Brent’s Place apartments are designed, furnished and supplied to create a healing environment for these families. Our housing is:

  • “Safe-Clean”:  Brent’s Place is designed and maintained to eliminate infectious agents and the risk of exposure to others. Our “Safe-Clean” protocols, developed in partnership with Children’s Hospital Colorado, conform to the best practice standards established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Self-contained and suitable for an entire family: Brent’s Place is equipped to accommodate up to 5 family members in each apartment, maintaining an intact family structure that is crucial to each family member’s health and well being.
  • Free of Charge: The generous support of our community enables Brent’s Place to maintain full financial accessibility for any family in need of our assistance.


Families with an immune-compromised child are often separated and isolated from family and friends due to the environment they must maintain for their child’s recovery and safety. They must coordinate specialized diets, follow rigorous cleaning protocols and find alternative forms of entertainment that do not involve crowds or public places to prevent exposure to dust, mold, dander and everyday bacteria. In response to this change in lifestyle, Brent’s Place offers support programs to meet their complex needs. These support programs include:

  • Healthy and homemade meals prepared by volunteers and served 3-4 times a week
  • Community outings and a variety of in-house activities including crafts, movie nights and massages
  • A resource library filled with movies, games and books that help families enjoy the hours spent relaxing and recovering at Brent’s Place
  • Emotional and psychological support that helps each member of the family cope with the challenges they face each day, including access to a clinical psychologist and chaplain.


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2013 Roadless Ride at Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club

• 10/11/2013

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Urban Navigator Race 2013

• 9/7/2013

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25th Annual Kid's Cure for Cancer to benefit Brent's Place

• 7/28/2013

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The Roadless Ride @ Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club

• 10/12/2012

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• 5/11/2012