Three Creeks Half Marathon

Half marathon


Cherry Creek State Park - Hobie Hill Lot Travel on foot through some of the most beautiful parts of Cherry Creek State Park, with a total combined elevation gain of only 253 feet spread out over 13.1 miles as the course follows the banks of Cherry Creek, Windmill Creek, and Cottonwood Creek on a mix of road, paved running trail, and wide dirt trails. Live online results and athlete tracking will be available, with splits at 5k, the halfway point, and 10 miles. Your entry includes a tasty post-race breakfast and a half-zip long sleeve tech shirt if you register by March 15th. 303-642-7917; Info@RacingUnderground.com


Online registration is closed, please register at the event.



Sunday, April 23, 2017


4201 S Parker Rd
Denver, CO

45 days left

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