The 8th Annual Long Beach & 2nd Annual Virtual VPI K9K Pet Cancer Awareness Walk

The 8th Annual Long Beach & 2nd Annual Virtual VPI K9K Pet Cancer Awareness Walk

***IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to participate in the event as a walker, or a virtual walker, you will need to go back and click the 'Register Now' button. Donations collected on this page are separate from, and do not include, walker registration.*** 

Pet owners and their canines will walk in unison to help raise money for the Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF). All registration fees will be donated to this non-profit organization focused on the prevention and treatment of cancer in pets and people.



Dearly beloved Mindawg. ~ Renne Rosin

So proud of you. ~ makenna tracy

Go Team Millie!!!! :-) ~ Teri Jauregui

Bacon fried Rice! Go Team Millie! ~ David R. Flores

You go Zig-monster..xoxoxo, Bo, Bentley and Stella love you.. ~ Sherry/Michelle scarpella

Go Team Millie! ~ Michelle Forniss

God Bless the society for taking up a great cause ~ Lakme Kota

<3 ~ Rita Daruvala

Go Team Rocky!! Have a great time tomorrow! ~ Rod & Becky Davis

Thank you everyone for your generous donations! Our total donations were $650 for the great cause!! Tomorrow is the big day and Ziggy and I are so excited! We will take pictures! ~ joey izzo

Go Team Millie! ~ Tom Chan

Go Kevin go! ~ Erin Brinkley

Have a great day walking!!!! ~ Nancy Heald

Go Kevin and Gwen! Love ya, Zumi pig ~ Krista Dobbie

I <3 Kevin and Gwen!! ~ jody

In memory of Angel Millie. xoxo ~ Leslie Whitfield

Go, baby, go! All animals all the time! Good luck on the run... ~ Shannon Renee

Good luck, guys!! ~ Angie hutchins

Go get ''''em Kevin- XOXO Talulah ~ Linda Albuja

Way to go KB and Gwen! Hogs and Kisses from Prissy and Pop! ~ Melissa Nicholson

Happy to support you again this year :) ~ Joseph Sahagun

Bless our pets! ~ Sonya Long

Thanks for walking ~ MARCIA THOMPSON

you are such a great fundraiser KB! Can''''t wait for the photos! ~ Nikki list

I <3 Kevin and Gwen! ~ jody miller

Way to go hoofing it for cancer, guys! ~ Tamsin Laflam

Yay Piggy! We love you! ~ Courtney Rabb

Thanks for bringing awareness to this great cause. Go Team Rocky - Ronald W. Cotliar, M.D. and staff ~ Ronald Cotliar, M.D.

Go Kevin! You are awesome! xoxo ~ Nicolle Nowosielski

Go Team Rocky! Lets kick K9 Cancer''''s butt ~ Medi-Call Repair, Inc .

Go Team Min Dawg!!! ~ Dena Bryn Burke

This is for Maggie! What a great cause! See you Sunday! ~ joey izzo

In memory of my dear Melie ~ Judith Albert

Harley''''s spirit and love lives on! ~ Rick Hernandez

Go Team Millie! ~ Marisol Aday

In memory of our best buddies who have passed. In praise for the miracle from our LORD, that our little Hana, given 2-4 weeks to live Dec 2,2013, is still with us and back to being herself. And no chemo, just Predisone and antiobiotic and a great v ~ Connie Dye

For our dear canine friends, they never let us down ~ christine belt

Go Kevin & Gwen!!! Love & Grunts from Texas!! ~ Angie Whitley

Sorry we can''''t walk with you! ~ Tracy samek

Good luck, guys!! ~ Angie hutchins

In honor of Min Dawg. Thanks my friends for an invite to your walk. ~ James Bailey

In memory of my beloved boxer Jessie who died of cancer at the age of 8. ~ Michelle Bodwell

This donation is in memory of my Mimi whom I lost 6/11/14. Although she didn''''t have cancer, the thought of any of my warm furry kids getting this illness leaves me heartsick. Lets raise awareness and help to fight Cancer! ~ Michele Emanuele

Go Uncle Johnny and Cuz ~ Betty Sanchez

Keep up the good Lori and Rob ~ Verna Hamele

Jamming with Harley from 818 skincare ~ Sherry Hernandez

Donated in the names of Caleb. Kiley. and Easton. ~ Brian Statter

Rob & Lori - you inspire all of us to love our pets more. ~ Cathy Johnston

Happy Birthday Kevin !!! ~ Chelsea Upham

Wishing both you beauties health and many more walks together. Love, light and healing vibes. <3 ~ Jessica Phillips

Go team Ziggy &128054;&128054;🐶🐶🐶 Hats off & great cause💜💜💜💜💜 ~ Evy Mendoza

Great cause Jenn! Let''''s support our furry kids! ~ joey izzo

To a truly kind person, wishing you success on your walk. ~ Patricia New

Supporting Team Millie! ~ Lola King

Good luck for a great cause! ~ Steven Cotliar

Thank you Debbie for sharing great cause! ~ Renee Sheehan

Cash donation received from Maria Malcolm. ~ Karen Cavanaugh

Go Ellie!! ~ Gregorio Sanchez, Jr.

Feel honored to be able to donate to such a GREAT cause! ~ Tammy and Dora Look-Ruiz

Go Joey and Ziggy :-) ~ Kaye Reyes

Good luck, Oscar! ~ Reeshelle Sookram

Wish I could join you for this one too. Have a great time! Love, Julie ~ Julie Hart

From Winnie, Shilo, Amy and Julee ~ Julee Pate

Great cause!! ~ Gina Brooks

Thank You! ~ Teddi & Rosie Vaughan

Take a lil'''''''' red wagon ... Ziggy can pull you across the finish line! You are such a good human for doing this! ~ Janet Casas

Go Team Harley! ~ Sarah Sunthonlap

Bless you & rob for this support for animal & human suffering & the loss of loved ones. Bless the two of you ~ anna kalpakoff

You go girl! ~ Theresa Kozlowski

Go Bro!!! ~ Boris & Casper Alvarez

Thank you Joey and Ziggy for making time for this great cause ~ Michelle Johnston

Anything for the fur kids! ~ Sheri Coleman

Can''''t wait for that long walk Mom. ~ Ziggy Izzo

We want to thank the Riley family for caring for our pets who give us so much love and happiness. May a cure come to all someday. ~ Phillip Harris

Good Luck in your campaign ~ James Calhoun

Thank you for walking for such a wonderful cause. ~ Pamela Young

This is for my baby girl Precious who was diagnosed with Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma in May of 2013. She is 12 yrs old and had one surgery in June of 2013 and another this past July. Today she continues to fight. We need to find a cure for our beloved P ~ Debra Petruzzi

Thanks Mom..... ~ REXX IZZO

Great Cause.... ~ Jennifer Houghtaling

Walk as fast as you can... and do not look back. Something might be gaining on you. ~ Steve and Toni Parker

See you all at the walk ~ Dave Statter

In Memory of my Kellie Kitty, first time I never heard of spindel cell sarcoma lived a good 16 months after surgery.Not enough time. ~ MARY BARBIERI

In memory of girl Shelby my miniature schnauzer, passed from melanoma 8/29/12. Love always Chris ~ Christopher Snyder

Good luck ~ Ellen Cotliar

Go Evelyn and Rocky ~ Mike & Dawn Fry

Go Rocky! (and Evelyn :) ~ Lori Olinger

In memory of Shiloh ~ Gail Hagen

In Memory of Missy & Molly ~ Deborah Igal