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Marisol Saenz

Everyone has a story and today, I want to share part of my story with you! I was diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was 21 years old. At the time, I had just given birth to my daughter Adri. I remember sitting at a table, holding her in my arms as the doctor was diagnosing me with Epilepsy. I felt confused. What is Epilepsy? I didn't even know what he was talking about. One thing I knew for sure is that my life was about to change.

I don't remember the exact time or day I experienced my first seizure but I do remember waking up from it and being surrounded by a room full of strangers. I was scared because I had no idea who they were. I didn't even know who I was! I was then rushed by ambulance to a local hospital. Later I found out, some of these strangers were my husband, my daughter and my siblings.

What I had experienced was a grand mal seizure. This type of seizure involves a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions. That's the thing with my seizures, after I come back from having one I lose my memory for a while. I had to be reminded of my name and birthday. I had to be reminded that I was a wife and a new mother. When I got to the hospital I was dizzy. I couldn't walk or move and it was very painful. There are no words to describe the way I felt inside. When I went home it took be about 1-2 weeks to recover. Mentally it takes even longer! After being diagnosed I felt alone and suffered in silence. I also had a new baby to take care of which I was very blessed to have. Her name is Adri. She is now 10 years old and is as healthy as one can be, with no signs of epilepsy. Now that is God's Grace!

To this day we don't know why I get seizures. Epilepsy does not run in my family. I've never had an accident. I've had every possible test that you can think of. From an MRI to EEG, AEEG and CT Scans. Many hospital visits and many stays. Which by the way, I am terrified of hospitals and the way they smell makes me really sad. My seizures only happen at night and I have become very familiar with seizures that I already know when I am about to have an episode.

I like to think that all this is a blessing from God. What I fear the most is that one day my life will end due to a seizure. What if I don't come back from one? Everything can happen in the a matter of a few minutes! For me the most saddest thing to see is when I open my eyes after having a seizure. I see my husband and family holding my hands, praying and crying. They don't want to see me in pain or are worried of the possibility that I won't ever open my eyes again. I tried so hard to find a picture so you could see my illness but if I am being honest you can't see it. It's invisible. I've been taking medications for 10 years! Some work and some don't but there is always a ton of side effects like depression, isolation, feeling tired. This is just to name a few. The struggle of being in pain on the inside but looking normal on the outside.

I still don't understand why and I still ask God "why". I am not perfect but I'd like to think God wanted to bless me and do something a little different with me. He gave me this wild brain that even doctors need to study extra hard yet can't figure it out, haha! The last time I had a grand mal seizure, I was four months pregnant with my son. He is now 8 years old! During my pregnancy, I was very high risk and the doctors didn’t think I would make it past 5 months. That little boy is a fighter and is a miracle baby!

Recently, I discovered an amazing organization called the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation. Every year they host a 5K called STOMP Out Epilepsy & SUDEP. This is something I am passionate about! They help raise money which provides funding for fully-trained seizure-response dogs and life saving movement monitors! I have the awesome privilege of running in this years event! I am asking that you please join me int he fight to help raise Epilepsy awareness. There are many different ways you can help! You can run in the 5K or the 1 mile Family Fun walk, you can donate financially and support my team or you can share this post to your social media. Any support you are able to give will mean so much to me and my family! The name of my team this year is Team PIVOT because I have learned how to adjust and move on despite the obstacles that come my way. Although I have learned to live with my condition, it does not define me. I am still on this journey and I can say that overall, I live a pretty normal life (with some side effects) and for that, I will always be grateful!

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalms 139:14

"You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand." John 13:7

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Many Blessings and Love Mari! Arito and Inez Robinson ~ Inez Robinson

Good luck Mari! We are praying for your journey! ~ David/Myrna Ubaldo

Goal! Yay! ~ Robyn Saenz

Mari, sorry this has taken so long to do!!! We want to join you in the 5K too! But only walking - no running for me!!! ~ Salt & Marcie Wall

The family sending prayers and love and all our support Mari! Keep it up ♥️ ~ Jeri Romero

You've got this!! ~ Shafiqa Mobarez

Love you with all my heart ~ Charlotte Martinez

Mari, you are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story. ~ Lindsey Martinez

So proud of you Mari. You are so beautiful inside and out 🥰 ~ Lourdes Sanders

You got this Mari!!! ~ Saul and Marilyn Martinez

You are an amazing mother and wife! So proud of you! ~ Torrez Jerry

So proud of you for sharing and even more proud of knowing someone as beautiful as youuuu! ~ Samara Armijo

Bless you for sharing your message! Sending you prayers and love. Jack and Debi ~ Debra Rosenfield

Love you Mari!! So proud of you 👏🏼 💜☺️ Xoxo ~ Lily & Abraham Urbina

You are an amazing young woman Mari and we are blessed that you are a part of our family. It is awesome to see you step out of your comfort zone in an effort to help others as well as yourself! Love you and always praying for you! ~ Pat & Anita Perez

I am so proud of you and am amazed at how strong you are. Keep trusting God. He will see you through it all. ~ Arleen Ruiz Castro

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