Brent's Place - Kid's Cure for Cancer

Brent's Place - Kid's Cure for Cancer

Our Mission Brent's Place helps those living with cancer by providing housing and programs through partnerships in our community. Our Vision Making a difference in the lives of children with day at a time. Brent's Place is a home away from home for the families that come to Denver for life-saving treatments. Our goal is to alleviate fears and remove burdens while providing a necessary bridge between the hospital and going home. Brent's Place is the only hospital approved "Safe-Clean" housing facility for immune compromised patients and their families. Thanks for being behind the Brent's Place kids every step of the way!



Good luck today, Nicole, Chelsea and Christie!! ~ Kristie Jones

Wish we could be there! ~ JULIE Borus

Good Luck Harper and Beckett! Love, Landry ~ Dawn Marruchella

Good luck Caryn - great cause! ~ Gale Dunlap

Congrational!! You've reached you're goal. ~ Shirley Schumacher

Oh Bucks! I can't believe I won't be there this year. Just please know I am thinking of the amazing Thomas and I won't miss next year! Your struggle and heroics have been my biggest life lesson. Thanks for always including me, I love you all. ~ Sarah Kubley

Go Team! ~ Brenda Brillhart

good luck!! ~ Michele Acevedo

Good Luck on Sunday! ~ Paul Latham

Love to all. ~ Mike & Nancy Windes

Good Luck! ~ Mark Eichhorn

Love ya ~ Jeremy & Amanda Strom

Go git them Tats...Have a great time !!! ~ Annette Merritt

For Sam's team. She is very high brow, but this is for the kids... XOXO ~ Eric Hernandez

Kaylee and family, we think that Brent's Place has been a wonderful place for you to stay and that it is a worthwhile donation. We hope and pray for Kaylee and all of the residents there. Linda and Steve Hart ~ 3 Harts LLC

Good luck team KCE! ~ Laurie Anderson

Thanks for doing this. ~ Steve Corder

You all inspire me :) ~ Shelly Reed

Good Luck! ~ Marcia Scheider

Good Luck! ~ Marcia Scheider

Have fun! Run fast! ~ Shari Gordon

Have a fun Run Sam!! ~ Justin York

Go Isabella, Run your fastest! This donation from our family will help kids with Cancer ~ Jeremy Layer

Great cause! Thanks for representing our family!!! ~ Debra White

FTK - For The Kids Tatianna! I wish I was running with ya. Have fun. Tyler ~ Tyler MacLeod

Thank you for participating. ~ Susie Savaglio

Have a great time! You look great Nathan! ~ Janda Linin

Support our Mara's H.O.P.E. Team. Her amazing ability to organize a team to walk or run 5k is stunning. George and I will be among those who participate. If you want to pledge your support, please join in by offering a donation to thisworthy cause ~ Aunt Joanne Slanger

Go! Izaac! Go! ~ James Berntsen

With much love to the Conley family. ~ Marie Johnson

keep up the good work! ~ Chris Wallner

God bless these little angels and their families. ~ Frank and Mary Kerber

Great Job E.I. Experts! ~ Michael Sumpmann

Way to go, HB! ~ Kim Spelts

Have a great time! What a wonderful cause!! ~ Amy Diediker

Sorry we can't be there for you Nathan. ~ Marc Hultquist

Have a blast! ~ Sarah Wood

To those who find everyone is Kind, Smart and Important. I am humbled by those who do for others without regard for one's self! Namaste ~ Stephen Fusco

Great t-shirt design Nathan!! Love it!!!! ~ Debbie Healey

Asking God's blessing on this small donation -- that it be expanded a hundred fold. Every $ and every person make it one step closer to a cure for these precious children. ~ Ibra Dunkin

Yay Nathan! ~ Kara Choquette

your doing a bit of god's work. we're all proud of you. charlie ~ charles girard

Go Team Shrek! Wish we could join you. Love, Burt, Jean and Zoe ~ Jean, Burt and Zoe Wagner

You and your team do such wonderful work, Sean. ~ Pat Mansor

Thank you for running like the wind! xoox in honor of sweet Thomas! ~ Klaus Calvin Heiman

Go Team Shrek! Thomas is smiling from above! ~ Tracy Heiman

Always thinking of Kaylee and her family. So great to have Brent's Place to stay at. ~ Patricia Brewster-Willeke

Lolo Jones?? Is that you? ~ Gian Lasher


Do work!!!! ~ Johnny Wilson

Good Luck!!!! ~ Kristi Singleton

Happy to help you reach your goal. Very proud of you all, especially Harper and Beckett. Hope it is a beautiful day and walk is a success again this year. Auntie ~ Martha Gropp

You are in my prayers ~ Luanne Shafer

Way to go Sam! You are special!! ~ David Boik

Kaylee, you are in our prayers. ~ Loralee Falvey

We Love Sam I Am!! ~ Kelly Dunbar

Much love to you all from Jack, Sam, Max and Gracie! ~ Erika Maner

Go Team Sam I Am!!! So awesome to see you all running again for such a great cause :) ~ Jennifer Myller

Go Team Health Connect! ~ Carol Rigdon

Kaylee and Family, My thoughts and prayers are with you always.-Patty Burton ~ Patty Burton

Go Kaylee's Coloring Crew! Stay Strong! ~ LuAnne Hoch

You and your family are in my thoughts! ~ Amber Peterson

Go team! ~ Karen Snuffer

My daughter works at Children's. This is a great way to help the families of these wonderful kids. ~ John McEahern

Way to go Sam! ~ Kristy Seidenstricker

Go team! ~ Mia Bemelen

Great cause! ~ Dave Rebol

Keep on trucking! Eric ~ Eric Bemelen

You're doing it for a great cause! Rayme ~ Raymond Wekluk

Love you TONS, Kaylee and family! ~ Collin Patterson family

Good luck! ~ Jo Koch

Love people making a difference. Thank you!!! ~ Alie Olsen

Way to go Stringhams. We love you! L&K, Mom and Dad xoxo ~ John Feldmann

Great goal, great cause, you can do it!! ~ Rebeca Dominguez

"it's for the kids dude" ~ J Shay

I'm not available to race that day, but I'm happy to contribute. Kudos to you for the efforts Sam!!! ~ Sara Wrenn

I heart you sam boik ~ chris miller

Thanks for supporting a great cause. Seeing my family's hardship and worry when I had cancer at 21 was stirring. I can't imagine being the parent and having your child go through cancer, especially a young child. Great cause! ~ Andrew Lumpkin



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