Pine Creek XC Desert Twilight Trip 2019

Pine Creek XC Desert Twilight Trip 2019

The Pine Creek High School boys and girls varsity cross country teams are returning to the Desert Twilight Cross Country Festival in Mesa, AZ, on Sept. 26-28. After placing 8th and 10th, respectively, among the meet's 100+ teams last year, our boys' and girls' teams hope to once again race into elite territory among some of the best team's in the southwestern United States. This is also a special opportunity for the team to grow together as we travel 800 miles away and share this experience together. Please click on this link for a video featuring the team and their hopes for the trip. Thank you for your interest in making a donation to help the team make this trip possible!

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Run like the wind Syd! ~ Dee Carrero

Go Eagles! Run hard! ~ Kathy Trautner

Good luck Kayla and Pine Creek! ~ Brian and Julie Mulloy

Run like the wind!!! ~ Ellen Knight

Good Luck! ~ Wesley Knight

Best wishes for a speedy run Jackson!~ Grandma Ponce ~ Carolina Ponce

Go get em? Kayla...we are very proud of you! ~ Grant & Linda Fish

Go get ?em, Syd! ~ Joe & Fran Baldasari

Go Pinecreek Girls! Best of luck! Go Kayla! ~ Robert Gregory

Kayla, we are so proud of you and hope the trip to Phoenix is a great experience! ~ Lee Handrich

Syd...give it all you have! ~ Charlie McGillis

Good luck!!!!! ~ Irene Hart

Kick butt Kayla! We are so proud of you!! Xoxo Can?t wait to hear about it! 🤗 ~ Robillard & Ojedas Xoxo

Good luck Syd! Love ya <3 ~ Amanda Jones

In honor of all cross country runners, now & past. Best of luck team, ?run like the wind?! ~ Celi Colon

Kayla good luck to you and the team. ~ Loraine Martin

Good luck Kayla and to the team. ~ Loraine Martin

Best of luck in your fundraising efforts and at the meet! Kayla Anderson, your selfless act of matching funds with your own hard earned money is something to be admired!! ~ Jennifer Caplinger

Best wishes on a fun trip with your cross country team Kayla! ~ sue Abbott

Good luck girls!!! ~ James Byrne

Good Luck Sydney! ~ Terry St.Germain

Proud of you, Kayla! Have a blast with you team in Arizona!! ~ Christine Anderson

Go Kayla!! We miss you!! ~ Heidi Juergens

Way to go Kayla! ~ Molly Roush

Hey big sister...go kick butt in Mesa! Go Eagles! ~ Lauren Anderson

Kayla, great idea! Every dollar counts! GO PINE CREEK!!! Good luck in Mesa!!! ~ Matt Anderson

Go Pine Creek!! I cannot wait to travel with all of you! I have asked each of my 41 Facebook friends (I know, only 41!) to donate $1 and I will match their donation with my own personal money. ~ Kayla Anderson

Go Sean and Pine Creek High School Cross Country Team! Hope you have a great race! ~ Fred & Bonnie Correll

Good luck Pine Creek XC Team! May the wind feel like it?s at your back the entire race! Trust your fitness! ~ Kokopelli Racing Team Lisa Rainsberger

Have a fantastic time! Go team! ~ evelyn cox

Kenny, JJ & Katie: Have a great time & good luck! ~ Susan McKeown

Run fast and enjoy. ~ Jay Aragon

Good luck Kenny, JJ and Katie! ~ Ashley Demsky

Good luck! Run fast!! ~ Diane and Steve Edge

Kenny, Jj, Katie, run like the wind. Go team. Enjoy. The trip ~ Joe hibbard

Run well Pine Creek! Love you Kenny, JJ and Katie! ~ Kristy Perkins


  evelyn cox
  Joe hibbard
  Kathy Trautner
  Diane and Steve Edge
  Susan McKeown
  Jay Aragon
  Kokopelli Racing Team Lisa Rainsberger
  Fred & Bonnie Correll
  Ashley Demsky
  James Byrne