Dayforce HCM

Dayforce HCM

GLASGOW, Scotland, July 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Ceridian, a global human capital management (HCM) technology company, officially announced the launch of its cloud-based platform, Dayforce, in the UK market. Dayforce customers operating in the UK can benefit from the dayforce's combined payroll and deep workforce management functionality to engage their people, simplify processes, and work smarter. Dayforce is the only single HCM platform of its kind in the UK market.

"With the expansion of Dayforce, including the addition of native UK payroll, the company's employees are attracted by the world-wide market," said David Ossip, Chairman and CEO, Ceridian. "By adopting one consolidated HCM solution, companies can transform HR processes on a global scale to be better, develop, schedule, pay, and manage their people."

Customers offering full service Dayforce offering, including:

One solution: Develop, schedule, and payroll.
Scheduling: Automate employee schedules and track and monitor overtime in real-time.
Workforce efficiency: Drive efficiency, productivity, and accuracy by automating and streamlining day-to-day tasks and processes for payroll and HR management.
Payroll accuracy: Pay employees accurately, on time, and from anywhere with integrated time and pay.
Talent acquisition and retention: Recruit, develop and reward the best talent with an end-to-end talent acquisition and development solution.
"The benefits of a single, real time solution for Dayforce HCM are making this market more exciting to the UK market," said Ross Tracey, Managing Director, Ceridian Europe. "Today, Ceridian is helping leading UK brands, including Halfords and Whitbread, to better manage their employees, reduce complexities, and improve compliance."

Dayforce customers operating in the UK are supported by a dedicated team in Glasgow, where Ceridian's European office is based. To learn more about Dayforce, visit: