Stepping Stone Communities

Stepping Stone Communities



Great Job Jaime! Wish we could be there to run with you! ~ Jordan Smith

Awesome cause! ~ Stephanie Swanson

Good luck Jaime! ~ Scott Spicher

We?re there walking with you while we?re driving to KC for Lisa. ~ Joyce Ringstrand

Good luck, Carly, to you and all the walkers, rollers, and runners! Proud of all of you! ~ Mike & Pam Jones

Hope you have a great day Carly. Wish we could be there. ~ Cindy Schmid

Good luck Jamie & crew - have a great day! ~ Will Archer

I know you?ll do great, Carly! ~ Gretchen Robertson

Good Luck, Jaime! Have fun!!!! ~ Holly Randazzo

I will be there cheering you on Jaime! ~ Susan Crew

Sorry we can?t be there for the race but good luck on your event!! ~ Karen Miller

GO CARLY!!!!! ~ barbara sosaya

Good luck on the run Jaime. Miss you Grandma Lanie ~ Eileen Rosicky

Have a great run/walk on Saturday. Wish we could be there. Miss you! ~ Brad & Dawn Rosicky

Go Jamie Go! - Amanda & Zach ~ Amanda Buss

Good Luck on the race! ~ Bob Clark

Good luck at the race Jaime!!! ~ Linda McNamee

❤️ ~ Ali Peters

Sorry I?m gonna miss it this year Jaime! ~ Ryan Buscher

Congratulations! ~ J.B. ROBERT ESPINOZA

Good luck Jaime! ~ Dan&Mary Long

Sorry we will miss the race this year. Always fun. ~ Jean Adler

Good luck with the race Jaime Fiedorowicz! ~ Terri Dowling

I am unable to participate that day, but am happy to help sponsor a couple of Stepping Stone participants! ~ Suzanne Ogborn



  Bob Clark
  Brad & Dawn Rosicky
  Morianne Smith
  Max Monks
  Kim and Chris Hassel
  Linda McNamee