Leverage FaceBook to Increase Registrations
With over 300 million world-wide users and growing, FaceBook is the standard for getting the word out. We make it easy for you to utilize the power of this extensive network by integrating FaceBook into event registration and promotion. Read more to see how this benefits you.
Increase Registrations

Our Registration Service integrates with FaceBook to make registration a breeze. When people register for your event they simply click a button to use their FaceBook account rather than the time consuming process of creating a new account!

Of course they have the option to create an account if they don't want to use FaceBook.
Maximize Your Event Exposure

The key to getting people to your event is promotion - if they don't know about it they won't show up! FaceBook has become the tool of choice for promotion and it's critical that you use social media for promotion.

Easily post your event on FaceBook
Our service lets you post your event on FaceBook with the click of a button. After you enter your event details, simply click the 'Post on Facebook' button and your event is posted for everyone to see!
Include social media links
By default, your event includes links for FaceBook and Twitter. There's no complicated code to learn and you don't have to be a tech wizard, we do all the hard work for you so you reep the benefits of social media!
Registrants easily post your event on their FaceBook wall
When using our Registration Services, the registration confirmation page automatically brings up a window like shown below. This lets registrants quickly and easily post your event on their FaceBook Wall and spread the word about your event!