The Sponsor Marketplace provides powerful sponsorship opportunities to engage and activate runners that are interested in your brand.


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Get your brand in front of runners


Running events put you in front of a highly-qualified consumer to maximize brand engagement, social reach and customer acquisition.

Thousands of active, affluent customers participate in running events each week and your brand is integral to a positive experience.

Event sponsorships help to:

• Enhance your brand image
• Increase sales/market share
• Increase web and retail traffic
• Generate social media buzz

Highly qualified consumer

Runners are passionate, especially when it comes to brands they trust...make sure they know about your company!


49% of runners make over $100k annually and the median household income is $112,000


79% have a bachelor's degree or higher


Their median age is 39 and 57% are between 30 and 50

Repeat costumer

The average runner spends over $500 annually on running-related products



*Source: Running USA

Sponsorship Categories

Whether you're a local, regional, or national sponsor, we have unique and proven ways to get you in front of a highly-qualified consumer.

Excite — Engage — Activate!

We get your company in front of consumers that are highly qualified and receptive to sponsors. Whether a logo on the event tshirt, a booth at post-event activities, or the sponsor of free digital picture downloads, your brand is part of the experience.

Our unique sponsor opportunities excite, engage, and activate consumers, helping you maximize your sponorship ROI.



  • Unique and effective sponsor opportunies available from pre- to post-event activities
  • Event and sponsor collaboration increases customer excitement
  • Healthy, happy participants support partners and sponsors
  • Sponsorships are part of event, not annoying ads



  • Your brand contributes to a high-quality, memorable event experience
  • Custom messaging reaches focused target audience
  • You're not just a sponsor, your a brand that made the event possible
  • Effective on-line and physical engagement model increases customer activation



  • Integrated sponsorships increase activation
  • Social media links facilitate easy sharing
  • Sponsorships present new, and leverage your existing, customer activation strategies
  • Sponsorships, like our free picture service, drive brand loyalty

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