World Orphans

As a fundraiser, you will help the ministry of World Orphans in providing stories of hope. In 2016, World Orphans cared for 17,755 people in 12 countries. One of those people was a child named, Desta.

Desta was born to loving parents, Mensa and Jolene, in Ethiopia. When Desta was five years old, tragedy struck, and her father was killed in an unfortunate accident. Thankfully, this is when the local church stepped in to care for Jalene and Desta. The Addisalem Berhane Wongel Church accepted this family into their Home Based Care program with World Orphans. Through the church, she is able to receive support for her family. They have shelter and food, and little Desta is able to attend school. Jalene has also found a job and is providing income in addition to what she receives from the program. This allows her to save and plan for the future.

This is a powerful story that is just one of many, thanks to the generosity of friends like you. Join us in our fundraising efforts, helping us to tell more stories of hope - until they all have homes!