Hams and Hamstrings 5K

Hams and Hamstrings 5K

Sunday, April 4, 2021  @  8:00 AM   •  5k


LIVE Real-Time Virtual

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The race has already concluded.


This year's event is a LIVE Real-Time Virtual Event.

Race starts promptly at 8 am MDT Easter Sunday.
Easter isn't the the same this year.
Join us for this different 5K run this year.
Other race promoters have returned to in-person physical events. The vaccine is being distributed. Restrictions are being lifted. But there are still guidelines and restrictions that events are implementing in order to have safe events. We're not ready to go physical yet because we don't want runners to miss out on all the fun and comradery that comes with our events. And some our our regular families just aren't ready for a large, crowded event. To make sure we can help as many people as we can celebrate Easter close to like we usually do, we're hosting Hams and Hamstrings 5K as a LIVE Real-Time Virtual race. Read more about what a LIVE Real-Time Virtual Event is below, but for now, just know it's running PLUS fun and comradery, all with the help of modern technology.

NOTE: This event exceeds all CDC, state and county safety guidelines ... it is a LIVE Real-Time Virtual Race. We are encouraging that you exercise, run ... and also follow the CDC guidelines for safe distancing.
Some events have gone back to physical events, but we realize some folks aren't ready for that. That's why we the Hams and Hamstrings 5K is a LIVE Real-Time Virtual event this year. We all get to return to some sort of "real" racing with this event ... a race where you pick the course.

This is a LIVE Real-Time Virtual race. This means you will be running at the same time as everyone else and you will see the leaderboard constantly updating as you run. Plus, post pictures and comments to motivate your friends along the way.

Lace up your favorite running shoes, do your best race prep, print your race bib, and pick your best course (anywhere). Then race against others in real-time and watch the comments during and after the race.

This is a great way to #StayConnected while staying together.


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 Event Timed


Course description:

You get to pick the course you like. Pick a challenging course. Pick an easy course. Pick a course that works best for you to compete against other runners.

All finishers get mini Easter HAMS. (It is the HAMS and Hamstrings® 5K after all...). NOTE: we can't ship hams, so unfortunately these are only for local finishers. Hams will be available for pickup ... we will notify you when and where they can be picked up.

Directions to start:

You pick it!

Show up about 5 minutes before the start for handy last-minute information and some warmup exercises hosted by our trainer/announcer.


Don't worry about this. And, sorry, there is no map of the portapotty lines either.

Awards info:

All runners registered thru RunningGuru are eligible for 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall prizes for each gender PLUS team awards for teams of 4+ (with at least one female and one male in the top 4 times).

Runners unable to collect these prizes due to their amateur status may request that we donate their prize to the Pikes Peak Road Runners scholarship fund.

Costume contest for team, best female, and best male (judging in the first few minutes of the race based on photos uploaded before and during the race).

Additional info

After registering, we will email you the details of downloading the app for your smart phone so you can be properly tracked during this LIVE Real-Time Virtual Race.

What is a LIVE virtual race

You probably have seen the latest craze of Virtual Races. Over time, this has come to mean "to participate in our virtual run, simply run any distance, any time, any place. Then send in your results if you want to."

Our LIVE Virtual Race is different. We understand there needs to be some level of togetherness and comradery even if we can't all gather at the same place. For this reason, our LIVE Virtual Race starts at the same time and everyone runs or walks the same distance. You get to see throughout the race where you are in the pack and you even get to share feedback with others along the way. Since you are competing with others, be sure to pick a course that showcases your talent. :) Invite your fiends and family to join you from all around the world ... runners can run from anywhere.

Do I have to live in Colorado Springs?

No! You can participate in this LIVE Real-Time Virtual race from anywhere. All you have to do is make sure you "show up" to start before 8am Mountain Time on Easter Sunday. The app will display the correct starting time for your time zone. You only get your free ham if you can pick it up in Colorado Springs though. Hmm. Sounds like a good vacation to me.

Announcer for the Day

As a special bonus to our runners, we've enlisted a high-energy running coach to spin the music and cheer you on. He will throw in some coaching and motivation along the way ... and he might even throw in some fun Easter trivia along the way.
Say howdy to Casey Green when you show up to the race Easter morning. Be sure to log in a few minutes early!
Casey was raised in the mountains of Vermont and has spent most of his life outside and active. A focus on running competitively beginning in high school led him to a successful NCAA career, multiple sub-4:30 miles, and later a coaching career at the youth, high school, and collegiate levels. With certifications from the USA Track & Field association and 10+ years of running experience, Casey loves helping runners reach their true potential through a love of the sport and consistent coaching support.


Materials pickup:

No need to rush off anywhere! Just make sure you download the ChargeRunning app before race day.

Race Bib: print this before the race starts so your neighbors will finally be convinced that you're, well, you know. Plus it looks great for selfies when you post in the Charge Running app. Download full-size bib by clicking on the mini bib...

Pickup of hams: as always, your mini ham will be available to pick up after the race. 
Easter Sunday, 9:00-10:30am: 7-Eleven, Marksheffel & Woodmen, 7718 E Woodmen Rd, Colorado Springs CO
Easter Sunday, 11:00-12:30pm: 7-Eleven, Powers & Astrozon, 5280 Astrozon Blvd, Colorado Springs CO
If these times don't work for everyone we will arrange more times later.
Shirts: if you add a shirt to your registration, it will be available AFTER race day. Since we're not sure how many people will participate in this new format and we're not sure how many people want a shirt this year, we've made shirts optional. This just means we have no way of coming close to an accurate shirt order before the race. For this reason, the shirts will be printed to exact counts starting the Monday after the race. If you requested that we mail to you, we will. If you want to pick up, we will notify you when pickup is available.



The race has already concluded.