Runners: track yourself live during running events and share location with friends and family.


 How it works



How It Works


Download our mobile app for your iPhone© or Android©

Click the links at right or go to the App Store© or Google Play© on your mobile device and search for the Running Guru Official App.




Open the app, login, and load the event course map

  • Click the runner icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Click 'Track and share my run'
  • Click the map icon in the upper right:
  • A list of maps for events that you are registered appears
  • Select the map for the event you are about to run
  • The map appears in the app under the Map link

Race directors must load their course maps into Running Guru, if they have not done this please email them this link and ask them to do so:





Just before the race begins, click Timer then Start

Note your current position appears on the map along with the course map.

As you start to run, your location updates on the map.




Click Enable Tracking to start Live Tracking

Don't worry, your location is only shared with people you choose.






Share with friends and family!

Click the red Share button and share your run via Twitter©, Facebook©, text messaging and more.

Your location and progress are updated in real-time on Google Maps© so followers can see your progress.



Followers see your event progress in real time!

People follow you along the race course using Google Maps©; this is perfect for spectators and meeting at the finish line!


Download the app now:





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