STOMP Colorado Fundraising Page

STOMP Colorado Fundraising Page

Help STOMP be even more successful by setting up a fundraising team so that The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation can grant more comfort and hope to those living with epilepsy and seizure disorders.  Setting up a fundraising page is FUN and easy. You will have the ability to personalize your own page to share with your friends and family and will be provided with a link to your unique page.

  • Click on the blue tab on right that says "Become a Fundraiser"
  • Select whether you are fundraising as an individual, joining an existing team or creating a new team.
  • Create your account or log into your existing account if you have one.
  • Follow the prompts from there.  You can set your fundraising goal, tell your story (which we strongly encourage) and upload a photo. Photos attract attention.  After you have entered these items, it will provide you with a link to your own fundraising page. 
  • Share your page with anyone and everyone.
The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation depends solely on donations and events to raise funds to support our mission. 


💜You are our hero, Code, and we are love you with all our hearts!💜 ~ Jennifer Rudisaile

I love you so much, Cody, and am so proud of you! Love, Granny ~ Gail Herrick

AUSTIN. We're very proud of you. Keep going strong. We love you. Grandpa and Grandma ~ Fred & Sharon Hudson

We?re all very proud of you Austin. Keep it up! ~ Patti, John & Liam Beaubien

Go Team Nolan. ~ Rudy Spitzenberger

Go Nolan!! ~ Sinead Atkins

Go, Nolan!! ~ Shane Kline

Go Nolan! ~ James Hanafin

May the force by with you Nolan! #BigBairs ~ Meghan Bigelow

Happy to be part of the crew! ~ John Kral

Miss you and your smile Nolan! ❤️ ~ Dominica Smith

Go Reen Machine!! ~ Jennifer Farnell

We love you and support you! ~ Heidi Bauer

You go girl! ~ William and Amanda Fogle

We love you Nolan and are inspired by your Fight! ~ Sarah Mullins

Keep up the great work Nolan's Crew! ~ Lance Taylor

Happy to be a part of Nolan's Crew! Love - the Grobaski's ~ Tracey Grobaski

Love Milena & Dave! ~ Milena Warns

Chevalier Family sends their Love for you Nolan and support for the Chelsea Hutchinson Foundation. ~ Joshua Chevalier

Go Nolan! ~ James Kinser

Go Team Nolan! The Abramsons are with you and send our love and support. xoxo ~ Erin Abramson

Sending our Love and Prayers to Kelsey and family ~ Cindy Zediker

Prayers for health & a solution for Kelsey! May God carry her through this trial!! ~ Denise Archuleta

See you at our virtual walk!!! Love... ~ Leslie Vogt

Keeping Chelsea's life alive and hoping to find answers for others! ~ Joyce Sedam

In support of my beautiful niece Joey and my amazing and strong nephew Tyler. xoxo ~ Heidi Murphy

Go team B2!!! Love you all! ~ Stacie Bowman

Wonderful Cause and I hope you hit your goal! Go Swinging :) ~ James Winkler

Elijah is our Warrior and we are praying non stop for him and his family ~ limarie cabrera

Love you Molly Jean!! ~ Kristy Toupal

Keep up the good work. I am so proud of you........ ~ Karen Lewis

Our little warrior , you have amazing Strength. ~ Beverly Ruibal

Your STEM support staff is cheering you on!!! ~ Rocki Sugrue

For our little warrior ~ Steve & family Pluma

Good luck! I will be running with you in spirit on a treadmill! ~ Michelle Smith

So proud of your efforts to help others, Austin! ~ Nancy & Rich Murphy Reynolds

keep up the good work Austin. ~ munji sawaged

Prayers for you guys! Good luck making your goal! ~ Mark & Alice LaFond

We got this 💙🤞🏻 ~ Albert Ursetta

Go Cam! You will be a super hero- well, you ARE a super hero! LOVE ~ Beth Scott

With Love from one small part of Super Cam?s cheering squad! ~ Lisa Watterson

Good luck. We will also be praying for you!! ~ Luxor Healthcare



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  MGA Home Care
  Heidi Murphy
  James & Allison Burkett
  Sarah Mullins
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