Pine Creek XC Desert Twilight Trip 2019

Pine Creek XC Desert Twilight Trip 2019

The Pine Creek High School boys and girls varsity cross country teams are returning to the Desert Twilight Cross Country Festival in Mesa, AZ, on Sept. 26-28. After placing 8th and 10th, respectively, among the meet's 100+ teams last year, our boys' and girls' teams hope to once again race into elite territory among some of the best team's in the southwestern United States. This is also a special opportunity for the team to grow together as we travel 800 miles away and share this experience. Please click on this link for a video featuring the team and their hopes for the trip. Thank you for your interest in making a donation to help the team make this trip possible.




Good luck! ~ David Gardner

Good luck Josh and Pine Creek ~ Robert Huber

Go Mykala! See you in AZ! ~ E n B OSteen

go get them Nadine ~ samer almasri

Go Eagles! ~ Ashley Jaramillo

Good luck! ~ Bill and Katie Anderson

Best of luck Kayla and team! Hugs from Canada! ~ Rhea Kettles

Run Fast Jackson! ~ Renae Luoma

Go get it Joshua! Your next PR is waiting for you! ~ Crossroads Massage - HSV, AL

Best of luck! ~ Brik Nielsen

Go get em Pine Creek!!! ~ Grant Fish

We wish you all a wonderful trip and great success!!! ~ Patricia Anderson

Good luck Kayla! Ae?re So proud of you...kick butt!! ~ Amanda & Alicia Robillard & Ojeda

We admire your motivation and compassion to help others with your own hard earned money! Best of luck to all of you. Chad and Heather Behnken ~ Heather Behnken

Go Kayla & Go Pine Creek Eagles!!! ~ Matt & Christine Anderson



  Crossroads Massage - HSV, AL
  Matt & Christine Anderson
  Ashley Jaramillo
  David Gardner
  Amanda & Alicia Robillard & Ojeda
  samer almasri
  Renae Luoma
  Heather Behnken
  Brik Nielsen