Vac & Dash Groundhog Day 2.0-Mile Run

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Vac & Dash, creator of the 10-10-10 10.0-Mile Run, 1-11-11 11.0-Mile Run and the 12-12-12 12.0-Mile Run has come up with their most unique event yet.  We are pleased to announce that we will host the Vac & Dash 2.2-Mile Groundhog Day Classic on February 2, 2022.

To help you train for this short distance classic, Sure, millions of people have trained months to prepare for marathons and half marathons, however, how many have given a six-year commitment to run in a 2.2-mile event.

To help you prepare for undertaking such an endeavor, Vac & Dash will host six training runs, held annually on Groundhog Day to help you build your mileage.  We will host six free training runs to be held annually on Groundhog Day in Albemarle.  We will run the 2.0-mile Two Mile Tuesday Course that starts behind the Stanly County Family YMCA at the corner of Franklin and Depot.

Just as marathoners peak their long-runs at 20-miles for a 26.2-mile race and half-marathoners peak their long runs at 10-miles, we will keep the training runs at 2.0-miles.  If you can run 2.0-miles on 2/2/21, we figure you can knock down the extra .2 miles on 2/2/22.

The First Vac & Dash 2.0-Mile Groundhog Day Training Run was held on 2/2/16.  The second Groundhog Day Training Run will be held on 2/2/2017,  There will be four options to run.  5:15 AM. 6:05 AM, 5:45 PM. If you can't make those times, you can do your own training run on Groundhog Day and let me know that you did.

 It is suggested that morning runners bring a flashlight so see their shadows. T-shirts will be available for sale for the training runs.

On February 2, 2022, the Vac & Dash 2.2-Mile Groundhog Day Classic will be held at 2:22 am and 2:22 pm.  There will also be a virtual run option.  Entry fee will be $22.22.  If you run wearing a TUTU, you will receive a $2.22 discount.  Registration for the run will open on 2/3/2021.

Hope to see you on Groundhog Day.

Thanks to Michelle Osborne for the TUTU idea and to Harry Havery for the 2:22 AM and 2:22 PM start time idea. 



Friday, February 2, 2018


427 N. First St.
Albemarle, NC

36 days left

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