Fundraising for Second Wind Walk/Run - 2018

Fundraising for Second Wind Walk/Run - 2018

Second Wind Fund, a Colorado nonprofit organization, connects youth at risk for suicide with licensed therapists and pays for up to twelve sessions of therapy when there is a barrier to treatment. More than 5000 young people in Colorado have been referred to life-saving services through the Second Wind Fund program.


Go Lorna ~ Lonnie Garcia-Silva

Sorry we couldn't make the walk this year. Love you Noah! ~ Michele Santi

In honor and memory of Noah. ~ Herb Hergott

Great foundation and wonderful opportunity. ~ Michelle Chrastil

In memory of Charlie ~ DW Christiansen

Reconciliation to QB ~ Anonymous Anonymous

Doves at event ~ Memorial Doves

In memory of Jim Satorius ~ Tracy Bowen

In memory of Johnny Cox ~ Richard Roth

A great way to remember Ben and help others. ~ Nancy Graeve

Good luck and God Bless ~ Rodolfo Delagarza

2 doves - Norris Lee Bae ~ Lisa Bae-Sims

Wish we could be there. Go Ben Team! ~ Bubba & Mieke Corbitt

in memory of Jon & Ronnie ~ Michael Wenk

Donated on behalf of the students, staff & community members of Arvada West High School ~ Arvada West HS

We will also miss the event this year.... for the first time since 2007. Next year, we'll be back! ~ Suzanne Blea

Our prayers are always with you. Love Kirk and Brenda ~ Brenda Hulbert

Sorry we missed the run! ~ Suzanne Gaylor

Go Team ~ Art Beck

Every little thing Helps ✌️&❤️ ~ Pat Conrad

What a great cause! ~ Eileen & Sam Carnaggio

Remembering David with Love. ~ Gail Wylie

For my Sweetheart Tiara Nicole ~ Cecelia Freiboth

Thank you for supporting our brothers and sisters in our community! ~ Judy Leidy

Sorry we missed the run but happy to support such an important cause! ~ Katie Jones

Donation from Sarah McGowan and Greg Moss ~ Sarah McGowan

we are with you in spirit!!! ~ Janie Hanson-Ernstrom

❤️ ~ Teri Deaver

Wonderful cause ~ Barbara Cox-Winter

Great job! ~ Richard Wilcher

Our love always, Claudia and Dennis ~ Claudia Wendt Vann

Thank you Second Wind for providing such a needed service to our young people. Also, thank you Cardel for matching our donation and the Cardel Team for taking part in the Walk/Run on Saturday. We will be there working the event. ~ Steve & Carol VandeVen

Thanks for all you do!! You're a great team!! ~ Cheryl Walker

Because fighting for and supporting these kids is important. ~ Sandy Fraser

All my love to the Mott and Pissare family. ~ Kalliopi Karakasidou

Love always ❤️ ~ Celia Ernstrom

happy to give a little support, Mary ~ Barbara Martin

Miss you Paul! ~ Nanci Robertson

Thank you so much for supporting Second Wind. It is such an important cause. ~ Jacque Burroughs

We're proud of you guys for remembering Michael in this way, and we're glad we can support the cause. <3 the Chrastils ~ Daniel Chrastil

Such a great and important organization. Thank you Elaine and Cardel Homes for helping to make a difference. ~ Mark & Diane Shotkoski

Suzanne and Jeff, you are both amazing and demonstrate the inner strength necessary for individuals and teams to overcome major obstacles. Thank you for inspiring your friends and community! ~ Daniel Bock

Thank you, Elaine and Cardel. I'll be walking with you in spirit; such an important event. ~ Linda Giannosa

So happy to support such an important cause! Wish we were in town to participate in the run. ~ Jamie Gschwendtner

Show the world that you're not going to be dragged down by that horrendous accident. Everyone loves you and is rooting for you. ~ Ted McClung

Appreciate all the work you do for his important organization, Rachel! Wish we could join the run. ~ Shiela Enser

Go Team Cody! ~ Elaine Jones

I love you, friend. I love that you do this and it's great work Second Wind does. ~ S Robinson

With all our love. ~ Anita Mukherji

Bruce Peters ~ Bruce Peters

Love you and miss you! Good luck in the race my friend <3 ~ Kathryn Sellman

Thank you for all you do for the Second Wind fund and those in need - from the Moores' Family ~ Pam Moores

Never forgotten, always loved.... ~ Kathy ANTONY

Always remembering.......... ~ KATHLEEN ANTONY

For those we lost too soon. ~ Lisa Marino

We miss him! ~ Donna and Bob Baumgarten

Miss him daily ❤️ - Love Barb & Drewy Cooper 🚗💨 ~ Barbara Nolan

Donation made by members of GMPC ~ Gerry Hopkins

Wish I could be there to see you collapse at the finish line :) ~ Laura Evans

Great cause ~ Tammie Piralla

Great cause ~ Patrice Piralla

My thoughts are with your family, Holly. This is a beautiful way to honor him through helping others. Because of you, your brother's passing is not in vain. ❤️ ~ Lynsie Wheat

You are in my prayers. ~ Shirley Allison

Remembering David ~ Kitleyann West

Thank you Holly! Love you!😘 ~ Mary Sather

Glad to support such a worthy cause. Hope you all are well, Cynthia, Lance, Sofia, and Stella ~ Cynthia Wang

Thanks for sharing your sorrows, Mary and Doug ~ Maggie Torley

I am so glad that I can contribute to such a worthy cause. Thank you Phil! ~ Wendty Bawmann

Thanks for helping to keep attention on suicide awareness! We love you guys. Jamie, Scott, Kyle and David ~ Jamie McGinnis

