions below).  Once set up, you will be provided with a link that you can share with friends and family.  All you have to do is ask for 10 of your closest friends and family members to donate a mere $10 to qualify.  To increase your chances, your friends and family members can donate more or help you fundraise by sharing your page. They can even set set up their own fundraiser under your page to increase your chances.

After your fundraising page is in place, please obtain a copy of the Nomination Form at either our Chelsea's Wish Facebook page, on this page or email us at


Setting up your Team Page

  • Click on "Become a Fundraiser button on the right hand column.
  • Select "Create a New Team", as opposed to an Individual page - continue
  • Log in or create an account if you do not have a runningguru account.  
  • Enter the name of the Nominee - continue
  • Enter the name of the Fundraiser (your name).
  • Enter YOUR Team Name, i.e., something along the lines of "Team Chelsea" "Team George", etc.
  • Create a special message to those you will be sharing your fundraising page with.
  • Click to receive donation emails
  • Click to show top fundraisers - continue
  • Upload a photo of the Nominee for recognition - continue

Your fundraising page is ready to go.   Please save the link for your individual page and your team page and share, share, share.  The number of trips awarded will depend on the success of this fundraiser.





You are beautiful and brave Cam. You inspire so many people. ~ D G

Hope you have the best time of your life, love you so very much....Ant Ginger ~ Aunt Ginger

❤️ ~ Connie Schyan-Cusato

Love you Cam!! ~ Shaundra & Kobbi Pyne

Your an amazing person Cambrielle ~ A. Nonymous

I really hope you get the trip. We?ve always cheered for you and will keep cheering for you! You got this! ~ Meagan Welton

Love you, Cam!! GOOD LUCK! ~ Laurie Nielson

Rooting for you, Cambrielle! Good luck with your fund raiser. ~ Cheryl Freeman

I hope you get to go to Disneyland! ~ Daniela Ramirez

I love you any seizure reduced is worth the fight mommy won't give up hope . ~ April Wood

In loving memory of Alaska ~ Denise Robertson-Paz

Mommy will help you conquer your daily battle with Epilepsy ~ April Wood

Prayers for a cure. ~ Rena Westfall

Best wishes! ~ Emilee England

You're the perfect girl, Cambrielle! Keep smiling, you've got a great one! ~ Secret Admirer

We love you Dolly Girl Brynley! Cypa & Grandma Janeane ~ Janeane Maticic

I love you Brynley Boo ~ Melanie Tindle

Proud of you dude!! ~ China Marquardt

Good luck with your fundraising efforts! ~ Cara Benes

With ALL our LOVE!!💝 Grandma & Grandpa ~ Norene Tierney

In honor of all the wonderful dogs who go across the rainbow bridge. ~ Terri Basom

Monkey's going to love seeing you!😎 ~ Kate Cotton

Tell Mickey Hi for me! ~ Dr Spa

Have Fun! ~ matthew Bingman

We love you Bobo! ~ Mitch Fox

I hope you win ~ Dana Roberts

This means so much to me ~ Angelica Sumpter

Love you BoBo!!! ~ Ariel Fox

In loving memory of Alaska. ~ Denise M Gotimer

Would love to see you go to Disneyland!! Stay strong Kara and keep trying new things!! You are awesome! ~ Tricia Manning

Proud of you my beautiful girl!!! Light and Love!!! Love always, Mom ~ Julie Wismann

For Alaska and her family ~ Jennifer Devereaux

Happy birthday Connor!!! ~ Melissa Krashoff

Prayers to you and your family. ~ Leisa Butler

You go little man!! ~ Sunshine Rush

God Bless Your Daily Journey ~ Beverly Ruibal

Go Layken for a good cause! ~ Debory Shonk

In my prayers! ~ Shirley Keechler

We hope this helps. Love you guys!! ❤The Hubens ~ Tracy Huben

Sending prayers for your little warrior. Zora and I hope you reach your goal ~ Stephen Carlin

Love you! ~ Tina Tumminello

God Bless the children of the world!! 🥰 I wish you the very best ❤ ~ Shelly Bourell

