Resolution Run



Resolution Run

5k, 5m


The walk/run will start at 11 a.m. People are welcome to circle the lake as many times as they can manage before noon. At 11:59:50 a.m. we will start the countdown to dip into the lake. At 12:04 everyone should be smiling, on their way out of the lake and tagging #bellinghamparks on their social media accounts. This event is the perfect celebration of the new year for families and other individuals able to leave the house before noon on January 1st. It is intended to be a rejuvenating start to the New Year. Smiles, laughter and good tidings are expected for spectators and dippers alike. Also, it’s free. Pro-tips: • Wear shoes, real shoes with laces. • Parents with children 10 & under should consult with a physician before dipping (for the kids). • Be costume wise. A 5lb. gorilla costume increases in weight by a factor of 80 when wet.



Tuesday, January 1, 2019


4882 Samish Way
Bellingham, WA

45 days left

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