Suzanne, so proud of you and how far you've come! ~ Patricia Queen

Thanks. It's such a good casue ~ Lori Nield

Wonderful work you are doing, Worth Family! ~ Beth Ball

Sending our best and wishing you all great success in supporting this worthy cause. ~ Frank/Susan McClellan

I pray for all of those who think the anwer is ending your life. Suicide is NOT the answer! Suicide is a PERMANENT solution to a TEMPORARY problem. You are loved, YOU MATTER. ~ Jeanette Tutzauer

Holding you and your family in our hearts. ~ Pete and Nancy Maysmith

Wonderful cause. Thanks for your commitment. ~ Doug Wiley

Nice going, Phil! ~ Chin Tan

Always glad to support worthwhile causes to help make a difference. ~ John Howell

You rock, Sister Sue! ~ Brent Hladky

Zach and I are so glad you are making your goals. You are an inspiration to us all. ~ April Davis

Love love love you!! This is for him and the Augustine fam! *huh huh huh* 😉❤️😘 ~ Haleigh Shipley

Donation to Second Wind on behalf of the entire Vezina Family. Mental Health matters! ~ Bruce Vezina

Thank you for your dedication to this cause! ~ Amy Saphier

GMHS- I couldn't find us on a team page but Sarah I am happy to donate to you directly. I appreciate all your activism. THANK YOU! ~ Liberty Zuelke

I believe in the work that this organization does and know that it can transform lives! ~ Beth Low

You're a true inspiration! ~ Julie Vanek and Family

If this helps one adolescent realize that tomorrow may be better... ~ Leslie Cavalieri

A very worthy cause! Nice choice NHS! ~ Julie Bianco

Susan - I can't be there with you, but I'll wear my Team Harry t-shirt. Hugs! ~ Dana Mason

Glad to see AWest is trying to do more. Happy to contribute. ~ Elizabeth Del Ferro

Thanks for walking to support this important cause, Shannon! ~ Jill Hutchison

Think about the 9-year-old boy from Colorado who took his own life just last week. We all need to do better! ~ Jill Hutchison

This is a very good way to honor his memory. Shalom. ~ Linda Farb

Good luck to Team David ~ Kay Brisch

With deep gratitude for the service SWF provides to our young people. ~ Jane Goff

Glad I can help out! ~ Alli Lewis

Rachel thanks for your work on this important issue. ~ Henkels

Love you girl! ~ Loni Huston-Eizenga

In loving memory of Ben. ~ David & Susan Carter

GO "Ben Team" GO!! ~ Bill & Tami Nooning

Glad to contribute to such an important cause. ~ Fred & Sharon Sousek

Go get them! ~ Michael McLean

You've been, and will continue to be, so very tenacious throughout your journey. Walk on! ~ CAROLE Havelick

You are amazing!!! SO proud of you sister!!! ~ Laura Denson

So glad to see you healing. Thinking of you! ~ Julia Kelson

GO TEAM ~ Steve Hoppin

Go Ben Team! ~ Karen and Bill Wilson

So amazed and inspired by you! ~ The Johnson Family

You are doong so great! Keep up the good work! We miss you!! ~ Dani Nitcher

You Rock Suzanne! Prayers for your continued healing!! ~ Jerry & Jenny Lamontagne

Suzanne--I'll also be at the Second Wind Walk/Run. Can't wait to see you! ~ Jen Webb

I'm so glad you're doing better Ms. McClung! This is such a great organization and I wish you and your family the best. Take care! ~ Shiela Lee

I think about you all the time! Wishing you the best reaching your goal! ~ Cassie Alley

Happy to support our family's miracle in helping to make miracles for others. ~ Janet Pick

Congrats on your ongoing recovery. You're an inspiration! ~ Patrick Chang

In support of the Whittenburg family and in memory of Greg Johnson (4/24/18). ~ Jeff Lewis

Happy birthday Ben, you are loved and missed ~ Els Strickland

Bob & Marianne, Thanks for the reminder to donate to such a worthwhile cause. All the best to you. ~ Norman Haas

Thank you for the opportunity to support this cause. ~ Tom & Linda Engel

Thanks for supporting our youth. ~ Kathy Martinez

As always, we are happy to support you and the Ben Team! ~ Diane Inglis

Go, Ben Team, Go! ~ Deborah George

in loving memory of our nephew Charlie. ~ Phil and Molly Worth

So grateful for the work you and Second Wind does in memory of Ben. ~ Barbara & Dave David

What a great goal! So glad to see you walking again. We can't wait to have you back at LHS. ~ Carol Degenhart

to a good cause, blessings ~ Barbara Hartmann

You are an inspiration to so many! I will be walking with you in spirit. ~ Katherine Ziegenfus

Go get 'em rockstar! You're awesome to do this for such an amazing program and cause! Love ya!! Chris & Dave ~ Chris Mudron

Best of luck in your recovery,Suzanne! You are inspiring! ~ Joanne Stiers

Professor! We?re rooting for you every day and especially as you do the Second Wind walk this year. We are so proud of you. ~ Nalini Anand

Supporting you Suzanne & the kids ! Loved the years I volunteered with you guys!! ~ Sherry Zakhmi

Thanks for supporting such a great resource for kids and families. ~ Deborah Gard

We love you uncle Michael!!!!!!! ~ Beau Haakenson

💕❤️ ~ Vicki Ahn

Dedicated to the loving memory of our son Maichael💜 ~ Marta Goffredo

I pray that you find peace in the loss of your wonderful son! ~ Elnore and Ron Grow

In memory of Paul ~ Pat & Cindy Mershon