Coach Tadris 30-60-90 Virtual Spring Challenge



Coach Tadris 30-60-90 Virtual Spring Challenge

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Coach Tadris Parker founded Keep Calm And Run To The Best You, a 5k training program back in 2013.

Six years later, Keep Calm And Run To The Best You (The Podcast) was launched on iTunes. Our podcast pairs with an online blog to teach people about running, intermittent fasting, and weight loss.

Both the beginner level training program and the podcast are designed to help families get healthier and fight obesity, one step at a time. 

I am proud to announce my latest initiative to get our world moving again! I am introducing the new Coach Tadris 30-60-90 Virtual Spring Challenge!

New Year’s resolutions DON’T WORK!

In order to reach our health goals in 2023 we want to keep our goals in front of us constantly. Attack your goals by means of breaking your goals down in 90 day increments. Within that 90 days, you break those goals into increments. We work on our 30 day results, our 60 day results, and our 90 day resuls of being consistent.  This challenge is designed to meet your current fitness goals & help you to have fun when you run/walk! As we start 2023, let’s use this challenge to stay focused on our fitness goals this winter!

I’m here to help the world move more! Over the next 90 days, let’s see how close to 300 miles we can get!

Walk or Run any distance and upload to our virtual challenge!

There will be milestones that you can strive for:

Bigginers: Choose to strive for 30 miles per month = 90 miles for the challenge

Intermediate: Choose to strive for 60 miles per month = 180 miles for the challenge

Experienced: Choose to strive for 90 miles per month = 270 miles for the challenge

Coach Tadris Next Level: Choose to strive for 100 miles per month = 300 miles for challenge

Your participation in this challenge, as well as any donations, will support Keep Calm And Run To The Best You in our mission to help families fight against obesity! 


100% of donations received are directly invested into our programs and content to help families live healthier lives for generations to come. We specialize in training 35-65 year old members for a healthy lifestyle, and helping parents and children to have fun while they run. Your donations enable the continuation of our educational blogs and podcasts, in addition to our fitness programs.

Thank you in advance for your involvement!  

- Love, Coach Tadris.  




Saturday, April 1, 2023


Galloway, NJ