The 9th Annual Long Beach Nationwide K9K Pet Cancer Awareness Walk

The 9th Annual Long Beach Nationwide K9K Pet Cancer Awareness Walk

***IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to participate in the event as a walker, you will need to click the link in the "Fundraising Event" box at the right to register. Donations collected on this page are separate from, and do not include, walker registration.*** 

Pet owners and their canines will walk in unison to help raise money for the Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF). All registration fees will be donated to this non-profit organization focused on the prevention and treatment of cancer in pets and people.

$7,500 GOAL


Campaign ends: December 31, 2015 (-960 days remaining)





In Memory of Logan, who cancer took too soon and in honor of Kayden who we hope continues to kick cancers butt! ~ Cyndi Lessard

You ladies are just the best. ~ jeanne dooley

Glad you had fun!!!! ~ Nancy Heald

Go Team Millie! ~ Marisol Aday

Great job Team Millie! ~ Michelle Forniss

For Budster! ~ Ace P

Best wishes to Kayden and for the walk today. ~ Matt Symes

I wish I could be there Piggy! I miss you guys! ~ archer dog

Kayden, you and your family are the best. Have a great walk! ~ Courtney Cook

Great cause Keven have fun love illy poo&128061; ~ Kat Gomez

Love Reggie and Sascha Berman ~ Lauren Berman

All dogs go to heaven! ~ Andres Tellez

Go Claudia!! ~ Rick Perlstein

On behalf of our boy Hal and walking in spirit with Team Spotted Dog. ~ Rodney Jeu

See you Sunday! ~ Marlene Aung

In memory of all my family''''s pets over the years. You have left paw prints on my heart. ~ Deanna Bealby

Buddy was the best boy. With me for every adventure from 18 to 30. I miss him every day. It makes my heart happy to know there are organizations striving to find a cure for these terrible diseases that hurt our best friends. Here''''s to you Budman! I ~ Ciara Pricco Olmedo

Cheering you all on! ~ Posell Family

Go TONKA!!! Love, Sophie Tankersley ~ Kim Tankersley

Way to go Tonka and Chris! Have a great time with Kevin Bacon and team! ~ Mary Reed

Hope you feel better Kayden! ~ Montana Grey Davidson

Way to go Zigmoid!!! ~ Jo-Anne Alvarez

Good luck Team Millie, hope you raise your goal! ~ Joanne King

Sorry we can''''t join you for the walk on sunday but we will be thinking about sweet Kayden LooRoo and her team! ~ Sue Benun

Thank you Joey! Much love ~ Michelle Johnston

Good luck to Team Millie ~ Josephine Chee

Love you, doggies!! ~ James Burke

You guys rock! Can''''t wait to see the pics this year. ~ Tamsin Laflam

Way to go Kevin!! We love you Zumi and Stan ~ Krista Dobbie

For our babies.. Help find a cure! ~ joey izzo

Go Team Kayden LooRoo! F Cancer! ~ Heather Oxford

Go Kevin Go! ~ Abigail Lockwood

Great Cause!! Thank you Jenn for supporting our fur babies!! ~ joey izzo

Go Kevin! We are rooting for you! ~ Lance Gibson

Way to go Kevin and Gwen, in loving memory of Macey Bean! &128151; Love, Your sis, Penny &128149;🐷 ~ Penelope Popcorn

I love you Nara and all pups&128054; ~ Miyako Inamoto

Love you. Fuck cancer. ~ Jessie Phillips

GooooOoooOOOOooooOOooo Swix! : P ~ethel ~ ethel pawlak

Go Team VCG! ~Ethel :p ~ ethel pawlak

Good luck! ~ frank russo

In honor of our beloved Macy Bean who brought so much joy and laughter to our family and whom my children adored. As Harper says...there''''''''s an invisible string connecting our hearts that will never go away. Xo ~ Tracy Samek

Go KB and fam! Love my family! ~ Pam Jones

Hey Sorry to hear the news ~ Ed McFaul

In memory of grandma''''s little boy and for all of his friends who suffer or who have fought the brave fight with cancer. May they live in our hearts forever. God speed a cure! ~ Cheryl Pricco

For Dotty <3 ~ Jessica Rivas

Becki & Kevin Bacon, We are very fortunate to have you in our life. You both make the world a better place :)- Love, The Wood Family and Adobe Animal Hospital ~ Adobe Animal Hospital Wood

Go Kevin and Gwen! ~ Katherine Wickham

Go Team Millie! Bailee and I are sending you lots of support on this great cause! ~ Loretta Yee

Go Kev Go! Oh yeah.. Your mom too! Love you guys! ~ Ashley Webb

Thanks for making a difference! ~ Nelly Chu

Go Team! ~ DAQA Team

Go team Millie! Sending all our love and support Rocco &suzie ~ Suzie Feliciano

Good work, Kevinbacon. ~ Wini Sims

Go, kids! I am all over any charity supporting care for our furry friends! ~ Shannon Renee


All the best to you guys! You have our support! ~ Santa Monica Pet Medical Center

Kayden and her owner, Dawn, have been an inspiration to us all. Cancer (in animals and humans) can be defeated. Onward! ~ Carol Muske-Dukes

In honor of my sweet Ellen, Eddie, and way too many of our best friends lost to cancer. ~ Michelle Stange

Go Kayden! Love, Molly ~ Tim Brown

Go Team Kayden, your are the best! ~ Robyn Braun

Good luck! ~ David Tractenberg

Go Kayden. We love U xxxxx ~ Stacy Salzman

Go Team Millie ~ Terri Jauregui

Love you guys! go Team Kayden! ~ Nurit Pereh

What a great cause?..we''''ll be there in spirit! Go Team Kayden LooRoo!! ~ Nancy Skowron

In honor of Eddie and all our fur babies who have suffered from this terrible disease. ~ Mary Stange

Kayden LooRoo I''''''''''''''''m gonna be lickin'''''''''''''''' on you! JB ~ Josie Basham

Go Ralph and Gianna Bellina, from Shika and Hiro! ~ colleen brownell

This donation is from both myself and my little chihuahua named Max Murray. We love being able to help other pets! ~ Laura Buhler

To remember my best little buddy forever Oliver. Till we meet at the Rainbow Bridge my friend!!! ~ Lionel Lucas

Great cause! Dad & I hope you reach your goal! ~ Pat Ingerto

In memory of Bridget ~ Terry Rogers

For my little girl Shai, and every other wonderful dog. ~ James Burke

In memory of 3 very special people in my life. My mom Joan Rossi Fazzolari and my First dog Whitney Lee. I lost both of them to cancer. My second dog Petite Brianne Ingerto, ~ Nicholas Fazzolari

In memory of our best friend Lucy ~ Shane Ivens

for Zoe! ~ cheryll flaminio