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Norwegian Foot March

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Challenge yourself and compete for the chance to earn the coveted Marsjmerket badge! Complete the 18.6 mile ruck with 25lbs in the time standard and work the next day to earn this Army authorized Foreign Award.

In order to earn your badge:

Successfully Complete the 18.6 mile course using the following standards.

1) Uniform:

Military Personnel:

Wear OCPs
Wear issued or military style ruck
Carry 25 LBS (Dry) weight
Verify weight before and after ruck
Civilian Personnel

Wear Civilian PTs weaing at least 3.3 LBS
Wear Military Style Ruck
Carry 25LBS (Dry) weight
Verify weight before and after ruck
2) Complete the event before BMNT

3) Fulfill official duties for a full duty day following completion of the event. Submit a consolidated memorandum: send to

4) BONUS! Fill your ruck with 25 lbs of canned goods and donate to local food banks!!


Notes / Reminders:

1) Be on time and wear the correct uniform!

2) You will be weighed before and after the event. 25LBS dry weight. While it is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged to pack 25LBS of food to donate. This will go to homeless shelters and food banks in Columbus area.

3) Please bring 2 Organizational coins and your unit patch. This is the only thing that the Norwegian Embassy has asked for in exchange for their staff time. This helps them visualize the impact they have across the globe.

4) Try to Car Pool! The parking lot will fill up quickly. Plan for the crowds and extra walking time.

5) We will gather organizational and contact details to ensure that you receive your certificate.

6) Currently, we will not have badges to handout. Hopefully the funding is approved by the time we send out certificates. We will have the contact information for the only organization that sells the badge, and they have all three levels.

7) No walk on registrations will be accepted! All registrations must be conducted online and registration will close at 1700 on 27 March 2023.

8) Civilians need to sign the Hold Harmless agreement (available at registration table) prior to participating.

To Register as a Volunteer, select the volunteer ticket. We are always willing to accept help, and volunteer hours can be logged into VMIS!

Last year over 1,000 individuals were interested and we collected more than 2,600 LBS of food for the homeless community in Columbus, Georgia. This is a great chance for you to impact the FBGA Community!

See you then!



Friday, March 31, 2023


1775 Legacy Way 235
Columbus, GA