Lexi & Carly & Friends

Lexi & Carly & Friends



Best of luck! ~ Bob Clark

Wish I could be there to race with you! Best of luck!! ~ Linda McNamee

Good work and good luck with the fundraising! -Will ~ Will Archer

Wish we could be there to try and keep up with you Jaime - Promise me you''ll finish before your brother! Most important part of recovery after a race is a cold beer (or so I have been told...). Hope everything is going great! ~ Jordan & Mandy Smith

Have a great run, Daniel !! Love, Gramma and Grampa ~ Dar and Elaine Vriesman

Good luck Jaime! Hope it is a great success! ~ Robin Machholz

I will be out of town but have a great race Jamie! ~ Cory Zachman

RUN-CARLY-RUN!!! ~ barbara sosaya

Go Carly!! ~ Cynthia Besselievre

Go Carly! ~ Deborah Tschudy

Wish we could be there to run with you! Miss you tons. ~ Dawn Rosicky

Go Jamie! Have a nice run! ~ Brian Bauer

Have a great run, Jaime! ~ Stacy Cain

It is a pleasure to support you in this Carly! ~ Annie & David Bayens

Jamie; You are the best, good luck. I would run with you but I can't. I am a dope ~ Dan Long


  Bob Clark
  Patricia Ondrish
  Annie & David Bayens
  Cynthia Besselievre
  Dawn Rosicky
  Cynthia Schmid