Take ON Grand Rapids



Take ON Grand Rapids

5k, 10k, Other


Join us at Gazelle Sports Downtown Grand Rapids, for this On Running powered free event!


How to take ON Grand Rapids:


  • Bring your team of 3 - Individuals are more than welcome! We will create additional teams on the spot
  • Divide yourselves between three routes
  • Try on and race in the new On Cloudmonster Hyper if you'd like!
  • Return a flag from each location
  • Find the hidden bonus along each route - Each route is about 3 miles
  • Race back to Gazelle Sports Downtown
  • Enjoy free pizza, drinks and prizes!



Date and time:


Thursday, May 16th
Check-in starts at 5:30pm
Rules explained at 6:05pm
Race starts at 6:15pm





Thursday, May 16, 2024


Gazelle Sports Downtown Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, MI