Google Flights - Know about the best flight search engine

Google Flights - Know about the best flight search engine

Google Flights is flight travel search engine. Google Flights shows a fast and pretty complete results with available flight tickets. In this article we explain how Google Flights works and how you can get the most out of it.

Google Flights

1. Enter search in Google Flights
At the top of Google Flights you can search by entering your desired travel details, such as place of departure, destination, dates, number of travelers and any options such as class, company or times.

After you have entered your destination, you will immediately see an overview of flights for the dates that Google Flights has filled in automatically.

Google Flights search results
These are most likely not the dates you want to fly, so adjust these. If you click on the date to adjust, a calendar will appear, showing the prices per day. This way you can quickly see which data are the cheapest to fly on.

Google Flights price per day
At the bottom of the calendar the prices are displayed once again in a bar chart so that you can see the price trend at a glance.

Select the dates you want to fly. Then an overview of suitable flights is shown. Choose from this the best return flight and return flight.

Google Flights - Choose flight
You will be redirected to the airline's website to book the ticket.

2. View the options and prices of tickets on the map
If you do not have a destination yet, but have budget, searching on the map is a fun and convenient way to find a suitable flight ticket.

Click on 'expand map' to see an overview of destinations and prices.
Make sure your place of departure is filled in
Adjust the dates so that they fall within the period in which you want to travel.
Search the map for a nice destination with a price that falls within your budget.
At most places a ticket price is already mentioned. If there is no price you can click on the place so that the prize is collected.

Once you have found a destination that meets your needs, you can see at a glance at which dates these flights are the cheapest.

Destination found on the map? Choose the cheapest ticket.
Booking the flight is then done in the same way as with method 1.

3. Be inspired
For those who have no fixed travel dates and the second method finds too much hassle the third option is the best. A number of popular destinations with cheap tickets appear on the front page of Google Flights.

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