Front Range Cancer Challenge 2016

Welcome to the 5th Annual FRCC, September 10, 2016!

We raise funds for research and we ride together.

Over the last four years we have raised over $120,000 to support cancer research in Colorado.  We are back again this year to build on this success.  Over the years we have funded projects on Breast Cancer, Pediatric Cancer, and Thyroid Cancer.  Two years ago we refocused our effort to provide support for outstanding graduate students studying cancer.  Our goal is to train the next generation of discoverers.  This year, all funds raised will support a graduate fellowship in Cancer.  Any trainee in a University of Colorado Cancer Center laboratory can submit a competitive application.  Last year we had many competitive applications but could only support one.  This year we are doing it again so we can continue to train outstanding cancer scientists who will make the discoveries of the next generation.  Please join us to raise funds or make a donation to your favorite rider.


Net proceeds from this event benefit the University of Colorado Cancer Center. A small portion of your contribution is used to cover transaction fees. This event is not an official University of Colorado fundraising event.


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Fundraising Progress
$50,000 (Goal)
$27,253 (raised)


Sorry this is so late - we were in Ireland when you sent your email and I''''m still getting through a backlog now that we''''re back. Hope you had great weather for the ride. ~ Robert Fisher

Go, Heide and Paul! ~ Anna Baron

Way to go, Leah! Glad you are raising money for those cancer researchers ~~ they are very deserving folks! ;-) ~ Erin Tyree

Hey, sorry I''''m not much better than clay. I''''m glad you had a great ride. ~ Arno Chrispeels

So sorry to hear about the loss of your sister, David. It is wonderful you completed this race in her memory while raising money for a great cause. ~ Brigid and Brian Stadinski

What a wonderful thing to do, Mair. Thank you for raising money for this wonderful cause. ~ Brigid Stadinski

Way to go, Todd & Lynette! ~ Stuart Penn

Go Carol! Peter ~ Anonymous

Hope you had a good ride. Pat ~ Patricia Granger

Hope you had a great day riding for a great cause! ~ Darlene Mishall

I love you and I am so proud of you! ~ Emily Daniel

Might be done already - typical tardiness... May this soften the aches. ~ Michael Chapman

Peter Orlean ~ Peter Orlean

Enjoy the ride! Rich and Lynnette ~ Lynnette Allen

David - in memory of Mari.... ~ Mair Churchill

Love you both!! ~ Jessie Toler

Keep up the pace, keep up the perseverance, Jim!!! ~ Joe Kasprzak

In memory of Vittorio Nardi. Good luck guys! ~ Loes Nardi-Korver

Mark Johnston ~ Mark Johnston

Good luck tomorrow ~ Mary Raynolds

Will be thinking about you all day! Love you so much! Ceri ~ Ceri Williams

Have fun! ~ Erin & Steph Kunze

Have a great ride. What a wonderful thing that you and Ethan are doing. Best! ~ elvan goksukaya

Dream big. Pedal hard. ~ Karen Russell

Go Mair! Should be a great day for riding! ~ Dylan Taatjes

Good-luck Addie and Brent! ~ Kristin Schaller

Leah ~~ she is tiny, but she is powerful ~~ head, heart and spirit. xoxox Aunt Patty and Uncle Tom ~ Patty Nolan

In honor of our 1 Rider, Leah ~ Roger & Amy Daniel

I hope the challenge goes well on Saturday. ~ Carrie Wilmot

Good luck on the ride. Sorry I can''''t join you. ~ Greg monley

Keep on truckin ~ Jim Maller

Go! Man. ~ Changwei Liu

Have a safe ride ~ Arthur Pardi

I sm so proud of you, Brent and Addie ! ~ Marilyn Bass-Hayes

Enjoy the ride! ~ Jovylyn Gatchalian

Good luck for a good ride- Andy and Chifan Belmont ~ Andrew Belmont

Ride swift, be careful and take a lesson from Andy: wear a helmet. Dave and Kathy ~ Dave Mielcarek

Go, Mair, go! ~ Fred Kuhlwilm

Go, Adeline and Brent! ~ Yiting Liu

Thanks for riding, Thomas! ~ britta jacobsen

Thank you to everyone that has donated to our cause so far! ~ Brent Fitzwalter

Go Team! ~ Joey Friedmann

Great idea Scott, enjoy the ride! ~ Chris Counter

Best wishes. Gary and Fay ~ Gary Benson

Brent & Adeline.. Thank you for your efforts to find a cure for cancer. We love you! Be safe on your ride. Mr. & Mrs J and Matt ~ Carol Johnson