Aunt and Uncle love you baby Elijah. ~ Steven and Beatriz Pluma

Head up, God will always light the way! ~ TIFFANIE Kamish

Prayers always! I know it?s not much, but I really hope you all are able to go! ~ Samantha Navarro

Prayers for funding 🙏🏼 ~ Teresa Gonzales

I love my grandson!💜😘 ~ Annette Pluma

Love you Sterling! To the moon and back and the sun and all the stars! ❤️ ~ Marcella Chase

💜 ~ Tamara H

Good luck ~ Judy Thelin

Prayers for this to happen!!! ♥️ ~ Vicky Garrison

#TeamBrady ~ Janell Blanco

Love you ❤️❤️ ~ Jodie Brown

Good luck Tyler. ~ Richard Leali

I envision you having the time of your life at Disney, Savy!! ~ Travis Bugg

Much love. ~ Luis Perez

Good luck Sammy! Awesome cause! ~ Linda Linda

See dreams do come true! Now you have your first entry.Good luck ~ Joy Overturf

Good luck! ~ Richard Schwass

Hey Savy, so proud of you, your friend Tony Zain ~ Anthony Aberdeen

Thank you for being super sweet and awesome!! ~ Basilio Ruiz

Happy Birthday Michael! Aunt Rachel loves you!! ~ Rachel Isaryk

Nannie and Pop Pop love you! I pray God opens doors for you all the way! ~ Lori Vasquez

💜💜💜💜 ~ Leslie Ruiz

Good luck beautiful girl. ~ Lawrence Tonfack

An amazing young man with an even more fantastic spirit! ~ Shana Syers

I love you Sooo much Madolynn! To the best parents Keri and Corey!! ~ Marsha Witherill

Disneyland needs princess Madolynn ~ Kelly Shears

Disney is calling you Princess Madolynn!!! ~ Adam Krook

Let?s get Madolynn to Disney!!! ~ Maria Peluso

Hope you go to Disney!! ~ Jennifer Procopio

good luck Keri. ~ linda guddendorf

Love you all! ~ Emily Havens

Worthy cause and worthy person ~ Shirlene Reinhard

Thank you for all you do! ~ Linda Espinoza

Good luck Layken! ~ Jeremy Mongeon

Fingers are crossed we can win this trip for my son, but either way SO so happy to support the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation and all you do! ~ Hannah Cooper

I hope your sweet Lilith gets to win this awesome prize! ~ Lissa Gerrity-gibson

💙💙💙 ~ Emily Haag

Lily auntie hilary hopes you get to go to Disney world, wishing you lots of luck sweetie I love you ~ Hilary Erb

Lily Grammy loves you so much and I hope you get to go to Disney land ~ Donna Erb

Love you, Evy J! ~ Joe M Barbuto

Good Luck Layken! Love Karen & Flip ~ Karen Nichols

Awesome Lady. She helps some many. ~ brittany vanhook

Thank you for all you do for E KIDS. ~ sande vanhook

Best of luck ~ Carrie MacDonald

Good luck buddy! Love Uncle Bob-Bob and Ty ~ Robert Daggett

Good luck, we love you! Love, G-ma & Papa and Moo Moo ~ Dana Russell

Love you bushel and a peck. Love Nani and Papa ~ Pamela & Earl Daggett

Good luck Layken! Love Aunt TT ~ Terry Mongeon

You are amazing! Hope he has a fabulous trip ~ Jen Overby

Lori you bring others so much joy. Happy to help❤️ ~ Tracey Bennett

💜 ~ Liberty Sieberg

Best of Luck ~ Carrie Macdonald

best of luck ~ Carrie MacDonald

Best of Luck ~ Carrie MacDonald

Colleen Warner Skelton ~ Colleen Skelton

You Rock Vivi 💪 Your determination and resilience are very inspiring 💟 ~ Mary Hanson

Good Luck Layken! ~ Susan Helmer

Good luck to our sweet grandson Layken....Love from Grandma Deb and papa XOXO ~ Debra Johnson

Anything to help Will. ~ Sharon Boudet

Mommy and Daddy are starting it off! ~ Tiffany Schultz

For the possible life-changing chance for will and Ben to meet Mickey, but more selfishly, for the possibility of me seeing my loves!!♥️ ~ Michelle Bastille-Wynne



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