1 Mile Per Hour Marathon - World's 'Heart'-est Race!



1 Mile Per Hour Marathon - World's 'Heart'-est Race!

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It is called the 1 MPH Marathon becuase We RUN at a different pace. This race is unlike any other. It truly is THE WORLDS HEART-est Race.  Its goal is to maximise the good we can do for our community. At the top of every hour, a 1 mile run will be held.  When the participant is finished with that mile they then use whatever time that is left to join in on a number of local Charity provided community service projects, that will direcly and immediatly benefit our community and those in need. We invite people to compete in the entire 24 hr race or put together a relay team to complete it.   There will be food, fun, music, and you will have spent time focusing on not only your own health, but the health of your community. 

Event details and schedule

October 8-9th

Quincy Illinois

Exact starting location, course map, and finish location will be released as we near the race date. Please follow on social media or go to www.thePHAST.org

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors. Lets do this thing!


Packet Pick up wil be the week before race location TBD.


Please see website www.thePHAST.org for all current changes and updates. 



Friday, October 6, 2023


628 Jersey St
Quincy, IL

33 days left

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