PARKOUR OFF THE GRID (5 week clinic)



PARKOUR OFF THE GRID (5 week clinic)

5k, 10k, Other


Place: Crossfit Off The Grid

1165 N. Tuckahoe Rd. Williamstown NJ, 08094

Introducing the Obstacle Training Academy's 5 week introductory course on Parkour. Participants will immerse themselves in the foundational principles of the discipline, mastering techniques such as vaulting, striding, precision landings, wall runs, spins, tacs, and the art of controlled rolling. A pivotal aspect of our curriculum is instructing on the nuances of safe falls, equipping attendees with skills to minimize injury risks.

As the course unfolds, each session will methodically build on the previous, demanding increased concentration and practice. We recommend participants adorn themselves in relaxed athletic wear, complemented by sneakers boasting rubber soles for optimal grip. Kindly refrain from wearing footwear such as crocs, sandals, slippers, or shoes with foam-based bottoms to ensure safety and efficacy during training.

Program times 7:45pm-8:30pm (ages 5-12)

 -Wednesday July 10th,

- Wednesday July 17th,

- Wednesday July 24th,

 -Wednesday July 31st,

-Wednesday August 7th.



Wednesday, July 10, 2024


Crossfit Off The Grid 1165 North Tuckahoe Rd.
Williamstown, NJ