Good luck! ~ David Clark

Ride like the wind! ~ Jay Nix

Good luck with the ride, Mair, and thank you for your efforts in support of cancer research. ~ Richard Kriwacki

Delighted to suuport your efforts!! ~ Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann

Ride hard, rest well! ~ Lokesh Gakhar

Delighted to support your efforts!! ~ Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann

Glad to support your efforts!! ~ Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann

Go Rebecca, Go!!! ~ Janice Kerr

Thank you so much for your effort! ~ michelyn lintz

Have fun!! ~ michelyn lintz

So proud of you! ~ michelyn lintz

Good Luck in the Race! ~ Karen Knudsen

every bit helps ~ Christine Roberts

doing well Mair hope you make your goal ~ Robert Sclafani

Thank you for all you do to fight cancer! ~ Kian Behbakht

the welsh ride? ~ Robert Sclafani

Go Andrew!! So proud of you :) ~ Tammy Lorensen

Have a great ride ~ Andrew Vershon

Good luck! ~ Stephen Sligar

Thank you Paul and Heide for all your work with pediatric cancer... You both are amazing. ~ Kendra Geddes

Never give up on the fight to beat cancer. ~ David Jones

Good luck Heide and Paul! ~ Lori Sussel

Have fun riding!! ~ Margaret Neville

In honor of my Aunt Mary whose lung cancer took her from us all too soon. Aug 27, 2016 ~ Juli Nash Moultray

Can''''t wait for a great ride!! ~ Adeline Matschulat

Have a great ride! ~ Alex Antonioli

Good Luck Hanya! ~ Nahid Nariman

Go Scott! Thanks for doing all you do for cancer research! ~ Theresa Guise

Enjoy your ride; be safe; thanks for your efforts!!! ~ Scott Glave

I fought it and won, and hope the work you''''re doing means fewer people have that same fight! Ride strong! ~ Maggie Kuffner

Thanks for all you''''re doing in the fight against cancer in Colorado. Good luck with the ride, and I''''ll plan to join you next year. ~ Gary Reece

Thank you for work to find a cure for Cancer! ~ David Valladolid

Have a safe and happy ride for a great cause ~ Janet Chrispeels

Thanks for the effort and let''''s hope we beat this plague ~ Charles Kuffner

<3 ~ Christal Davis

Good Luck to both of you!!!! ~ Christopher Korch

have a great and safe ride David! ~ Tanya Kutateladze

good luck ~ Robert Murphy

Keep up the good work and have fun Mair! ~ Vicki Jenings

Mair - you are inspiring! Best wishes for your ride and we are looking forward to seeing you in Seattle. ~ Amy and Barry Stoddard

It will be fun riding with (actually behind) you on the10th- looking forward to a great day!! ~ Mair Churchill

Go Mair!!! ~ Todd Mayman

Mair, have a great ride for a good cause. ~ David Port

Chris and I wish you the best! -Kaki ~ Katherine Woods

cheering for you Mair! ~ Tanya Kutateladze

Good luck!! ~ Lisa Greene

You go girl!! ~ Lisa Greene

Good luck!! ~ Lisa Greene

Don''''t let me down. ~ Lisa Greene

Go Rick! Thanks for representing the Richer Lab! ~ Jennifer Richer

Go Thomas! Thanks for representing the Richer Lab ~ Jennifer Richer

Good luck! ? ~ April Valdez

Sorry we won''''''''t be in town to cheer you on. We''''''''ll be doing it from Nantes! ~ Jacqueline Thorburn

I love working with people who do this kind of thing! ~ Kevin Cohen

This is great work~~thank you for doing it. ~ Kevin Cohen

Best of luck ! ~ Mike & Alena Dobmeier

Happy to help! Have fun! KT ~ Kathleen Thomas

Good luck Mair! ~ Kristin Artinger

Good luck and have fun! ~ Bill Schiemann

Good luck Jim! ~ Carol Cibic

have fun and thanks for participating in this great cause!! Joaquin ~ Joaquin Espinosa

