Denver Veterans Day Fundraiser 2017

Denver Veterans Day Fundraiser 2017

Hosted by Colorado Veterans Project •

Colorado Veterans Project invites everyone in and around Denver to come together to celebrate and commemorate our nation’s heroes. We understand the need for a greater appreciation for all Veterans and their families. Denver Veterans Day encourages respect and gratitude for our Veterans, awareness, and exposure for local Veterans organizations, and provides a way for the local community to personally say “Thank You” to our Veterans of all generations. 

Bringing Awareness & Recognition to our Veterans
Our Veterans and their families deserve the utmost respect and should be recognized for their service and sacrifice. 100% of proceeds given to Denver Veterans Day go directly to our goal of raising awareness and support for local Veterans and Veterans organizations.

About Colorado Veterans Project
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that hosts special events in order to raise awareness and funds for local Veterans and Veterans organizations. We encourage teamwork among all Colorado Veterans organizations in order to maximize the results of our nonprofit nature. Our Mission is to enhance pride and patriotism in all Coloradans by building a stronger, more supportive community around our Veterans.

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Volunteer for Denver Veterans Day! 
To get involved and volunteer with Denver Veterans Day, check out our Volunteer page! We also have a Facebook Group for Volunteers of Colorado Veterans Project.


Thank you Lydia for caring for our Veterans. Thank you Veterans for serving our country. ~ Lynn Via

Hope your run went well today Brandon and sorry I couldn't be there with you. Your support to Denver veterans is a very real and meaningful contribution to your community, and one which speaks to the man you are. ~ Emmett Lamb

We're proud to support you, Brandon! - Love, Uncle Joe, Aunt Sandra and Katie ~ Joe Soehn

A big thank you to all of our Veterans! ~ Denise Fischer

Bravo Brandon! Craig and I are impressed by your strong commitment to this cause and happy to lend our support. Aunt Debra ~ Debra / Craig Cohen / Fields

Brandon, thank you so much for the opportunity to help. I personally would like to thank you for all you do. With that said, be proud, very proud of the fine young man you have become. God Bless, Chip ~ Chip Bromfield

Brandon, Ari and I are so proud of you and impressed by the man you have become! We support you now and always! Love, Hanna and Ari ~ Hanna Lewine

Brandon, Dad and I are so proud to support you in this very worthy cause. ~ Ingrid Cohen

Brandon, good luck with the fundraiser! Such a worthy cause. ~ Sylvia Lenling

It’s great what you are doing, Brandon! I have your back. ~ Kyle Lenling

Perfect selection of projects, particularly in these hateful times. ~ Ronald Kahler

An honorable cause, Brandon. Congratulations ~ Patty Figel

We are proud of you, Brandon! Love, Cousin David and Patti ~ Patricia Schwartz

Brandon, We are so happy that you have chosen a Mitzvah Project that is near to your heart . From your statement about your desire to raise money for veterans, it was clear that your research was well done. We join with you in celebrating our ve ~ Howard & Nancy Cohen

You chose such a deserving cause to support! So proud of you, Brandon. ~ Heather Johnson


  Patricia Schwartz
  Ingrid Cohen
  Chip Bromfield
  Kyle Lenling
  Sylvia Lenling
  Ronald Kahler
  Howard & Nancy Cohen
  Debra / Craig Cohen / Fields
  Emmett Lamb