STOMP Colorado Fundraising Page

STOMP Colorado Fundraising Page

Help STOMP be even more successful by setting up a fundraising team so that The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation can grant more comfort and hope to those living with epilepsy and seizure disorders.  Setting up a fundraising page is FUN and easy. You will have the ability to personalize your own page to share with your friends and family and will be provided with a link to your unique page.

  • Click on the blue tab on right that says "Become a Fundraiser"
  • Select whether you are fundraising as an individual, joining an existing team or creating a new team.
  • Create your account or log into your existing account if you have one.
  • Follow the prompts from there.  You can set your fundraising goal, tell your story (which we strongly encourage) and upload a photo. Photos attract attention.  After you have entered these items, it will provide you with a link to your own fundraising page. 
  • Share your page with anyone and everyone.
The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation depends solely on donations and events to raise funds to support our mission. 


Love to support this cause and you! ~ Meagan Oberle

You are the best!! ~ Phil Floyd

Good luck to you & your family, Maureen. ~ Marie Ivnik

So blessed to be able to walk with you! ~ Anne Siple

We are so proud of you being you. ❤️ ~ Greg Bacon

Go Reen Machine! ~ Michael & Ann Farnell

Cody , we love you and do your best on Sunday! Brandon, Dawn Green ~ Dawn Green

💜You are our hero, Code, and we are love you with all our hearts!💜 ~ Jennifer Rudisaile

I love you so much, Cody, and am so proud of you! Love, Granny ~ Gail Herrick

AUSTIN. We're very proud of you. Keep going strong. We love you. Grandpa and Grandma ~ Fred & Sharon Hudson

We?re all very proud of you Austin. Keep it up! ~ Patti, John & Liam Beaubien

Go Team Nolan. ~ Rudy Spitzenberger

Go Nolan!! ~ Sinead Atkins

Go, Nolan!! ~ Shane Kline

Go Nolan! ~ James Hanafin

May the force by with you Nolan! #BigBairs ~ Meghan Bigelow

Happy to be part of the crew! ~ John Kral

Miss you and your smile Nolan! ❤️ ~ Dominica Smith

Go Reen Machine!! ~ Jennifer Farnell

We love you and support you! ~ Heidi Bauer

You go girl! ~ William and Amanda Fogle

We love you Nolan and are inspired by your Fight! ~ Sarah Mullins

Keep up the great work Nolan's Crew! ~ Lance Taylor

Happy to be a part of Nolan's Crew! Love - the Grobaski's ~ Tracey Grobaski

Love Milena & Dave! ~ Milena Warns

Chevalier Family sends their Love for you Nolan and support for the Chelsea Hutchinson Foundation. ~ Joshua Chevalier

Go Nolan! ~ James Kinser

Go Team Nolan! The Abramsons are with you and send our love and support. xoxo ~ Erin Abramson

Sending our Love and Prayers to Kelsey and family ~ Cindy Zediker

Prayers for health & a solution for Kelsey! May God carry her through this trial!! ~ Denise Archuleta

See you at our virtual walk!!! Love... ~ Leslie Vogt

Keeping Chelsea's life alive and hoping to find answers for others! ~ Joyce Sedam

In support of my beautiful niece Joey and my amazing and strong nephew Tyler. xoxo ~ Heidi Murphy

Go team B2!!! Love you all! ~ Stacie Bowman

Wonderful Cause and I hope you hit your goal! Go Swinging :) ~ James Winkler

Elijah is our Warrior and we are praying non stop for him and his family ~ limarie cabrera

Love you Molly Jean!! ~ Kristy Toupal

Keep up the good work. I am so proud of you........ ~ Karen Lewis

Our little warrior , you have amazing Strength. ~ Beverly Ruibal

Your STEM support staff is cheering you on!!! ~ Rocki Sugrue

For our little warrior ~ Steve & family Pluma

Good luck! I will be running with you in spirit on a treadmill! ~ Michelle Smith

So proud of your efforts to help others, Austin! ~ Nancy & Rich Murphy Reynolds

keep up the good work Austin. ~ munji sawaged

Prayers for you guys! Good luck making your goal! ~ Mark & Alice LaFond

We got this 💙🤞🏻 ~ Albert Ursetta

Go Cam! You will be a super hero- well, you ARE a super hero! LOVE ~ Beth Scott

With Love from one small part of Super Cam?s cheering squad! ~ Lisa Watterson

Good luck. We will also be praying for you!! ~ Luxor Healthcare



  Joshua Chevalier
  MGA Home Care
  Heidi Murphy
  James & Allison Burkett
  Sarah Mullins
  Chauncy and Christy Taylor
  Medically Correct
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