Krazy Kousins

We are 2 pairs of siblings, that are cousins, who spent a lot of time together as we were growing up. We are gonna take on the Oyster, get healthy and work together to conquer it! Please help us reach the fundraising goals so we can get the most help along the way in the race!

Thanks helping us grant wishes for the kids of Make-A-Wish Foundation of Minnesota ! Not only are you helping to make a difference, but teams get extra incentives for raising funds too. Check 'em out: $30 - Make a Wish Happen (Required $30 per team) *This year, we are asking teams to donate a minimum of $30 in an effort to raise more funds for our local non-profit partners. Thank you for helping grant wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Minnesota $50 - Sneak Peek *Get ahead of the competition! Teams get the chance to have a mystery leg of the course revealed before the race even starts. (No brainer) $100 - Course Clue *Teams will receive a clue before race day that will give them an extra edge while out on the course. (For example: address to a mystery location, tasks to complete ahead of time, etc.) $250 - Puzzle Master *Get a brain break teams will receive the hardest puzzle on the course before the race so they have plenty of time to get it right! FYI, this could save teams up to 20 minutes in crunch time. $500 - Charity Bomb & Beer VIP *As a Thank You for raising the highest level of funds for a great cause, teams have the opportunity to drop a charity bomb on the competition & "explode" to the front of a line anywhere on the course! (You can only detonate a bomb once) Also at the $500.00 level teams will get Beer VIP! Beer VIP will get you a special bracelet post-race that allows unlimited cold beers. SCORE! $ Top Pledge Earning Team gets a SUPER AWESOME, TOP SECRET PRIZE PACKAGE!


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Fundraising Progress
$1,000 (Goal)
$794 (raised)

Fundraising Campaign is closed, no longer accepting donations.