Have a terrific ride and thanks for doing this! ~ Virginia Borges

Ride like the wind! ~ Jen Fritz

You''''re the best Rider you go! Xoxo ~ Maureen Rider

Go Jim Go! ~ Kristi Celico

Have a great ride! ~ Jamie Moyer

Have fun! ~ Dave Barton

Rooting for you! ~ Lee Niswander

go Mair go! ~ Lee Niswander

Have a fun ride ~ jess tyler

Go CAROL!!! ~ Britta Jacobsen

Have a fun ride Mair! ~ Marty Voskuil

Mair, Good luck and have a good ride. Phil ~ Philip Matsumura

Have a great ride! ~ Wendy Barclay

Keep up the good fight! ~ Robert Sclafani

Go Scott! ~ Robert Sclafani

Great cause! Good luck in the ride. ~ Aimee and Ryan Henley

Jim, Have a great ride. Looking forward to getting precisionprofile moving soon! Dave ~ Dave Parkhill

Have a great ride! ~ Jill Slansky

Stay safe on your bike ride, Todd! Glen and Mary Lynn ~ Glen Stillings

Good luck, Heide and Paul, and much success in your endeavour ~ Lore Ford

Nice work buddy! ~ Aria Vaishnavi

Great job lady! ~ Aria Vaishnavi

Go get it girl! ~ Aria Vaishnavi

Go team!! ~ Aria Vaishnavi

Best of luck to you both, I am very proud of you... ~ Svatava Jedlicka

Thank you for doing this! Here''''s to life! ~ Liron, Eliana, Ezra & Mayan Caplan

Don''''''''t hurt yourselves ~ Robert Murphy

Good luck with this excellent effort to train the next generation ~ Gustavo Stolovitzky

go Jim go!! ~ Tanya Kutateladze

go Scott!! ~ Tanya Kutateladze

cheering for you!! ~ Tanya Kutateladze

You go, guys! Kathrin and Tobias ~ Tobias Neff

Go for the gold! ~ Maarten Chrispeels

Have fun and good luck!!! ~ Thom Schumann

Have a great ride! ~ Greg Kucera

BEST OF LUCK! ~ michelyn lintz

Good luck - this is a great cause. ~ David Schwartz

Thanks to both of you for doing this. Good luck! ~ Sandra Kunze

Love that your and E are riding for this worthy cause! Thank you, for fighting the cancer battle ~ Sarah Montgomery

Good luck and have fun ~ Robert McIntyre

Hope to ride it too! ~ John Tentler

Go Scott! ~ Robert Sclafani

hope this is your most successful fund raising year ever! ~ Donna Peehl

Good luck!! - Mark, Leah, Ruby and Violet Rider ~ Leah Rider





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Russell Churchill •  $1,500

Scott Glave •  Private

David Jones •  $1,000

Michael Vasil •  $500

Janet Chrispeels •  Private

Kian Behbakht •  $500

Harvey Humphreys •  $500

Sonja and Keith Buzard •  $500

Mair Churchill •  $400

Anonymous •  Private

Loes Nardi-Korver •  $300

Sarah Montgomery •  $250

Maarten Chrispeels •  $250

Robert Murphy •  $250

Svatava Jedlicka •  $250

Anonymous •  $250

jess tyler •  $250

Jamie Moyer •  $250

Jacqueline Thorburn •  $250

Amy and Barry Stoddard •  $250

Steven Britt •  $250

Robert Murphy •  $250

Gary Reece •  $250

Margaret Neville •  $250

Glenn Gravlee •  Private

Jay Nix •  $250

Sandy Martin •  $250

Sandy Martin •  $250

Darcey Bar-on •  $250

Anonymous •  Private

Darrell Schweppe •  $250

Michael Chapman •  $250

Tanya Kutateladze •  $200

Anonymous •  Private

Anonymous •  $120

Anonymous •  $120

Christopher Korch •  $110

Lore Ford •  $100

Anonymous •  Private

Elaine Lam •  Private

Jill Slansky •  $100

Marty Voskuil •  $100

Philip Matsumura •  $100

Ginny Orndorff •  $100

Marge Lambert •  Private

Marge Lambert •  Private

Gustavo Stolovitzky •  $100

Tanya Kutateladze •  $100

Anonymous •  Private

David Schwartz •  $100