Run For Rwanda 2018

Run For Rwanda 2018


Thanks for your interest in the Run For Rwanda, a race held each year simultaneously in Colorado Springs and Kibali, Rwanda. Over the past 10 years, the Run For Rwanda has raised funds to construct a now-completed health clinic that is providing life-saving care to the community of Kibali Rwanda. It has also funded school scholarships for dozens of youth who otherwise could not have completed their educations. Beginning this year, the race will be funding a community development and training center, which will provide a host benefits to help the community, including:

  • A vocational training facility
  • Income generating activities
  • Classes on entrepreneurial thinking
  • Savings programs
  • Classes on improving agricultural crop yield 
  • A sports field
  • A wholesome place for community members to gather
  • Group sessions to help steward traditional values and customs 
  • And more! 

Please join in helping our friends in Kibali take the next step toward breaking the grip of extreme poverty and thriving. Make a tax-deductible contribution today, or create your own fundraising page and spread the word.

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Not going to let someone come up short when so close...! ~ Matt Eicher

Good luck! 🏃🏼‍♀️❤️ ~ Kaitlin Striker

Run well! God bless Rwanda! ~ Jennifer Gregory

Great cause +Ken. Thanks for including me. ~ Roger Austin

Hope this helps! Proud of you! :) ~ Rebecca Hardman

Glad to join you in this great venture! ~ Betty Barnett

Wonderful photo! Thanks for letting us know about the run. ~ Sarah Anderson

Blessings to you, Ken and your heart for the people of Rwanda. I know you will run with passion. Molly and Jim ~ Molly Porter

Proud of you! You?re a champ! Love you! ~ Jenna Gatlin

Good luck Mama! ~ Hillary Cobden

Keep supporting Rwanda ~ David Chung

In honor of Heidi Truty. ~ Haley Chapin

Thanks for including us in this! ~ Becki Carrico

Good Luck ~ Robert & Connie Shinkle

Donated on behalf of Ken Knipp ~ Matthew D'Addario



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