Running with the Law (Last Person Standing)



Running with the Law (Last Person Standing)

5k, 10k, Other


*Participants MUST have access to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base*


Inspired by the “Last Man Standing” format, this event fosters an atmosphere where all participants can relatively stay together throughout the event, while still offering a great level of competition.


Runners must start together from the corral, run a 1.39-mile loop, and cross the finish line within 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, runners must start the loop again, completing the loop in under 20 minutes. The event will continue until there is only one person remaining who can complete the loop in under 20 minutes. Members who are unable to complete a loop in under 20 minutes or quit are credited as Did Not Finish (DNF). It is possible to not have a winner if the Last Person Standing fails to complete their final loop in under 20 minutes.
- Runners may utilize the remaining time after finishing a loop for selfcare, external aid will not be authorized between starting and finishing a loop. Runners must start when the siren sounds, no late starts.
- Runners may bring a tent to guarantee shade in-between loops and are authorized crew members in the tent area.
- All participants will be entered into free raffles for donated athletic apparel/gift cards.
- Prizes will be given to top performers as well as those who "Outrun the Law" and outlast MSgt Zacharie Slaight.


Location: DMAFB Exercise Trail
Date: 15 May 2024
Times: 0700-0745, check-in
0745-0755, opening remarks
0800, start loop 1
0820, start loop 2
0840, start loop 3
Unknown finish time/date
*flashlight required 1930-0500


Additional Information:
May 12th through May 18th 2024 is National Police Week, all Air Force Security Forces units (USAF Military Police equivalent) will be hosting events at their respective bases to honor fallen Security Forces members as well as providing an opportunity for our law enforcement professionals to foster relationships with the local population. The added benefit of the Running with the Law event is to encourage members to step outside of their comfort zone and reach new heights regarding personal bests for running distances, while still having an element of competition that is more based on internal grit, not speed. This event will be held in a controlled and safe environment (minus the weather), at no monetary cost to our participants who have access to the installation.


Sponsoring Organization: Defenders Association (355th Security Forces Squadron)



Wednesday, May 15, 2024


4075 Craycroft Rd
Tucson, AZ