1621 Run/Home Run Runs for 2022



1621 Run/Home Run Runs for 2022

5k, 10k, Other


1621 Run/Home Run Runs for 2022

Thanksgiving Day November 24-27, 2022

Keel and Ryles Holiday Series Races

4K, 4K & 4K as Home Runs 

13th Annual 1621 Races. This is where the Clover Glove Race Series began.The race lineup for this year is as follows: Beulah 4K – Bogart 4K, and Fortson 4K all run as home run runs anytime between 11/24 & 11/27. 

Registration: Early registration: One race-- $20. Two races-- $30.Three races-- $35.
NO SHIRT OPTION (PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY) $15 one race, $24 two races, $30 for three races. Checks payable to the Georgia 4-H Foundation. Pre-registration closes November 10, 2022. Mail to: Clover Glove Races, c/o 4-H, Hoke Smith Annex, UGA,Athens, GA 30602. Online registration at active.com Contact: Bo Ryles boryles@gmail.com or Roger Keel rkeel@mindspring.com. 

Awards: Following tradition for this race- a smile and a thank you. Instead of awards, we donate more to scholarships. We will have our “drawing” for a gift card to purchase a turkey.Your drawing of a turkey must be submitted to boryles@gmail.com before November 24. Bo and a distinguished judges panel will determine the winner of the gift card. 

Time Submission: Submit times using this LINK or copy/paste into your browser: https://forms.gle/33T6QdaMMZH8HsbB7 

T-Shirts: A high quality, long-sleeved shirt for preregistered runners. Must register by 11/11/22.  No shirt option available.



Thursday, November 24, 2022


Athens, GA

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