Dumbbell December



Dumbbell December

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Lacking motivation during the hectic holiday season? Us too! That's why we are encouraging you and ourselves to do something TOTALLY DIFFERENT that's also good for running when you're ready! Let's get strong together! 

Join us for a daily workout accountability group complete with daily workouts, how-to-videos, and coaching feedback from certified strength and conditioning specialist Dr. Ally Bowersock. Ally has worked with athletes of all ages and fitness levels including Division 1 scholarship athletes and is ready to help you take your off-season to the next level. You will need at least one set of "heavy for you" dumbbells, whatever that may be, gym membership not required! 

Registration fee includes daily workouts, weekly coaching notes, and workout modifications for orthopedic limitations as needed. Each registrant is also eligible for one 30-minute consultation (in-person or phone/Zoom conference) with Dr. Bowersock. Additional consultations and coaching sessions are available for $80/hour or $40/30 minutes. Finally, at the end of the program registrants will receive a limited-edition program graduate hoodie you'll want to wear every day! 




Thursday, December 1, 2022


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