2023 RAT 1000 and Mini RAT



2023 RAT 1000 and Mini RAT

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RAT 1000 Self Supported Group Departure for ITT, RAT 1000 mile gravel stage party, & Mini RAT 250. Plan to join us because these will be memories that last forever.

Please note that the expectation is for all riders to adhere to the Traffic Codes for each state that they ride in at all times. Failure to operate bicycles safely and properly can lead to disqualification. Littering can lead to disqualification. Trespassing can lead to disqualification and might also get you shot. Don't do any of these things. More details soon!

Planned RAT Stage Party Distances (subject to modification). This is for the folks who want to travel as a group and gather together at the same overnight location each night.

Stage 1 Saturday 6am Start from Texarkana
140 miles, 2852ft, ends in Paris

Stage 2 Sunday Start TBD
127 miles, 3700ft, ends in Denison

Stage 3 Monday Start TBD
141 miles, 4782ft, ends in Henrietta

Stage 4 Tuesday Start TBD
125 miles, 2330ft, ends in Vernon

Stage 5 Wednesday Start TBD
104 miles, 2417ft, ends in Childress

Stage 6 Thursday Start TBD (please note, this could change to Tulia)
102 miles, 4511ft, ends in Silverton (camping only)

Stage 7 Friday Start TBD
124 miles, 2188ft, ends in Vega

Stage 8 Saturday Start TBD
139 miles, 3333ft, ends in Tucumcari

Self Supported ITT is essentially "Tour Divide" rules. Riders are only allowed to utilize assistance available to the general public under normal business and agency operating conditions. The clock starts as soon as the rider starts and doesn't end until the rider finishes. Live tracking is required as well as publicly available tracking logs. Approved assistance exceptions are typically allowed during Group Depart week from approved "Trail Angels".

Mini RAT Day 1 140 Miles Texarkana to Paris
Mini RAT Day 2 110 miles Paris to Rowlett Train Station



Saturday, October 7, 2023


500 N State Line Ave
Texarkana, AR

20 days left

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