The inspiration

Our event is loosely based on the original Holi Color Festivals as well as the endurance color event craze that has hit America. We have added our own tidbits of fun to the event to make the event a fun and memorable event for all who participate. But really, we thought it was about time for a COLORado-based endurance COLOR event that uses COLOR from COLORado and helps COLORADO people. It just makes sense.


How our event works

You won't want to miss our DJ-hosted pre and post race party. Then, just before the race kicks off, join the crowd in shouting "Get me some cooolllllllooooor!" and embark on the colorful journey through our unique course. We say it's a "race" but don't let that scare you. We just want you to get off the couch and have some fun. And then have something colorful to show for your effort.


Our color

We probably could find some far-off place overseas to sell us color powder and save a boat load of money. But, let's face it, you might be breathing some of this stuff, so wouldn't you rather that we were a little more careful than that? Duh! Our color comes from PurColour, just up the highway from our home office. We've been to their office. We've spoken to the owners. And we feel good about their all natural ingredients. We're proud to be plastering you with their color!