The 4th Anual Denver VPI K9K Pet Cancer Awareness Walk

The 4th Anual Denver VPI K9K Pet Cancer Awareness Walk

Pet owners and their canines will walk in unison to help raise money for the Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF). All registration fees will be donated to this non-profit organization focused on the prevention and treatment of cancer in pets and people

$10,000 GOAL


Campaign ends: July 5, 2014 (-1,450 days remaining)






Andrea-Thanks for all you do!! I love you!! Aunt Sharon ~ Sharon rubin

Way to go team Mackie, Stella and Romo! Love, Joey, Butri & Sawyer ~ Joe Cohen

In honor of Jenna Rickman, ~ Zon Rae Jorgenson

Thanks for caring so much! ~ James Barth

Go Gary and Barbara!!!!'''' ~ Vicki Trinagel

Thanks for all the love and happiness you bring to so many dogs, both your own and all your fosters! ~ Roberta Jordan

Go Team Mac Stella Mo!!! ~ Vilas & Tammy Sawasdee

Good luck! ~ Phil BeMiller

Combined fundraising efforts! Great job Britt! ~ Max Svirin

Fundraising event efforts. ~ Max Svirin

Way to go love stymie! ~ Aimee Thompson

Candy Sales ~ Desiree Slagle

Go for it!!!!! You''''re both great! ~ Russ & Audrey Burman

In memory of Zoe, my best friend ~ Lisa Arrington

You go Team ACF! ~ Patricia Lampl

In honor and loving memory of River, my sweet Golden, who died just last month from cardiac hemangiosarcoma. Thank you for helping to fund this most valuable research! ~ Colleen Waite

Go Barbara and Gary!! ~ Matthew Vuolo

Hugs!! ~ Shelli Mater

Go Team! Barbara and Gary! Love, Mom and Dad ~ Adrianne & Jerry Cohen

Hope Kokannee will be okay soon... ~ imelda kellner

Go Barbara & Gary Go!!!! Kim, Cletus, Koda & Tello are with you in spirit!! ~ Kim Williams

Thank you for caring so much about all the fur friends and their well being. You Rock! ~ Darlene & Mark Irvin

In memory of our beloved Tucker and to help all the other 4 legged kids affected by this ~ Sabine Gruensfelder

For my pug Otis who continues to be affected by cancer. ~ Rochelle Bennett

Snoops friends at John F Kennedy High School want to find a cure. ~ Cami Jensen

Helping to remember Snoop Dogg! Thank you for giving me the opportunity. ~ Terri Brachtenbach

Go Team Ginger! ~ Tamara Franks

In memory of Tessie Paul. ~ Peggy Bohn

We miss you Snoop! ~ kasey Enzminger

My thoughts are of Luke and Isaac .....and your love for them. ~ Sarah Chamberlain

Matching the Janson clan donation...lifetime members of TEAM LUKE! Thanks guys! ~ Amy Bauer

Great job Amy :) ~ Rick, Marie, Spencer, Heidi, Bodhi, Indy, Teddy Janson

Matching donation in memory of Luke and Patsy! ~ Amy Bauer

Happy to support this cause and remember Luke and Patsy! ~ Jocelyn Hittle

My prayers and thoughts are with you Cami. ~ Betty Bredehoft

Very sorry to hear about your loss. ~ Doug Jackfert

In Memory of Snoop, Merlin, Elvis ~ Cheryl Kirksey

HI Cami. I am so sorry to hear about Snoop! I lost two of my best friends (Sadi and Tanner) both Golden Retrievers to cancer and I know the heartbreak. I also had a few hours with each of them as you did but they like Snoop are always in our hear ~ Kim Ross

Thanks for doing this, Cami. We all miss Snoops. ~ Neal Jensen

Thanks for your commitment to this cause - you''''''''re amazing! ~ Tiana Nelson

You are doing amazing work Britt, thank you for all you tirelessly do for animals! -Jacquelyn ~ Jacquelyn Pyun

Yay, Team Luke! ~ Heidi Bauer

Wish I could send more! It''''s great that you are doing this. ~ Judy Geroni

I donated to the campaign first sorry britton! But this is also on behalf if karma and boogie master ~ Reggie Green

On behalf of my friends boogie and karma!!!! ~ reggie green

Proud to be a part of the team! :) - Shane ~ Shane Riedel

I wish this could be more - best wishes for reaching your goal!! ~ Sarah Kermgard

For Patsy & Carrie from Vicki & Bella ~ Vicki Anderson

Love that pup ~ Pat Brantley

Ginger we miss you! Go Team! ~ MaryAnn Barham

You''''re so amazing, Britton! Thank you for being Suetra''''s voice and caring for the welfare of ALL animals. You inspire me! ~ Shanna Persin

P-Dids, howl on ~ Leonard Wolf

Go Team Ginger! ~ Billy Becker

Fighting cancer and remembering those we''''ve lost ! ~ VICKI Manton

F Cancer! Hang in there, Patsy... ~ Denise Tarpein

Go Team Luke- Love Fergus ~ Rebecca Smith

Go Team Luke! ~ Gretchen Greisler

I am so sorry, Carrie! Our beautiful Lucy was also diagnosed in the fall. Sending love to you and Patsy! ~ Betsy Higgins

Go Sara and Sydney! ~ Betty J Hansen

For Luke and Patsy!! ~ Shauna McGee

This is in memory of JoeBob. ~ Brandi Harris-Molin

For my Patsy. ~ Carrie Brantley

This is very close to my heart. ~ brenna moffatt

Love with L-O-V-E ~ Melissa McNichols

Lots of love! ~ Chavet Breslin

This donation is on behalf of the Boog-father ~ reggie green

Wish I could do more. A great cause and good luck! ~ Vanessa Russell

Thank you for your dedication to educate others and to helping find answers to such a heartbreaking and devastating disease. You are truely an angel and I''''m sure Seutra is smiling down on you!! ~ Rebecca Penrod

Thank you for all that you do for our 4 legged family members. Lots of love to you and your family. Love, Angela, Jeff & Tessa!! ~ Angela Harris

You go Cohens!! ~ Patricia Lampl