STOMP Colorado!

STOMP Colorado!

Help STOMP be even more successful by setting up a fundraising team so that The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation can grant more comfort and hope to those living with epilepsy and seizure disorders.  Setting up a fundraising page is FUN and easy. You will have the ability to personalize your own page to share with your friends and family and will be provided with a link to your unique page.

Here are the steps to setting up a fundraising team and page.
  • Go to
  • Click on the green tab on the right hand side that says "Fundraising"
  • Click on the green tab that says "Become a Fundraiser"
  • Select whether you are fundraising as an individual, joining an existing team or creating a new team.
  • Create your account or log into your existing account if you have one.
  • Follow the prompts from there.  You can set your fundraising goal, tell your story (which we strongly encourage) and upload a photo.  Photos attract attention.  After you have entered these items, it will provide you with a link to your own fundraising page. 
  • Share your page with anyone and everyone.
The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation is all about paying it forward. We will be rewarding the top fundraising individual with a trip to Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland. Here are the qualifiers.

- Must raise a minimum of $2,500
- Must set up a team through one of the STOMP registration sites
- Anyone, anywhere can participate
- If funds are being collected outside the website, they must be turned into CHF corporate office by September 25, 2017 to count.  All online funds must be recorded by midnight September 25, 2017 to count.  Winner will be announced on September 26, 2017.

Trip has a $2500 value.  It is open to anyone so if traveling in November to Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland is not an option, we will provide credit vouchers for travel at a different time.

The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation depends solely on donations and events to raise funds to support our mission. We are 100% volunteer-based so no large salaries come out of your donated funds. 


Happy Birthday Molly Jean Westwood ~ Amanda Walkowiak

In memory of a wonderful young man - Keith Nygaard - gone too soon ~ David and Susan Brisnehan

Way to go team Tye Dye ~ Carol and Barry Kaye

Love you Molly Jeanie! ~ Corrie Westwood

Go team Keith! ~ Cheryl Brown

Good luck Team Rudi! ~ Charles Baker

I love what a great job you're doing in getting donations from businesses! Keep up the good work!!! ~ Tammie Singer

Your spirit lives in your smile. Forever and ever, Amen. Love you Keith! ~ Rhonda Valdez

Love ya!!!! ~ Kim, Ken, Kaitlin Nolte

Such an important and meaningful charity . Happy to support Molly and STOMP! ~ Caroline Dinnen

Thinking of Keith and all the lives he touched in a positive way. Miss you Keith! ~ Sherry Adair

In memory of Keith and of our son Cole who was also taken by SUDEP. ~ Leigh Ann Brecheisen

We know the struggle of epilepsy first hand. Thank you for doing this for all of us!!! ~ Denise Tolmich

Miss you, Keith. I'm glad to help in any small way to make your life have even more of an impact than it already does. ~ Sarah Farmer

In loving memory of Christopher Smith (Smitty). - Murphy Family ~ Heidi Murphy

Knowing funds raised in Keith's name will make a difference ~ Jill Kruse

Miss you, Keith! ~ Chelsea Panos

For Keith ~ Kim Burton

Go, Keith! ~ Rick Nygaard

In Memory of our daughter, Donna, 41 who lost her life to SUDEP 11/15/08. ~ Darlene & Andy Evans

Love to see you working hard for a cause that means so much to you and others! ~ Janice Pramik

Blessings to everyone involved! ~ Brenda Wilczynski


Sorry we're not there this year. Go team! ~ Melissa Sullivan

Best wishes for the STOMP event!!! ~ Rani Fletcher

This is a great cause. Glad to help in some way shape or form. ~ Belton Carroll

Very worthy cause Stacie! Way to go! ~ Dee Dee Asten

Go Stacie, good luck! ~ Rob Kosick

Good luck! ~ Michelle Smith

Ashlee I hope you guys raise a lot of money for Lil C's Foundation! xoxoxo Amber ~ Amber Panck

I'm donating for Chase! ?? ~ Ashley Bond

?? ~ Cydney Johnson

Just wanted to donate a little something to support you (Amy) and Jimmy! Hope you are doing well. Caitlan ~ Caitlan Ruger

Molly Jean's Warriors ROCK! We are happy to donate to such a worthy cause. ~ Lori Meyer

In memory of Ginger Derby and Tracy Nemec. They are both loved "To infinity and Beyond" ~ Patricia (Trish) Derby

Julie and Doug work so hard on this foundation and help so many people. Thank you for your hard work Julie and Doug. ~ Joyce Sedam

?? Thanks for helping children and families. You are my Hero! ~ Priscella Handy

??????Go Molly!!!!! ?????? ~ Sue Kelly

You're awesome Molly! ~ Emily Montgomery

So proud of you Jimmy! We love you! ~ Amy Thomas

Thank you for all you do! &128156;&128156;💜 ~ Tiffany Marty



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  Heidi Murphy
  Event Cash
  General Event Revenue
  Bonnie Biggs
  Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  Terri Riedel/American Guardians Motorcycle Co.
  Event CC Sales
  Zach and Stacie Bowman