LUPEC Seattle

LUPEC Seattle is proud to be involved in Eat. Run. Hope. for the 2nd year. Join us in helping to raise funds for this important cause while enjoying a fun day surrounded by great friends and delicious food! We appreciate your helping us to reach our fundraising goal!

Right now in a doctors office, a soon to be mom and dad are being told that there is a complication with their pregnancy. Receiving the news they may never get to meet their child, never get to see that first smile, never get to hear those first words. Today some 4,000 moms and dads to be are learning their baby has a fetal syndrome. In just a few seconds the excitement of the dream of a family is torn away. However there is HOPE. Fetal Health is there to support, educate and work with leading fetal treatment centers around the world to assist families diagnosed and in the research for treatment of fetal syndromes. It can be very scary, but Fetal Health is by your side in support of your pregnancy.


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